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10 Important Tidbits You Missed, If You Missed the WRC Cookout

It was great fun! Hats off to Tris for letting us invade his lovely home AND for ensuring good weather. If you missed it, this is what you need to know: Continue reading

Ok, we will go first!

k9436980We may be two of WRC’s more master-esque members, but Jerry Paulson and I are not shying away from posting our intended workout for tomorrow morning. Perhaps you will be motivated to join us.

Maybe you will choose to tweak the workout to meet your own goals and fitness levels. Or, we just might be inspiring you to check in with a WRC member who is about your level and post YOUR workout. Whatever works for you.

In any event, this is what Jerry and I are doing, after a suitable warm-up.

4 to 6 800s, @ 3:40 – 3:50, 400 jog between
then 6 200s, un-timed, fast but relaxed, 100 jog between
then, a nice cool-down jog

We hope to be seeing others at the AU track tomorrow morning.


Cool down with a WRC cookout and pool party! Sunday, September 8th at 4 pm


Thanks to the generosity of our favorite running dentist, WRC will be having a cookout on September 8th. We hope to see many many faces there, blobbing in the pool and swigging beer.

For those of you who are running the Parks Half Marathon, we will especially welcome you with extra blobbing time and promises to listen to your riveting race reports.

WRC is supplying beer and wine. The rest is up to us. The event is potluck. Someone has already offered to bring fried chicken and our favorite running pastry chef has promised a carrot cake. What would you like to bring?

So, here are the details: Continue reading

Track is back!

We are happy to report that WRC has secured a nice agreement with the powers that be at American University. Starting on September 3rd, we are welcome to use the lovely, sheltered track at AU from 6 until 7:30 am. Every Tuesday.

For those of you who remember, WRC had informal track practices there a few years ago. Our numbers ranged from 3 to 8. Never a huge showing but enough folks that you felt a certain comfort and support being with the gang. And then there was the gentle pressure to step it up a bit.

We do not really know how this will evolve in terms of setting workouts. Perhaps what will happen is conversations between members on similar training cycles and at comparable levels. Then, there are those of us who might join in for fragments of intervals.

The AU track is a very nice surface. There is plenty of water and a cute gazebo with a bench and shade. There is a real bathroom and plenty of parking that is available until 8 am. Also, the surrounding neighborhoods offer some quiet streets for warm down shuffles.

SAVE THE DATE! Or be very sad!

Sunday, September 8th, 4 pm, Tris Kruger’s home.

Plans are in motion for a festive end-of-the-summer cookout and shindig at Tris’ house. We hope you will save the date and be there. It is looking like it will be a potluck affair so start thinking of your favorite dish to share. There will be swimming, conversation, silliness, more magazines and lounging for all. More details soon. Stay tuned!

An Uplifting Experience for Dan Yi in an Up Year

Dan Yi sealing his 79th overall, first American and silver medalist finish at the 2013 Comrades Marathon.

Dan Yi sealing his 79th overall, first American and silver medalist finish at the 2013 Comrades Marathon.

Our own Dan Yi ventured to South Africa to run the Comrades Marathon on June 2nd. We know he is fit, we know he is awesome, we know he has a great attitude but did we know that ANYONE could report having kicked it in after 54 miles? Could we have imagined he would say this was “the best running experience of my life”? Continue reading