MCM Preliminary Results

Below is a digest of the unoffical results for WRC members at the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon:

Bib	Name			SexAge	Nettime	Pace
2824	Max Lockwood		M43	2:51:57	6:33/mi, 115th OA
19825	Andrew Killian		M34	3:03:17	6:59/mi, 280th OA
290	Daniel Yi		M33	3:03:28	6:59/mi
30560	Gareth Coville		M34	3:09:35	7:13/mi
30339	Rachel Clattenburg	F29	3:10:36	7:16/mi, 46th woman
16650	Hillary Tipton		F24	3:16:36	7:29/mi, 78th woman
31750	Mark Wright		M50	3:22:27	7:43/mi
34723	Nathan Nair		M36	3:29:20	7:58/mi
31956	Jay Jacob Wind		M63	3:30:51	8:02/mi, 11th AG
21441	Lauren Gabler		F29	 3:42:13	8:28/mi
30654	Jerold Paulson		M54	3:44:03	8:32/mi
1120	Mary Baker		F25	4:00:59	9:11/mi
30551	Patrick O'Keefe		M26	4:12:01	9:36/mi
28822	Nancy Marsillo		F55	4:36:55	10:33/mi
32516	Robert Platt		M62	4:53:53	11:12/mi
7006	Anubhuti Mishra		F26	5:43:50	13:06/mi
8100	Jamie Williams		F42	5:59:52	13:43/mi

WRC leaders Lockwood and Clattenburg paced themselves impeccably, with intermediate splits that deserve a closer look. Team competition results and awards will be determined and made available sometime later this week.

UPDATED: WRC finished third in a very close race among the Mixed Teams, with a combined time of 9:05:50 (fun fact: they would have placed second among Men’s Open Teams)! Team awards are presented to the top three teams in each division. Way to go!
Team Results

We also have some results for WRC allies hailing from the Dojo of Pain, Georgetown SFS, and Japan, respectively.

269	Chris Pruitt		M31	2:29:41 5:42/mi, 8th OA
1768	Alan Pemberton		M60	3:03:29	6:59/mi, 1st AG
278	Matt Weisbard		M25	3:15:44	7:27/mi
46226	Daisuke Ogata		M38	38:47	6:14/mi