Sunday Distance Run – 12/7

Good luck to those Jingling all the Way tomorrow! For those who aren’t we have the good ole long run!

The Sunday Distance Run starts at 8am. Most run between 10 to 15 miles. Meet at 33rd and M in front of CB2, and coffee afterwards!

There will be a smaller group starting at 7am – same meeting spot. The planned route is 16 mile loop through Arlington and back on Towpath:

Sunday Distance Run – 11/23

Looking forward to a couple of days of Fall coming up!

The regular Sunday Distance Run is 8am tomorrow morning. Expect mileage options of 10 to 15 miles.

There will also be a group running the Potomac Heritage Trail starting at 7am.

Meet at 33rd and M in Georgetown!

Good luck to those running the JFK 50 today!

Sunday Distance Run – 10/18

Oh what a beautiful morning! It looks like we’re in for another tomorrow too! The planned route will be 12-13 miles on Rock Creek Trail and either Ross Drive or Beach Drive. We are starting at 0800. Some may be adding miles before or after.

Congrats to the marathon finishers of last weekend! Good luck to those running this weekend!

The SDR will start at 0800 in front of CB2 in Georgetown (33 and M).

Sunday Distance Run – 10/11

The professionals are calling for something around 50 during tomorrow’s SDR. Sounds good!

The planned route is Tour of Arlington (around 16 miles). If running something shorter (or otherwise different) then make sure to coordinate prior to 0805 launch!

We will have a small pack running earlier (yes one more time) at 0700 with mileage options between 12 and 20.

Either way….meet at 33rd and M in front of CB2. Coffee afterwards!

And…good luck to those racing tomorrow!

Sunday Distance Run – 9/28

Many of our Fall marathons are coming up over the next few weeks, so many different mileage and pace options. The official Sunday Distance Run start time is 0800. The weather is advertised to be “beautiful” which usually means not so beautiful for long distance running. We will have a small pack starting at 0700 for those looking to finish earlier.

A couple of our planned routes:

#1 – Starting at 0800, Julia will lead a 13-mile loop through Arlington: Some of this crew will add additional miles at the end of loop.

#2 – Starting at 0700, we will have a pack running 20 mile loop up Rock Creek, through Chevy Chase neighborhood roads, and down CCT.

As always, starting in Georgetown at 33rd & M (in front of CB2).

Sunday Distance Run – 9/21

Let’s get the important part out of the way first.  The official start time for the WRC Sunday Distance Run is back to the “regular” time of 0800.  We will have a smaller group starting at 0700 for a lovely 20-mile loop (details below).

Okay, now for the (known) planned route options:

#1 – At 0800, Julia will be leading a crew on an 18-mile course that will include the 10-mile Custis / Military Rd / Chain Bridge loop with an additional 8-miles Hains Point Loop.  Many options for keeping this under 18 miles.

#2 – At 0800, depending on interest Sunday morning there may be a group running the Glover-Archbold Trail Loop.

#3 – At 0700, there will be a pack running the 20-mile Rock Creek – Capital Crescent Trail Loop.  Many will be running portions of the loop at marathon pace/effort.  Plenty of out-and-back options for running shorter (or perhaps longer) than 20.

All options start in Georgetown at 33rd & M (in front of CB2).

Sunday Distance Run – 9/7

It’s hard to believe the forecast for tomorrow morning, but looks like it will be pretty decent.  The planned route will be the Rock Creek – Capital Crescent Loop.  This is just a hair over 20 miles.  Many out-and-back options for those running shorter.  The loop map can be viewed at:

We will have a couple of packs running portions of the loop at marathon pace/effort.

Start at 0700 in front of CB2 in Georgetown.