Empire State Run-Up

Jerold Paulson transmits the following upon the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building:

Like virtually all the other participants in the open field at the ESBRU, I was a ‘tower racing’ novice. My training had consisted of doing two to three sets of up to thirty repetitions of the three flights of stairs in my apartment, thinking that 3×30=90 would approximate climbing the 86 flights. However the actual stress involved in climbing 86 flights in a row without getting any ‘downhill’ respite was a bigger bear than I had bargained for.

DC’s height restrictions make it tough for WRCers to train for this unless we venture out to the hinterlands of MD or VA in search of tall buildings!

He recorded his progress in the modern fashion, with GoPro. And we’re happy to share the results on the club’s new YouTube Channel! To witness Jerry’s adventure firsthand…

2014 Empire State Building Run Up
Distance:  0.2 miles, 0.3 kilometers
Date/Time:  February 5, 2014, 8:00 PM
Location:  Empire State Building

Last	First	Sex/Age	Bib	Overall	Gender	Age	Net	Pace
Paulson	Jerold	M54	1050	33	22	3	0:20:47	43:51
411 Finishers