Parks Half, Party Full

Big thanks to our host, and former club president, Tris Kruger, for enabling yesterday’s Potomac poolside shindig. Thanks also to current vice president Carla Freyvogel, who coordinated and promoted everything. What a turnout! and what a fine array of foods arriving from kitchens, gardens, and ovens all over this land.

After going for a splash in a toasty pool that even Esther Williams would envy, one was left to choose between ice cold beverages under the gazebo on deck one, grilled patties and Tsukune on deck two, and sweets and fruits on deck three. This was one line, stretching around the deck and into the pool, for Nelson Paz‘s game-ending carrot cake.

Of course the reason for the turnout and the refueling probably had something to do with either a little grand prix race earlier in the day, or Lauren’s Race, or the regular Sunday distance run; there was a lot of news to digest. Results from the former are summarized below.

Parks Half Marathon
September 8, 2013, Bethesda, MD
Results: Men, Women, Teams

   50  14/170   2561 Andrew Killian      34 Lorton VA        1:26:19  6:36 
   52  10/165   2025 Paul Karlsen        35 Bethesda MD      1:26:43  6:37 
  318  54/165   2559 Jesse Frantz        38 Washington DC    1:45:43  8:04 
  358  37/130   2204 Jerold Paulson      54 Washington DC    1:47:41  8:13 
1135 finishers

   41   5/186   2641 Julia Taylor        42 Arlington VA     1:39:24  7:35 
   77   8/161   2577 Christine Hackman   49 Arlington VA     1:45:13  8:02 
  322  62/209   2027 Fiona Karlsen       36 London           1:59:23  9:07 
  791 125/186   2380 Liz Lambert         41 Washington DC    2:20:20 10:43 
1140 finishers