Competition: Washington Running Club Runs the World!

Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate to Pacers!!!!!!

We know you all like good competition! Here is your chance to tap into both your creative spirit and your competitive nature…all without lacing up your racing flats.

WRC singlet relaxes on the porch.  Long Island Sound, Waterford, CT, USA.  Photo by Carla Freyvogel

WRC singlet relaxes on the porch. Long Island Sound, Waterford, CT, USA. Photo by Carla Freyvogel

Photograph your WRC singlet as it ventures around the world. Take it to the beach! Have it scale Mt. Rushmore! Bribe Beyoncé to bop down a Brooklyn street with it nicely pinned for the perfect fit. Being the international crowd that we are, we are expecting to see the singlet with Big Ben in the background or Scotland Yard. YOU think up the possibilities!

Competition Details:
  • Prize: $100 gift certificate to Pacers Running Stores.
  • Entries close: December 31, 2014, midnight
  • Elgible participants: WRC members in good standing
  • Prize awarded: WRC’s Annual Party in late January 2015
  • Judges: Three of the newest WRC members of 2014 & two members of the WRC Board of Directors. These individuals are not excluded from competing!

Send your photos to Carla Freyvogel at Multiple entries are permitted.

A gallery of current contest entries is available here.

A HUGE thanks to the Pacers Running Stores gang for their support and enthusiasm!

Club Singlets: Available Now, Visible Everywhere

Will Cotton's "Cupcake Katy" (2010) went on view at the National Portrait Gallery, but not without some local finishing touches.

Will Cotton’s “Cupcake Katy” (2010) went on view at the National Portrait Gallery, but not without some local finishing touches.

Our store has finally reopened to take your pre-orders for club racing singlets! One American songbird, Katy Perry, already received hers and wore it out to the National Portrait Gallery (June 18 – July 6)! artnet News has another view of Katy’s NPG selfie.

So WRC members: place your orders, and we’ll have you suited for our own sweet sport.

Pics, Plz


A small (but growing) number of albums have finally been indexed on our Pictures page. This is only an interim step, anticipating more native hosting of club media in the future. Enjoy!

Absolutely Fabulous

This morning, we began distributing pre-ordered 2013 Series singlets and they look terrific! Several club members slipped into these slices of awesome on-the-spot. So much for modesty.

The custom singlets (and their owners) got lots of attention, fetching compliments along the various training routes followed by the dozens of runners convening on this perfect morning.

Our thanks go to Rachel Clattenburg for designing and ordering everything, and also to Pactimo for all their good work.

Pending enough demonstrated interest, we can place another round of orders with relatively quick turnaround. If this interests you, please petition el Prez, Kirk Masterson, and let him know.

Node to Self

Official Course Marker

Runners often consider race courses to be gem-like objects of perfection, possessing a logic to their geometry’s purpose.

However, out in the real world and away from the track, we have to cope with what we’ve got, often with components that can be charitably called “chunky.” Sure, your map might promise you taut curves and pert points. But where the road happens to zig, the racers must zag.

Those lat-lon nodes you used to mark the start, finish, and the intermediate kilometers? They manifest as strips of day-glo duct tape, annotated, plastered atop an epoxy stripe, roughly down the middle of the waffling macadam.

For the purpose at hand, it’s usually good enough. And sometimes there’s a Rothko-esque beauty to be found underfoot. It helps to know where to look.

Mr. BlurryCam took some pictures at the 2.5K turnaround point of this evening’s Roosevelt Run 5K.

Thanks go to Fiona and Paul Karlsen, el Prez Kirk Masterson, Treasurer James Scarborough, and Jay Wind for contributing both their time and effort, to pull off a thrifty and competently executed mid-week race.

No Snow Sunday in Washington DC

A great group showed up for a sunny Sunday run.  We knew our friends to the north were getting their cardio in with snow shoveling repeats…but we broke a nice sweat and thought about sunblock.