Spectating and Celebrating the MCM

In lieu of this week’s Sunday Distance Run, we will be cheering on the marathoners!

I will be staking out a spectating spot for the MCM and would love to have other non-racing WRC members join me. The spot will be the 16 mile marker, which is also about 10.5. It is at the entrance area of Hains Point.

(See this using an excellent course map, designed by Geocentric and powered by Leaflet)

I will be joining Joey Plank and Bethany Pribila as they cheer for their team Team Racing for Veterans (R4V). Some folks may remember them from their handful of runs with us prior to their move to Minneapolis. They worked hard to establish this charity. The mission of R4V is: to support the rehabilitation of and provide opportunities for veterans in the United States through their involvement in athletics, races and adaptive sports.

Joey and Bethany have invited us to join their celebratory party at World of Beer in Arlington, VA from Noon to 4 PM (901 N. Glebe RD 105, Arlington, VA 22203).

An exciting day! Good luck to all runners!

WRC Roster for the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon

Lauren Gabler ✫, captain
Rachel Clattenburg ✫
Hillary Tipton ✫
Andrew Killian ✫
Jerold Paulson ✫
Anubhuti Mishra
Nancy Marsillo
Mary Baker
Gareth Coville
Jay Jacob Wind
Jamie Williams
Daniel Yi
Mark Wright
Robert Platt
Nathan Nair
Max Lockwood
Patrick O’Keefe

✫ representing the club in the Mixed Open Team Competition