Liveblogging Boston

After a five year hiatus, the Washington Running Club is finally back to contending for the Men’s Open and Women’s Open team titles at the 2013 Boston Marathon. We’re liveblogging on race day with news, statistics, and color commentary.

In addition to the Mobile Apps and Individual Tracking page, Team Tracking across various checkpoints is available here, featuring dynamic standings and team member splits.

So check back here throughout your morning for all the latest WRC updates. Got any race-day insights you need to share with the club? Write to, or send a SMS text to the WRC Hotline (571) 384-8972.


6:20 PM
Complete preliminary results from the day are here. However, in light of the race’s aftermath, it may be some time before they are finalized in some fashion.

Place Overall	Place Gender	Place Division	Name	BIB	Time	Proj. finish	Proj. daytime	HALF	Finish Net	Finish Gun	
5704	789	652	» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	03:19:24	-	-	01:34:47	03:19:24	03:24:55	
5199	648	533	» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	03:17:18	-	-	01:36:49	03:17:18	03:22:40	
1901	1784	1316	» Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	02:59:03	-	-	01:28:39	02:59:03	03:02:08	
4055	3676	681	» Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	03:11:42	-	-	01:24:02	03:11:42	03:12:55	
3531	295	255	» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	03:08:56	-	-	01:32:30	03:08:56	03:12:34	
1679	1579	1	» Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	02:57:52	-	-	01:26:00	02:57:52	02:58:20	
1562	1470	1101	» Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	02:57:10	-	-	01:22:23	02:57:10	02:57:49	
5457	4740	645	» Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	03:18:23	-	-	01:36:45	03:18:23	03:19:10

1:52 PM
WOW. wowowowowowowow WRC women’s open team finished 9th overall, or 11th, depending upon which report (this, or this) you choose believe. Ladies, you got onto the big board! Kudos!!!

1:45 PM
Alright! The dust has settled, the race now been run. Time for some rest, ice, compression, and commiseration. Now we just need to get those results minions to do their number crunching. After a break for a snack, we’ll be back later with more complete results, and perhaps some impressions from the WRC racers themselves. Congratulations to them, and also to those who were following along with the liveblog. I hope that you found it equally helpful and amusing.

1:35 PM
Preliminary Team Tracking Results
@Finish, WRC Open Men were 47th of at least 59 scoring teams. (link)
@Finish, WRC Open Women were 18th of at least 52 scoring teams. (link)

1:28 PM
WRC’s women’s team is finished; good racing, ladies! Places are overall and among all women.

5162	529	Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	03:19:24
4836	486	Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	03:17:18
3463	279	Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	03:08:56

Now we have to see were they placed among the teams.

1:25 PM
Rachel Clattenburg places within the top 500 women with a 03:17:18.

1:19 PM
The women’s team had advanced to 17th place by the 35K mark. But it’s hard to tell where exactly the teams will end at the finish. So very much gets transacted in the final miles.

1:17 PM
Reporting from the street, a nationally ranked runner and son of Baltimore says: “Great conditions. Lots of solid performances today.”

1:13 PM
Raquel finishes as 230th woman in 03:08:56!

1:09 PM
Women’s team leader Raquel is past the 40K mark and is about to turn onto Hereford Street and then the home stretch by Boylston Street.

1:05 PM
Brian, Alan, and Drew are finished. Breakthrough performance for our Team Manager. Places are overall

1882	Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	02:59:03
3738	Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	03:11:42
1664	Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	02:57:52 (1st Male 60-64)
1553	Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	02:57:10
5363	Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	03:18:23

All results are provisional

1:00 PM
Alan Pemberton wins his division outright, 1549th overall, with a net finishing time of 02:57:52

12:57 PM
Our women are probably passing by the CHEERING WALL OF RED presented by the Greater Boston Track Club, in Washington Square. Congratulations to them on a 5th place finish among the Open Men’s teams, and 4th place among the Open Women!

