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WRC is Off to the Races !

Julia Taylor, Official Race Coordinator, Washington Running Club

Julia Taylor, Official Race Coordinator, Washington Running Club

Who could be a better Race Coordinator for Washington Running Club than the consummate racer, Julia Taylor?

As a strong runner and dedicated competitor, Julia is WRC’s new Race Coordinator. She has successfully lobbied the new president, Lauren Gabler, for funds to support WRC members who compete under the club’s banner.

To that end, you can expect that financial help with entry fees, gear, transportation and post-race snacks when you join one of the club’s teams.

Julia will be sending out queries periodically as races loom near. However, please feel free to let her know if there is a particular race that interests you. Take a look at the list of races, chat with your training partners and let Julia know if you want a particular race to be considered for subsidy. She will help you form a team and ensure that the club picks up part of the tab for your efforts.

• March 1st.  St. Pat’s 10K
• April 12th.  Cherry Blossom Ten Miler
• April 20th.  Boston Marathon
• April 26th.  George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler
• May 17th.  Capitol Hill Classic 10K
• June 13th.  Lawyers Have Heart 10K
• July 18th.  Rockville Twilight 8K
• September 13th.  Parks Half Marathon
• October 4th.  Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon
• October 25th.  Marine Corps Marathon
• November 8th.  Veterans Day 10K
• December 6th.  Jingle All the Way 5K

Julia can be reached at info@washrun.org

Run strong!

Competition: Washington Running Club Runs the World!

Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate to Pacers!!!!!!

We know you all like good competition! Here is your chance to tap into both your creative spirit and your competitive nature…all without lacing up your racing flats.

WRC singlet relaxes on the porch.  Long Island Sound, Waterford, CT, USA.  Photo by Carla Freyvogel

WRC singlet relaxes on the porch. Long Island Sound, Waterford, CT, USA. Photo by Carla Freyvogel

Photograph your WRC singlet as it ventures around the world. Take it to the beach! Have it scale Mt. Rushmore! Bribe Beyoncé to bop down a Brooklyn street with it nicely pinned for the perfect fit. Being the international crowd that we are, we are expecting to see the singlet with Big Ben in the background or Scotland Yard. YOU think up the possibilities!

Competition Details:
  • Prize: $100 gift certificate to Pacers Running Stores.
  • Entries close: December 31, 2014, midnight
  • Elgible participants: WRC members in good standing
  • Prize awarded: WRC’s Annual Party in late January 2015
  • Judges: Three of the newest WRC members of 2014 & two members of the WRC Board of Directors. These individuals are not excluded from competing!

Send your photos to Carla Freyvogel at carla@washrun.org. Multiple entries are permitted.

A gallery of current contest entries is available here.

A HUGE thanks to the Pacers Running Stores gang for their support and enthusiasm!

Club Singlets: Available Now, Visible Everywhere

Will Cotton's "Cupcake Katy" (2010) went on view at the National Portrait Gallery, but not without some local finishing touches.

Will Cotton’s “Cupcake Katy” (2010) went on view at the National Portrait Gallery, but not without some local finishing touches.

Our store has finally reopened to take your pre-orders for club racing singlets! One American songbird, Katy Perry, already received hers and wore it out to the National Portrait Gallery (June 18 – July 6)! artnet News has another view of Katy’s NPG selfie.

So WRC members: place your orders, and we’ll have you suited for our own sweet sport.

Oldies, Goodies, Elites and Community Rock 12K in Alexandria

USA! USA! Photo courtesy of Julia Taylor

USA! USA! Photo courtesy of Julia Taylor

So, let’s get the business part of this report out of the way.

The first of the .US Road Racing Championships, sponsored by USATF in collaboration with a new sponsor, Neustar, gets a spotty report card. Can I say that and still keep my good standing in USATF? Hope so.

The race course gets a solid A. The plentiful and emotionally invested police officers of the City of Alexandria get a good A. The staff of USATF and the boatloads of volunteers, happy to help and cheerful, ALL get As. And, the weather was an A+++ for a distance event.

But, some of the administrative details deserve, well, attention to detail. The online registration was cumbersome and hard to follow. And, you know, if I say that, you can dismiss it. If Julia Taylor says that, they need to pay attention.

As your determined PR person, I was crushed, crushed I tell you, to see that my WRC affiliation did not show up on the website along with other clubs. I called. I emailed. I was told again to verify my age and promised the change would be made, but no luck. And, then, at packet pickup things really fell apart Continue reading

Spectating and Celebrating the MCM

In lieu of this week’s Sunday Distance Run, we will be cheering on the marathoners!

I will be staking out a spectating spot for the MCM and would love to have other non-racing WRC members join me. The spot will be the 16 mile marker, which is also about 10.5. It is at the entrance area of Hains Point.

(See this using an excellent course map, designed by Geocentric and powered by Leaflet)

I will be joining Joey Plank and Bethany Pribila as they cheer for their team Team Racing for Veterans (R4V). Some folks may remember them from their handful of runs with us prior to their move to Minneapolis. They worked hard to establish this charity. The mission of R4V is: to support the rehabilitation of and provide opportunities for veterans in the United States through their involvement in athletics, races and adaptive sports.

Joey and Bethany have invited us to join their celebratory party at World of Beer in Arlington, VA from Noon to 4 PM (901 N. Glebe RD 105, Arlington, VA 22203).

An exciting day! Good luck to all runners!

WRC Roster for the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon

Lauren Gabler ✫, captain
Rachel Clattenburg ✫
Hillary Tipton ✫
Andrew Killian ✫
Jerold Paulson ✫
Anubhuti Mishra
Nancy Marsillo
Mary Baker
Gareth Coville
Jay Jacob Wind
Jamie Williams
Daniel Yi
Mark Wright
Robert Platt
Nathan Nair
Max Lockwood
Patrick O’Keefe

✫ representing the club in the Mixed Open Team Competition