Highlight reel: WRC’s November 2022 marathoners!

Marathoning takes strength and courage. These four had it in spades as they got’er done in nasty conditions. Congrats to Jordan, Eric, Jeff and John for making WRC proud.

Jordan Konig, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, 5 Nov 2022, 3:26:27
Eric Breit-Nicholson, New York City Marathon, 6 Nov 2022, 3:53:06
Jeff Brune, New York City Marathon, 6 Nov 2022, 3:16:46
John Kendra, Richmond Marathon, 12 Nov 2022, 3:08:52

Sunday 6 Nov 2022 @ WRC

Check out this fine bunch of runners! Top, from left: Kat Moore, Jesse Frantz, Frithjov Iversen, John Kendra, Collin Odell and Nick Stamatakos. Bottom: same, but with Christine Hackman instead of KM. Join us for a run soon!

WRC Sunday Run 10/30: 8A DIY from M St

Due to MCM road closures [includes Key Bridge and M St] and the participation of multiple club members in the MCM 10k, this Sunday’s 8A WRC run will be DIY: if you want to show up at the usual spot** and run, great! It’s just hard to say who else will be there.

Wherever you run, enjoy, and good luck to our MCM 10k runners!

**3307 M St NW, Washington DC 20007

Sunday 2 October 2022 @ WRC

Check out all these people ready to rack up big miles – 20-miler, anybody? – in the rain! From left: Eric Breit-Nicholson, Kanat Isakov, Jesse Frantz, John Kendra, Jordan Konig, Frithjov Iversen, Ben Stutts and Michael Navarotte. Gooo, WRC!