‘That’s a Washingtonian, that’s a runner’

WRC Vice President Carla Freyvogel, current club member Charlie Ban, and club alumnus Jim Hage are all quoted at length in Jessica Goldstein’s October 25th article in the Washington Post’s Style section (or, “the gateway to the Sports section”, as we like to call it).

The excellent lead photo by Katherine Frey is of the start of our Sunday Distance Run, with Liz Lambert, Gerry Ives, Christine Hackman, Megan Haberle, Mike Manning, Carla Freyvogel, Rachel Clattenburg, Emily Buzzell, Drew Killian, and Kit Wells all visible in the foreground.

Clattenburg and Killian will be competing with their teammates at the 38th Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday.

That it appears Gerry is being chased by a hoard of very fit and accomplished women is no accident.

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