WRC Annual Meeting/Social

The 2024 Annual Meeting/Social was held on March 9. Thanks to Daltyn Payne for hosting, and to everyone who came together to celebrate a year of healthy activity and growth for the club.

Runner of the Year awards were presented to Jeff Brune for outstanding marathon performance and to James Scarborough for unsurpassed race participation in the 2023 calendar year.

Frithjov Iversen was reelected as club President for another year. Vikrant Gokhale was reelected as Vice President. Revised bylaws were ratified.

New Bylaws

A subcommittee of the WRC Board of Officers has reviewed the WRC bylaws from 2004.

A proposal for new bylaws to be adopted at the annual membership meeting has been prepared and is available for review at https://www.washrun.org/proposed-bylaws/ with a summary of the changes.

For reference, the existing bylaws can be viewed under the ‘Archived’ tab.

Update 03/09/2024: The new bylaws have been ratified at the Annual Meeting.
  • the new bylaws page can be found under the ‘About Us’ tab.
  • the old bylaws page is under the ‘Archived’ tab as ‘Bylaws 2004-2023’.