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A small (but growing) number of albums have finally been indexed on our Pictures page. This is only an interim step, anticipating more native hosting of club media in the future. Enjoy!

November 7: Happy Hour

Come find your WRC teammates at Happy Hour!

George Washington’s other Coat of Arms

Come celebrate some awesome fall marathon performances at our next WRC Happy Hour! Join us at Nellie’s Sports Bar, 900 U St. NW right near the U St. Metro Station, at 6pm on Thursday November 7.

If you’re feeling speedy like any of the WRC MCM-ers, show up before 6 p.m., snag a table for us, and get cheaper happy hour drinks!

Date: Thursday, November 7th
Time: 6 PM till whenever
Place: Nellie’s Sports Bar
Address900 U Street NW, Washington DC 20001
Nearest Metro Station: U Street Metro

Calendar Event

MCM Preliminary Results

Below is a digest of the unoffical results for WRC members at the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon:

Bib	Name			SexAge	Nettime	Pace
2824	Max Lockwood		M43	2:51:57	6:33/mi, 115th OA
19825	Andrew Killian		M34	3:03:17	6:59/mi, 280th OA
290	Daniel Yi		M33	3:03:28	6:59/mi
30560	Gareth Coville		M34	3:09:35	7:13/mi
30339	Rachel Clattenburg	F29	3:10:36	7:16/mi, 46th woman
16650	Hillary Tipton		F24	3:16:36	7:29/mi, 78th woman
31750	Mark Wright		M50	3:22:27	7:43/mi
34723	Nathan Nair		M36	3:29:20	7:58/mi
31956	Jay Jacob Wind		M63	3:30:51	8:02/mi, 11th AG
21441	Lauren Gabler		F29	 3:42:13	8:28/mi
30654	Jerold Paulson		M54	3:44:03	8:32/mi
1120	Mary Baker		F25	4:00:59	9:11/mi
30551	Patrick O'Keefe		M26	4:12:01	9:36/mi
28822	Nancy Marsillo		F55	4:36:55	10:33/mi
32516	Robert Platt		M62	4:53:53	11:12/mi
7006	Anubhuti Mishra		F26	5:43:50	13:06/mi
8100	Jamie Williams		F42	5:59:52	13:43/mi

WRC leaders Lockwood and Clattenburg paced themselves impeccably, with intermediate splits that deserve a closer look. Team competition results and awards will be determined and made available sometime later this week.

UPDATED: WRC finished third in a very close race among the Mixed Teams, with a combined time of 9:05:50 (fun fact: they would have placed second among Men’s Open Teams)! Team awards are presented to the top three teams in each division. Way to go!
Team Results

We also have some results for WRC allies hailing from the Dojo of Pain, Georgetown SFS, and Japan, respectively.

269	Chris Pruitt		M31	2:29:41 5:42/mi, 8th OA
1768	Alan Pemberton		M60	3:03:29	6:59/mi, 1st AG
278	Matt Weisbard		M25	3:15:44	7:27/mi
46226	Daisuke Ogata		M38	38:47	6:14/mi

Spectating and Celebrating the MCM

In lieu of this week’s Sunday Distance Run, we will be cheering on the marathoners!

I will be staking out a spectating spot for the MCM and would love to have other non-racing WRC members join me. The spot will be the 16 mile marker, which is also about 10.5. It is at the entrance area of Hains Point.

(See this using an excellent course map, designed by Geocentric and powered by Leaflet)

I will be joining Joey Plank and Bethany Pribila as they cheer for their team Team Racing for Veterans (R4V). Some folks may remember them from their handful of runs with us prior to their move to Minneapolis. They worked hard to establish this charity. The mission of R4V is: to support the rehabilitation of and provide opportunities for veterans in the United States through their involvement in athletics, races and adaptive sports.

Joey and Bethany have invited us to join their celebratory party at World of Beer in Arlington, VA from Noon to 4 PM (901 N. Glebe RD 105, Arlington, VA 22203).

An exciting day! Good luck to all runners!

