Congrats to WRC 2019 Parks Half Marathon finishers

WRC had four runners compete in the 2019 Parks Half Marathon race on Sept. 8. Congrats to all on some excellent race performances. Net times are below:

  • Pete Brunner: 1:25:13
  • Jordan Konig: 1:33:03
  • John Kendra: 1:27:06
  • Collin Odell: 1:37:30

Also, John and Collin together were the “Snoozers” relay team and took first place in the relay race by a wide margin. Nice work to all!


Unofficial Results for the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon

Congratulations to all race participants, especially to those WRC members who had a great day on the course! Several WRC runners paired up in today’s race to help each other knock out the 26.2 miles and cut through the wind that presented an occasional gust.

Individual Results (Net Time)

2:57:08  Jim Moore      (M)
2:59:35  Max Lockwood   (M)
3:00:12  Drew Killian   (M)
3:12:20  Jenny Paul     (F)
3:23:50  Julia Taylor   (F)
3:29:39  Pat O'Keefe    (M)
3:39:49  Jay Wind       (M)
3:50:54  Kendall Tucker (F)
3:55:43  Fiona Karlsen  (F)
4:13:10  Jesse Frantz   (M)
4:18:03  Erin Coffey    (F)
4:27:08  Adam Hoyt      (M)
5:02:15  Bob Platt      (M)

Additional results will be posted when they become available.

Blues Cruise 50K Trail Ultra: Maiden Voyage

Sometimes changing your course with running reinvigorates your love for the sport…

by Lauren Gabler

Looking Back

In the Fall of 2008, I ran my first marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. It was an all-around amazing experience. I ran a Boston qualifier (BQ), was inspired by our military, and thought I found my calling in long distance running. In fact, I loved it so much that I made a commitment to run 50 marathons by age 50, which, at the young age of 25, was only 2 per year! What a deal.

However, over the thousands of miles logged, my passion for running quickly went from all-encompassing to non-existent. I even welcomed a horrible case of plantar-fasciitis-turned-stress-fracture because it meant that I didn’t have to run. To say that’s a bad place to be is to put it lightly.

During an introspective conversation with my fiancé (and the Washington Running Club’s el Prez), Kirk Masterson, on our long drive back from another disappointing, injury-plagued Boston Marathon, I recognized that I was running merely to PR, to reach an arbitrary goal of running 50 by 50, and, what’s worse, because I defined myself as a marathoner and not a runner. This conversation made it very clear that running became more a job than a passion – something that I had to do rather than what I wanted to do.

The conversation also brought me back to basics. I remembered that I started running cross country in high school because I loved going back into the woods, running fast, and coming out of the tree line stronger than I started. I also recalled the stress I felt during indoor and spring track because of external pressures of being “on stage”; I’ve always performed better when out of the spotlight, when left alone to develop and act on my own talents. I realized that road races, while lively and fun, were similar to track in that it gave me the “all eyes on me” feeling that churned my stomach years ago.

And this, in a roundabout way, is why I decided to sign up for the Blues Cruise 50K.
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LHH 10k Team Results

WRC did wonderfully this morning at the Lawyers Have Heart 10K, including club racing debuts for several of our members. Stories to follow shortly!

(Team Must Include 1 Male & 1 Female Runner)
  1. 2:34:13 Washington Running Club            (  38:34)
  1    35:21  Ben         Stutts         M 
  2    37:12  Jack        Mullaney       M 
  3    38:33  John        Hallett        M 
  4    43:07  Julia       Taylor         F 
  5 (  44:53) Caitlin     Maloney        F 
  6 (  46:00) Maura       Duffy          F 

A digest of results for all club members is below: Continue reading

May Running Results Wrap-up

Here are some still-fresh results, as we transition out of the marathon and into the Summer Loving of middle-long distance road races (in the WRC Grand Prix, of course):

Capitol Hill Classic 10K
Washington, DC, May 18, 2014

Place  Bib  Name              Div     Chip   
   48  1409 John Kendra       M5059   38:57 * 3rd in Div 
  101   751 Gareth Coville    M3039   42:10 
  164  2006 Shinobu Kusakabe  F4049   44:14 * 2nd in Div 
  177  1918 Julia Taylor      F4049   44:48 * 3rd in Div 
  181  2456 Patrick O'Keefe   M2029   44:51 
  284  2661 Christine Hackman F5059   47:02 * 2nd in Div
  295  3110 Jay Jacob Wind    M6569   47:15 * 3rd in Div 
2688 finishers

Ben Stutts was omitted from the race results—again.

Woodacres Jogfest 5K
May 10, 2014   Bethesda, MD

Place	Num	Name		Net Time
3	205	Paul Karlsen	19:20
232 finishers

Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon
May 25, 2014 Boston, Mass.

Place Div /Tot  Div   Nettime Name           
 1558  304/1919 F1929 1:50:39 Kendall Tucker  * New PB
7169 finishers

Paul Karlsen shows his son, Hans (11 weeks), just how racing is done in their family, up in the land of Hard Cider & Maple Syrup.

2014 KeyBank Vermont City Marathon
Burlington, VT, May 25, 2014

Rank Name         Bib Time    Pace Div    Rank
51   Paul Karlsen 249 2:54:31 6:40 M35-39 6 * New PB
2431 finishers

Clattenburg Wins, Karlsen Wins

Breaking news: Rachel Clattenburg smashed through the sub-three hour marathon barrier and ran a personal best of 2:57:58 for the win at today’s 18th Annual New Jersey Marathon. She was more than 12 minutes ahead of the second fastest woman in the field. Report. Results. Article and photo.

Rachel is now tied for 16th fastest WRC woman marathoner ever, and will be added to our list of Top Club Marathoners.

And on Saturday, Paul Karlsen won the SSC Wounded Warrior Run 10K in Rockville, MD. Results. Photos.

Update: Vice President Carla Freyvogel ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington, DC, with her daughter, Grace Eginton (of the South Brooklyn Running Club). And Liz Lambert brought her own daughter, Evelyn Hamblet, to her first of many post-SDR meetups!

Liveblogging Boston

After last year’s return to the scene, the Washington Running Club is back to contending for team titles in all four divisions (Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Men’s Masters, and Women’s Masters) at the 2014 Boston Marathon. We’re liveblogging on race day with news, statistics, and color commentary.

In addition to the Mobile and Individual Tracking pages, Team Tracking featuring dynamic standings and team member splits across various checkpoints is also available.

So check back here throughout your morning for all the latest WRC updates. Got any race-day insights? Write to, or send a SMS text to the WRC Hotline (571) 384-8972. Continue reading