10 Important Tidbits You Missed, If You Missed the WRC Cookout

It was great fun! Hats off to Tris for letting us invade his lovely home AND for ensuring good weather. If you missed it, this is what you need to know:

  1. Tris seems to be a collector of all sorts of decking, balconies and walkways. It is no wonder that women wearing tool belts want to hang out at his place.
  2. WRC won the Expectant Harrier division of The Parks Half Marathon. Official notification will be forthcoming. Once, that is, WRC informs MCRRC that there WAS such a division.
  3. Emily Buzzell’s father and Jack Coffey were competitors in high school and on the roads of DC, back in the day. Unfortunately for Mr. Buzzell, he competed for a team with the questionable name of “The Gnats”. Unfortunately for Mr. Coffey, the realization that Emily is a grown-up makes him feel old.
  4. Bill Freyvogel can grill. This was news to his wife who thought that he could not grill or carve. Stay tuned for the next installment on this development. That would be after Thanksgiving.
  5. Nelson Paz is not the only accomplished chef in the club. There are others in our midst, including those who seek to combine the savory and sweet and the sticky and the salty. On the other hand, leftover veggie burgers will be donated to Reston Youth Ice Hockey.
  6. WRC will be in the enviable position to field an impressive junior girls division in 2023.
  7. Going forward, the Ives, Coffey, Scarborough, Kruger and Wind contingent wish to be known as “The Statesmen”.
  8. Based on his membership to WRC, Christine Quinn and Anthony Weiner have challenged Jerry Paulson’s residency in New York.
  9. A popular training exercise among the women of WRC involves wearing heavy weights in the form of clunky jewelry.
  10. There is some concern about WRC status as a gang. It seems the Jesse’s wife was taking notes about our use of darkened paths, exchange of secrets while oxygen deprived and the entire idea of being “on the run”.