Grand Prix

Below outlines the races and rules for the 2014 WRC Grand Prix series.

The idea behind a grand prix is to add some form of competition within our club and concentrate participation among a few local races. It lets members know these are races fellow runners are targeting and attending. The races are local, popular, easy to enter, and preferably have a team-scoring component. The rules are outlined below. It’s really very simple.

Here is the slate for the 2014 Grand Prix (also available on the Calendar)
Grand Prix Rules and Scoring
  • Runners must complete 5 races to qualify for the grand prix.
  • At least four must come from the above list. A fifth “at-large” race of any distance or setting is allowed.
  • *New to 2014, marathons in the series count as two races.
  • You can always run more, but your best five races will count toward your final score.
  • If there are multiple races at an event, such as a half-marathon and full marathon, the distance listed above will count. The alternate distance can be used as an “at-large” or optional race.
  • You must submit your race results to the Grand Prix Coordinator.
  • We will use the Runner’s World Age-Graded Calculator to calculate points. So results will be represented by a percentage and be based on your age, gender, and performance at a given distance.
  • We will use the sum of the points from your best five races to score the grand prix points. This attempts to level the playing field for competitors across ages and sexes.
  • Also different in 2014, the men’s and women’s series will be combined.
  • We will update standings monthly in our newsletter.
  • The competition will only be open to active, dues-paying WRC members. If you join the club mid-year, the races you run after you join will count toward your total.

The overall winner will each receive an award and heaps of recognition at the annual meeting and party. This is in addition to our annual awards for men’s and women’s Runners of the Year, who are quite possibly different people than the singular Grand Prix winner.

Thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Let the Grand Prix Coordinator know!