WRC is Off to the Races !

Julia Taylor, Official Race Coordinator, Washington Running Club

Julia Taylor, Official Race Coordinator, Washington Running Club

Who could be a better Race Coordinator for Washington Running Club than the consummate racer, Julia Taylor?

As a strong runner and dedicated competitor, Julia is WRC’s new Race Coordinator. She has successfully lobbied the new president, Lauren Gabler, for funds to support WRC members who compete under the club’s banner.

To that end, you can expect that financial help with entry fees, gear, transportation and post-race snacks when you join one of the club’s teams.

Julia will be sending out queries periodically as races loom near. However, please feel free to let her know if there is a particular race that interests you. Take a look at the list of races, chat with your training partners and let Julia know if you want a particular race to be considered for subsidy. She will help you form a team and ensure that the club picks up part of the tab for your efforts.

• March 1st.  St. Pat’s 10K
• April 12th.  Cherry Blossom Ten Miler
• April 20th.  Boston Marathon
• April 26th.  George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler
• May 17th.  Capitol Hill Classic 10K
• June 13th.  Lawyers Have Heart 10K
• July 18th.  Rockville Twilight 8K
• September 13th.  Parks Half Marathon
• October 4th.  Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon
• October 25th.  Marine Corps Marathon
• November 8th.  Veterans Day 10K
• December 6th.  Jingle All the Way 5K

Julia can be reached at info@washrun.org

Run strong!