WRC Roster for the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon

Lauren Gabler ✫, captain
Rachel Clattenburg ✫
Hillary Tipton ✫
Andrew Killian ✫
Jerold Paulson ✫
Anubhuti Mishra
Nancy Marsillo
Mary Baker
Gareth Coville
Jay Jacob Wind
Jamie Williams
Daniel Yi
Mark Wright
Robert Platt
Nathan Nair
Max Lockwood
Patrick O’Keefe

✫ representing the club in the Mixed Open Team Competition

‘That’s a Washingtonian, that’s a runner’

WRC Vice President Carla Freyvogel, current club member Charlie Ban, and club alumnus Jim Hage are all quoted at length in Jessica Goldstein’s October 25th article in the Washington Post’s Style section (or, “the gateway to the Sports section”, as we like to call it).

The excellent lead photo by Katherine Frey is of the start of our Sunday Distance Run, with Liz Lambert, Gerry Ives, Christine Hackman, Megan Haberle, Mike Manning, Carla Freyvogel, Rachel Clattenburg, Emily Buzzell, Drew Killian, and Kit Wells all visible in the foreground.

Clattenburg and Killian will be competing with their teammates at the 38th Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday.

That it appears Gerry is being chased by a hoard of very fit and accomplished women is no accident.

Works Cited

Goldstein, Jessica. “City of the Long Run.” The Washington Post Oct 25 2013. ProQuest. Web. 25 Oct. 2013 . <Link>

Army Ten Miler, and more

A chill in the air at the start of the Army Ten Miler meant WRC would be racing in ideal conditions. Add to that the wounded warriors participating in the race today to make a memorable race experience. Now for the unofficial nuts and bolts:

313	KIRK MASTERSON	290	38:15	1:02:16	33	293	M35-39
510	ALAN PEMBERTON	1449	40:24	1:04:59	1	479	M60-64
1061	JULIA TAYLOR	1528	43:06	1:09:24	5	102	W40-44
1967	ELYSE BRANER	71	46:04	1:13:53	81	280	W25-29
2453	DAVID PITTMAN	1113	49:16	1:15:50	300	2067	M25-29

Full Results (unofficial)

Congrats to all who raced today! All errors and omissions are my own, so feel free to correct the above by writing to me.

Some additional results from this weekend:

Dead Man's Run 5K
October 19, 2013 - Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC

2 114 Hillary Tipton	24F Washington DC	0:19:26	6:16 (1st woman)
23 35 Jay Jacob Wind	63M Arlington VA	0:23:05	7:26
217 finishers

5K for Public Education
October 19, 2013 West Chester, PA

31 Jesse Frantz 38M 25:03*  8:04
81 finishers
* employed talented eldest daughter as rabbit in first mile

Daisuke's Mecha-Marathon Weekend
October 19-20, 2013  Metropolitan Washington D.C.

Saturday: Rosslyn, VA to Olmsted Island, MD and back, solo: 30 miles
Sunday: Capital Crescent – Rock Creek Loop, with the fast men: 21 miles
devour an entire loaf of banana bread (lovingly baked by Tris Kruger).
1 finisher

Hillary Tipton with be racing with many of her WRC teammates at the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon next Sunday. Daisuke Ogata will be be racing at the MCM10K next Sunday, in preparation for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 17th.

Army, Open, Paul, Peru, Post

Here are the rare G-rated four letter words which leap to mind, following this 16 day stretch of paralysis, fear, and loathing:

Army—The Army Ten-Miler is actually happening this Sunday, and el Prez Kirk is registered to race it. General registration sold out in just 9 hours; you may or may not consider this to be a good thing. Update: Julia Taylor is also entered!

Open—The National Parks are finally open. So while we do have some hardened backup routes, the oldies-but-goodies are so back in circulation. Maybe this week for the MCM marathoners: Brookmont – MacArthur Blvd Loop (9.3 miles), plus some extra 100m strides down by the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Non-marathoners might do the above, plus a Dumbarton Oaks – Georgetown Loop (3.9 miles), then the strides. As usual, we’ll figure things out on the fly.

Paul—Mr. Karlsen will be granting autographs and telling apocryphal stories from last weekend’s triumph in Chicago. We can also settle the matter of who came closest to predicting Paul’s finishing time; winner takes a coffee and a cronut (breakfast of champions).

Peru—We’re expecting a special guest from Lima, who will sneak away from some coursework to join us on Sunday morning. Welcome, Jenny!

Post—Wear your Sunday’s finest, because a certain daily newspaper is going to have a photographer come out and take some shots of us training. Once was not enough!