Sunday long run restart

We will plan the long-awaited restart of the Sunday long runs on May 23! The Mayor’s Order for the health emergency ends on May 20, and the 23rd is the first Sunday following this. We will send out more details as the date approaches, but for now, it’s something we can all look forward to. Watch this space for updates.

Congrats to WRC 2019 Parks Half Marathon finishers

WRC had four runners compete in the 2019 Parks Half Marathon race on Sept. 8. Congrats to all on some excellent race performances. Net times are below:

  • Pete Brunner: 1:25:13
  • Jordan Konig: 1:33:03
  • John Kendra: 1:27:06
  • Collin Odell: 1:37:30

Also, John and Collin together were the “Snoozers” relay team and took first place in the relay race by a wide margin. Nice work to all!