Army, Open, Paul, Peru, Post

Here are the rare G-rated four letter words which leap to mind, following this 16 day stretch of paralysis, fear, and loathing:

Army—The Army Ten-Miler is actually happening this Sunday, and el Prez Kirk is registered to race it. General registration sold out in just 9 hours; you may or may not consider this to be a good thing. Update: Julia Taylor is also entered!

Open—The National Parks are finally open. So while we do have some hardened backup routes, the oldies-but-goodies are so back in circulation. Maybe this week for the MCM marathoners: Brookmont – MacArthur Blvd Loop (9.3 miles), plus some extra 100m strides down by the Georgetown Waterfront Park. Non-marathoners might do the above, plus a Dumbarton Oaks – Georgetown Loop (3.9 miles), then the strides. As usual, we’ll figure things out on the fly.

Paul—Mr. Karlsen will be granting autographs and telling apocryphal stories from last weekend’s triumph in Chicago. We can also settle the matter of who came closest to predicting Paul’s finishing time; winner takes a coffee and a cronut (breakfast of champions).

Peru—We’re expecting a special guest from Lima, who will sneak away from some coursework to join us on Sunday morning. Welcome, Jenny!

Post—Wear your Sunday’s finest, because a certain daily newspaper is going to have a photographer come out and take some shots of us training. Once was not enough!