Runners of all ages and abilities are invited to join WRC! You are entirely welcome to check us out first to see if we are a good fit for you before becoming a member. If you enjoy running with us and want to make WRC a part of your running life, please join as an official member!

How to Become a Member of WRC

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Member Activities and Benefits

  • Sundays distance runs and post-run coffee, carbs, and conversation
  • WRC race teams
  • Happy hours
  • Volunteering at local races
  • Annual party to recognize club and individual running achievements

Annual Dues

Individual Membership:  $25 per year
Family Membership:  $40 per year

New Members

If you join on or after October 1st, your dues are good for the remainder of the current year and for all of next year! Sometimes procrastinating does pay off!

Current Members

Membership renewal is in January.

Your dues pay for the club’s operational costs and fund member benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  • City registration and running organization affiliation fees;
  • Website and member communication costs
  • Subsidization of annual party (including awards when applicable);
  • Subsidization of select WRC team races;
  • Subsidization of WRC racing singlets;
  • Miscellaneous expenses (bank fees, postage, etc.);
  • Other associated operational costs when appropriate and necessary; and
  • Donations to worthy running-related causes.

The ultimate financial management and control of WRC is under the direction of the WRC President.

Still Want to Become a Member of WRC?

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