Sunday Distance Run – 3/2

This Sunday’s Distance Run will include an 18 & change loop that is a slight deviation from the Rock Creek-Capital Crescent Trail loop. We will plan to exit Rock Creek at Wise Road to take a more direct path the to CCT start in Bethesda. There is water at Peirce Mill (around mile 4.5), “probably” somewhere around Wise Road (around mile 8.5), and at B&N (around mile 11.5).

Additional mileage options: For 20+ miles – continue around waterfront. For 16 or less – out-and-back on Rock Creek.

Please review the route map for the details.

Last week’s 20.5 run was a great group effort! I counted around 20 strong pushing through the Arlington hills together. Look forward to seeing everyone again this Sunday!

As usual, we will meet at 33rd & M (in front of CB2) and finish at Dean & Deluca. See you this Sunday at 8am sharp!

Sunday Distance Run – 2/23

We had a great turnout last week even with the icy trails – some still getting in over 17 miles! The weather is looking pretty good for this Sunday morning (possibly low 40°s), so hope everyone is looking forward to a challenging long run!

We have mapped out a (pretty hilly) 20-mile loop for this Sunday’s Distance Run that will take us through the hills of Arlington, over Chain Bridge to the Towpath, through Glen Echo, and back down MacArthur to finish. There are water fountains along the way – the one near mile 6 has been recently verified to work. Pending any unanticipated run-ins, we will have Gatorade/Water somewhere between miles 12 and 13. (I’ll leave the pink tights at home in hopes of deflecting attention.) 

For those running fewer miles, the route can be cut short by turning back down the Towpath after crossing over Chain Bridge (will be around 13 mile loop).

Embiggen. Or else peruse earlier versions, via or milermeter.

As usual, we will meet at 33rd & M (in front of CB2) and finish at Dean & Deluca. See you this Sunday at 8am sharp!

Hallett Leads the 2014 Grand Prix

George Washington Birthday Classic 10K 
February 16, 2014 - Alexandria, VA

18	639	John Hallett	28	0:36:55	5:57
44	819	Daisuke Ogata	38	0:40:01	6:27
730 Finishers

John joined last December, but was a shade too modest to race for the club at the Jingle All the Way 8K. This year, he’s starting anew from the top of the pack.

Next up on the 2014 Grand Prix‘s schedule: Sun March 9, St. Patrick’s Day 8K!

Sunday Long Run – 2/16

If you are sick of the treadmill, we have good news for you: WRC’s Sunday Long Run is still happening. A group is planning on running 14-15 miles. The route will probably wind its way up to Tilden through neighborhoods (to avoid the ice on the Rock Creek path), drop down to Rock Creek, and then head up Beach Drive and/or Ross Drive.

In addition, Carla will be running out-and-back along the canal for 12 miles.

See you out there!

Sunday Long Run – 2/9

Snow, rain, wind, cold — whatever Sunday’s weather brings, WRC will still be out there for an 18-miler. Shorter options will be available as well. The planned loop has plenty of downhills for all those training for Boston.

See you out there!

Empire State Run-Up

Jerold Paulson transmits the following upon the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building:

Like virtually all the other participants in the open field at the ESBRU, I was a ‘tower racing’ novice. My training had consisted of doing two to three sets of up to thirty repetitions of the three flights of stairs in my apartment, thinking that 3×30=90 would approximate climbing the 86 flights. However the actual stress involved in climbing 86 flights in a row without getting any ‘downhill’ respite was a bigger bear than I had bargained for.

DC’s height restrictions make it tough for WRCers to train for this unless we venture out to the hinterlands of MD or VA in search of tall buildings!

He recorded his progress in the modern fashion, with GoPro. And we’re happy to share the results on the club’s new YouTube Channel! To witness Jerry’s adventure firsthand… Continue reading