Sunday Distance Run – 3/2

This Sunday’s Distance Run will include an 18 & change loop that is a slight deviation from the Rock Creek-Capital Crescent Trail loop. We will plan to exit Rock Creek at Wise Road to take a more direct path the to CCT start in Bethesda. There is water at Peirce Mill (around mile 4.5), “probably” somewhere around Wise Road (around mile 8.5), and at B&N (around mile 11.5).

Additional mileage options: For 20+ miles – continue around waterfront. For 16 or less – out-and-back on Rock Creek.

Please review the route map for the details.

Last week’s 20.5 run was a great group effort! I counted around 20 strong pushing through the Arlington hills together. Look forward to seeing everyone again this Sunday!

As usual, we will meet at 33rd & M (in front of CB2) and finish at Dean & Deluca. See you this Sunday at 8am sharp!