May Running Results Wrap-up

Here are some still-fresh results, as we transition out of the marathon and into the Summer Loving of middle-long distance road races (in the WRC Grand Prix, of course):

Capitol Hill Classic 10K
Washington, DC, May 18, 2014

Place  Bib  Name              Div     Chip   
   48  1409 John Kendra       M5059   38:57 * 3rd in Div 
  101   751 Gareth Coville    M3039   42:10 
  164  2006 Shinobu Kusakabe  F4049   44:14 * 2nd in Div 
  177  1918 Julia Taylor      F4049   44:48 * 3rd in Div 
  181  2456 Patrick O'Keefe   M2029   44:51 
  284  2661 Christine Hackman F5059   47:02 * 2nd in Div
  295  3110 Jay Jacob Wind    M6569   47:15 * 3rd in Div 
2688 finishers

Ben Stutts was omitted from the race results—again.

Woodacres Jogfest 5K
May 10, 2014   Bethesda, MD

Place	Num	Name		Net Time
3	205	Paul Karlsen	19:20
232 finishers

Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon
May 25, 2014 Boston, Mass.

Place Div /Tot  Div   Nettime Name           
 1558  304/1919 F1929 1:50:39 Kendall Tucker  * New PB
7169 finishers

Paul Karlsen shows his son, Hans (11 weeks), just how racing is done in their family, up in the land of Hard Cider & Maple Syrup.

2014 KeyBank Vermont City Marathon
Burlington, VT, May 25, 2014

Rank Name         Bib Time    Pace Div    Rank
51   Paul Karlsen 249 2:54:31 6:40 M35-39 6 * New PB
2431 finishers

Sunday Distance Run – 5/18

The planned run for tomorrow will be around 15 miles that will include a few trails. We will connect with the Glover-Archbold trail route off of the CCT. This will take us around to Peirce Mill where we will take the (upper) Western Ridge Trail past the stables to Bingham Drive. We will take Bingham to Beach Drive where we will proceed back down on the Valley Trail. The segment from Peirce Mill, up, around, and back down to Georgetown can be viewed here.

In-House descriptions of both parts are also available here:
Glover-Archbold Trail (9.9 Miles)
Bingham Drive – Valley Trail Loop (5.8 miles)

The maps are intended to be general idea of the trail routes, but some improvisation may be required. If you are uncertain about the directions (which may be most of us), then please stay within shouting distance of the trail master! We will stop for water at Peirce Mill (in both directions).

Yes, still meeting at 8:00 AM in front of CB2 (33rd and M Street, Georgetown).

Sunday Distance Run – 5/4

The route for the SDR tomorrow will be the Ross Drive loop. This is around 13.5 miles total. The map for the section from Peirce Mill around Ross Drive can be found on the WRC maps page as well as an “almost correct” version from a prior posting. Other mileage options can include out-and-back for fewer than 13.5 miles or the full Rock Creek – CCT loop for around 20 miles.  Start at 33rd and M street in Georgetown at 8am!

Looking forward to the great weather tomorrow morning, and seeing everyone on the run!