MCM Team Entry

Lauren Gabler, who is stepping up as captain of the squad preparing for this course, sez:

The Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) is just around the corner and WRC is going to be well represented, both by our talented runners and our awesome new racing singlets. We’d like to enter the team competition, which consists of 3-5 runners for either a men’s, women’s, or co-ed team.

If you’re registered for the MCM and want to represent our club on October 27th, please contact Lauren at She’ll figure out the team logistics and make sure we’re registered by the cut-off date!

Best of luck with the rest of your fall marathon training!

Historic MCM Team Results

Absolutely Fabulous

This morning, we began distributing pre-ordered 2013 Series singlets and they look terrific! Several club members slipped into these slices of awesome on-the-spot. So much for modesty.

The custom singlets (and their owners) got lots of attention, fetching compliments along the various training routes followed by the dozens of runners convening on this perfect morning.

Our thanks go to Rachel Clattenburg for designing and ordering everything, and also to Pactimo for all their good work.

Pending enough demonstrated interest, we can place another round of orders with relatively quick turnaround. If this interests you, please petition el Prez, Kirk Masterson, and let him know.

Trailing None

Dear world: get used to this!

Hillary Tipton atop the podium at the EX2 Off-Road Half Marathon. Photo courtesy of Bill Tipton

Writing about the previously mentioned EX2 Off-Road Half Marathon and 10k, Hillary Tipton sez:

WRC was well-represented at yesterday’s EX2 trail races at Prince William Forest Park. Ben won the 10K outright and I the half marathon among the women. We also managed to chat up two potential 2014/15 recruits.

Both courses were hilly, single-loop and almost entirely on the park’s hiking trails (map). The half included a very-much-hands-on rock scramble and waterfall. Though my finishing time was nothing to brag about, (here’s hoping I’ll have a road half to my name soon), I would highly recommend the race to anyone thinking of trying out trail racing. The field was small at about 100 in the 10k and 200 in the half, but I’d say most were seasoned trail runners.

The race organization could be described as “small but but well-heeled”—we each took home a $99 Patagonia duffel bag, two pint glasses and a couple of t-shirts. Lots of friendly sponsor reps too, the best being The Bike Lane for letting me test-ride a Trek Speed Concept.

My dad was all-too-happy to capture my first-ever podium experience on camera. I’ve attached a few of the better shots.

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Tactical Formation

Breaking news from this morning’s Navy-Air Force Half Marathon:

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon 
September 14, 2013 - Washington, DC

51	2315 Nelson M Paz	35M	Washington	DC	1:24:51	6:29
55	1592 John R Kendra	50M	Falls Church	VA	1:25:09	6:30
58	2228 Daisuke Ogata	38M	Arlington	VA	1:25:54	6:34
163	1703 Shinobu Kusakabe	42F	Washington	DC	1:35:40	7:19
703	 755 Michaela Corr	28F	Washington	DC	1:53:01	8:38
972	1448 Zealan Hoover *	23M	Falls Church	VA	1:57:31	8:59
2474 finishers, * newest member of WRC!

and in the accompanying short-course:

Navy Five Miler 
September 14, 2013 - Washington, DC

10	10238 Charlie Ban	31M	Washington	DC	0:27:40	5:32
1358 finishers

Some of these road warriors will be available on Sunday morning to tell battle stories, autograph your running shoes or favorite children, and receive unrestricted Federal grants in the areas of education, defense, justice, foreign relations, or the arts. Sequester be damned.

Sunday update: a perfectly matched pair of wins!

EX2 Off-Road Half / 10K Marathon
September 15, 2013, Prince William Forest Park - Triangle, VA

1	103	Ben	Stutts	24M Washington DC	40:58
84 finishers

Half Marathon
19	294	Hillary	Tipton	24F Washington DC	1:50:17 (1st woman)
206 finishers

10 Important Tidbits You Missed, If You Missed the WRC Cookout

It was great fun! Hats off to Tris for letting us invade his lovely home AND for ensuring good weather. If you missed it, this is what you need to know: Continue reading

Parks Half, Party Full

Big thanks to our host, and former club president, Tris Kruger, for enabling yesterday’s Potomac poolside shindig. Thanks also to current vice president Carla Freyvogel, who coordinated and promoted everything. What a turnout! and what a fine array of foods arriving from kitchens, gardens, and ovens all over this land.

After going for a splash in a toasty pool that even Esther Williams would envy, one was left to choose between ice cold beverages under the gazebo on deck one, grilled patties and Tsukune on deck two, and sweets and fruits on deck three. This was one line, stretching around the deck and into the pool, for Nelson Paz‘s game-ending carrot cake.

Of course the reason for the turnout and the refueling probably had something to do with either a little grand prix race earlier in the day, or Lauren’s Race, or the regular Sunday distance run; there was a lot of news to digest. Results from the former are summarized below.

Parks Half Marathon
September 8, 2013, Bethesda, MD
Results: Men, Women, Teams

   50  14/170   2561 Andrew Killian      34 Lorton VA        1:26:19  6:36 
   52  10/165   2025 Paul Karlsen        35 Bethesda MD      1:26:43  6:37 
  318  54/165   2559 Jesse Frantz        38 Washington DC    1:45:43  8:04 
  358  37/130   2204 Jerold Paulson      54 Washington DC    1:47:41  8:13 
1135 finishers

   41   5/186   2641 Julia Taylor        42 Arlington VA     1:39:24  7:35 
   77   8/161   2577 Christine Hackman   49 Arlington VA     1:45:13  8:02 
  322  62/209   2027 Fiona Karlsen       36 London           1:59:23  9:07 
  791 125/186   2380 Liz Lambert         41 Washington DC    2:20:20 10:43 
1140 finishers