Liveblogging Boston

After last year’s return to the scene, the Washington Running Club is back to contending for team titles in all four divisions (Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Men’s Masters, and Women’s Masters) at the 2014 Boston Marathon. We’re liveblogging on race day with news, statistics, and color commentary.

In addition to the Mobile and Individual Tracking pages, Team Tracking featuring dynamic standings and team member splits across various checkpoints is also available.

So check back here throughout your morning for all the latest WRC updates. Got any race-day insights? Write to, or send a SMS text to the WRC Hotline (571) 384-8972. Continue reading

Cherry Blossom Preview

Four teams for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler this coming Sunday! Can we improve on last year? Here’s a look at this year’s rosters:

Washington Running Club: Dudes
Team Category: Running Club Men's Open 
1	 Karlsen, Paul 
2	 Killian, Andrew 
3	 Masterson, Kirk 
4	 Stutts, Benjamin 
5	 Wells, Kit 

Washington Running Club: Sages
Team Category: Running Club Men's Open 
1	 Frantz, Jesse 
2	 O'Keefe, Patrick 
3	 Savitch, Brian 
4	 Sullivan, Brendan 

Washington Running Club: Dames 
Team Category: Running Club Women's Open 
1	 Gorodetsky, Olga 
2	 Marsillo, Nancy 
3	 Tucker, Kendall 
Washington Running Club: Mixed 
Team Category: Running Club Mixed Masters 
1	 Hackman, Christine 
2	 Scarborough, James 
3	 Taylor, Julia 
4	 Wind, Jay Jacob 

And here’s a map showing where to meetup after the race on Sunday, Northwest of the Washington Monument, South of the Baggage check/ pickup. Be sure to check out the other race-day maps.
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Caesar Rodney, for the Win!

Breaking news, via the magic of SMS/MMS:

Emily Buzzell: first place team coed division at Caesar Rodney! Go WRC!
Received: 11:58AM
Emily Buzzell:

Nine decorated WRCers, standing in front of the equestrian statue of Caesar Rodney at Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE. Like our runners, the horse is depicted in full gallop.

Nine decorated WRCers, standing in front of the equestrian statue of Caesar Rodney at Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE. Like our runners, the horse is depicted in full gallop.

Received: 12:19PM
Emily Buzzell: Everyone is having fun here!
Received: 12:21PM
Emily Buzzell: Rachel and Ben did AWESOME (1:26, 1:19)
Received: 12:21PM

Team captain, Emily Buzzell, also sez:

Washington Running Club brought home first place in today’s Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, DE!

Bolstered by good competition, close to perfect running weather (low 40s, overcast, breezy), and the promise of pizza and cupcakes after the race, WRC turned out some fantastic performances this morning. Ben Stutts led the way with a 16th place showing and his first sub-1:20 in a half marathon. Drew Killian ran close to his PR for 42nd place, and Rachel Clattenburg wowed with a 4th place finish among women. Particularly impressive about Rachel’s performance were her negative splits and the way she dropped the hammer during a long, challenging uphill climb between miles 6 and 9. Emily Buzzell ran a very evenly paced race to finish as the 7th woman. The team scoring was rounded out by Laura Jennings, who ran a 5-minute PR and finished in the top 100. Race organizers only allowed for scoring of the top-5 runners, but Jesse Frantz, Kendall Tucker, Carla Freyvogel (in her bold WRC singlet), and Claire Tsoukalis all ran stellar races as well.

WRC drove away from Wilmington, DE, today with some nice hardware, and we hope to return next year and do it all over again!

Citizens Bank Caesar Rodney Half Marathon
March 23, 2014, Rodney Square, Wilmington DE
Individual Results, Team Results

16 Ben Stutts         1:19:28, 16th overall
42 Drew Killian       1:24:43, 42nd overall
50 Rachel Clattenburg 1:25:56, 4th woman
60 Emily Buzzell      1:27:16, 7th woman
98 Laura Jennings     1:31:24
256 Jesse Frantz      1:41:27
469 Kendall Tucker    1:51:19
658 Carla Freyvogel   1:59:09
764 Claire Tsoukalis  2:04:08
1195 finishers

Winning Co-ed Team, Averaged 1:25:46.

WRC budgeted $100 in travel money, to send its members to race together. Talk about a return on investment!

The Snows of Washington-jaro*

There are some times when we reluctantly bid friends farewell, and others when we are lucky to welcome them into our lives. Now, in a way, is both of those times.

Last summer, we said goodbye to Jonathan Baker, who was recalled by his unicorn brethren back to Marathon Mecca. But at the same time, we gained new friends and clubmates in Japan’s Daisuke Ogata and the UK’s Paul and Fiona Karlsen.

Now, in this past week we said お別れで安全な旅行 to Daisuke, who returns back to his family and fuller life in Sanda-shi. But we also recently welcomed two new members into our Young Harriers division! Here are some eyewitness reports about that breaking news:

From Elizabeth Lambert and Bill Hamblet, on February 22nd:

Evelyn Paige Laub Hamblet
(Ellie, Evie or “Peanut” – Evelyn is French for hazelnut btw – no accident).
7 lbs 1oz, 20 inches
Loooong toes and fingers
Tranqs out when in a stroller or wheelchair going over bumps (I attribute this to running – I’ve heard babies of runners tend to self soothe).
Her PR was in the Annapolis 10 miler back in Aug. She has also done the Parks Half and Run for the Parks and Tufts 10K for women (and women carrying future women).
WRC member I believe on my family plan.

And from Paul and Fiona Karlsen, on March 5th:

Hans Ernest Karlsen
Just wanted to let you know that little Hans Karlsen was born at 8.30am this morning, weighing in at 8lbs 2oz.
Fiona and Hans both doing well but very tired.
Cheers, Paul

Guess who’s receiving the next round of XXXXS singlets? Those two little leopard cubs, that’s who. Welcome to the club!

* with apologies to Papa.

Hallett Leads the 2014 Grand Prix

George Washington Birthday Classic 10K 
February 16, 2014 - Alexandria, VA

18	639	John Hallett	28	0:36:55	5:57
44	819	Daisuke Ogata	38	0:40:01	6:27
730 Finishers

John joined last December, but was a shade too modest to race for the club at the Jingle All the Way 8K. This year, he’s starting anew from the top of the pack.

Next up on the 2014 Grand Prix‘s schedule: Sun March 9, St. Patrick’s Day 8K!

Empire State Run-Up

Jerold Paulson transmits the following upon the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building:

Like virtually all the other participants in the open field at the ESBRU, I was a ‘tower racing’ novice. My training had consisted of doing two to three sets of up to thirty repetitions of the three flights of stairs in my apartment, thinking that 3×30=90 would approximate climbing the 86 flights. However the actual stress involved in climbing 86 flights in a row without getting any ‘downhill’ respite was a bigger bear than I had bargained for.

DC’s height restrictions make it tough for WRCers to train for this unless we venture out to the hinterlands of MD or VA in search of tall buildings!

He recorded his progress in the modern fashion, with GoPro. And we’re happy to share the results on the club’s new YouTube Channel! To witness Jerry’s adventure firsthand… Continue reading