Sunday Distance Run – 5/18

The planned run for tomorrow will be around 15 miles that will include a few trails. We will connect with the Glover-Archbold trail route off of the CCT. This will take us around to Peirce Mill where we will take the (upper) Western Ridge Trail past the stables to Bingham Drive. We will take Bingham to Beach Drive where we will proceed back down on the Valley Trail. The segment from Peirce Mill, up, around, and back down to Georgetown can be viewed here.

In-House descriptions of both parts are also available here:
Glover-Archbold Trail (9.9 Miles)
Bingham Drive – Valley Trail Loop (5.8 miles)

The maps are intended to be general idea of the trail routes, but some improvisation may be required. If you are uncertain about the directions (which may be most of us), then please stay within shouting distance of the trail master! We will stop for water at Peirce Mill (in both directions).

Yes, still meeting at 8:00 AM in front of CB2 (33rd and M Street, Georgetown).