Sunday Distance Run – 2/23

We had a great turnout last week even with the icy trails – some still getting in over 17 miles! The weather is looking pretty good for this Sunday morning (possibly low 40°s), so hope everyone is looking forward to a challenging long run!

We have mapped out a (pretty hilly) 20-mile loop for this Sunday’s Distance Run that will take us through the hills of Arlington, over Chain Bridge to the Towpath, through Glen Echo, and back down MacArthur to finish. There are water fountains along the way – the one near mile 6 has been recently verified to work. Pending any unanticipated run-ins, we will have Gatorade/Water somewhere between miles 12 and 13. (I’ll leave the pink tights at home in hopes of deflecting attention.) 

For those running fewer miles, the route can be cut short by turning back down the Towpath after crossing over Chain Bridge (will be around 13 mile loop).

Embiggen. Or else peruse earlier versions, via or milermeter.

As usual, we will meet at 33rd & M (in front of CB2) and finish at Dean & Deluca. See you this Sunday at 8am sharp!