12:53 PM
We should start to see a torrent of results in the next 20 minutes. I’ll do my best to present and summarize them.

12:50 PM
More Intermediate Team Tracking Results.
@35K checkpoint, WRC Open Men were 46th team. (link)
@35K checkpoint, WRC Open Women were 17th team. (link)
Developing, remaining checkpoints are 35K and the finish.

12:45 PM
The women at 35K. Raquel catches Max, doesn’t bat an eye, and continues reeling in the field!

» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	02:43:32
» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	02:42:47
» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	02:35:47

Rachel crests heartbreak hill feeling a little fresher. But this trio looks formidable.

12:36 PM
The men at 35K. Drew is having the best race of his life today, gradually closing the gap on Alan.

» Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	02:27:36
» Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	02:35:51
» Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	02:26:10
» Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	02:23:24
» Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	02:43:28

12:33 PM
Women through 30K. The climbing is almost done, and now the race favors the fleetest of feet. Looking great!

» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	02:17:12
» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	02:18:44
» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	02:12:35

12:25 PM
Team Leader Brian Savitch is the first to cross the 35K mark in 02:23:24, for a projected finish of 2:53. He is at Boston College, with 7.2K to go, including the haunted mile. The roar of the crowd is deafening.

12:23 PM
Men through 30K. Drew looses the least time getting past the firehouse, with 100 feet of elevation left to climb.

» Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	02:06:06
» Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	02:02:03
» Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	02:03:59
» Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	02:00:24
» Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	02:18:48

12:15 PM
More Intermediate Team Tracking Results.
@halfway checkpoint, WRC Open Men were 36th of at least 56 teams. (link)
@halfway checkpoint, WRC Open Women were 19th of at least 23 teams. (link)
Developing, remaining checkpoints are 35K and the finish.

12:12 PM
Intermediate Team Tracking Results. Finally.
@10K checkpoint, WRC Open Men were 36th of 63 teams. (link)
@10K checkpoint, WRC Open Women were 22nd of 59 teams. (link)

12:03 PM
The gals through 25K.

» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	01:52:36
» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	01:55:07
» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	01:49:45

This is a good point to take in some fluids and nutrition, and as I said, descending through the gulch of Newton Lower Falls is tricky. Emily has been dealing with some tendonitis affecting her anterior tibialis, and so easing down the hills saves her for the climbing to come. Rachel is without-a-doubt eager for the hills; she has been catalytic in getting the word out for long interesting runs and other training opportunities or the club, as an author of this website.

11:53 AM
The guys through 25K, as they brace themselves to ascend the Newton hills. The crowds are starting to get deafeningly loud at this point. Good thing they’ve been doing lots and lots of hills on our Sunday Distance Runs.

» Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	01:44:56
» Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	01:40:11
» Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	01:42:24
» Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	01:38:39
» Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	01:54:50

Drew is looking like today’s a good day to crush 2:57, and Brian is perking up a little.

11:48 AM
WRC women through the half way mark. A study in consistency.

» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	01:34:47
» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	01:36:49
» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	01:32:30

11:45 AM
Here are the guys through the half way point

» Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	01:28:39
» Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	01:24:02
» Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	01:26:00
» Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	01:22:23
» Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	01:36:45

Drew and Max are just warming up for the fun stuff.

11:42 AM
Okay, we’re back. I lied about not caring about the 20K splits. Here they are for the women.

» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	01:29:53
» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	01:31:47
» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	01:27:45

Everyone steady or accelerating!

11:25 AM
The temperature in Newton Lower Falls, at the transition between Wellesley and the Newton Hills, is a refreshing 52F. (weather). Descending into Newton Lower Falls is no trivial matter, and it’s where racing starts getting interesting, with attacks and responses.

11:20 AM
We’ll breeze past the 20K splits and just focus on the halfway mark in Wellesley, because it’s a mental watershed point. The race is only one quarter over, mentally.

11:17 AM
The women’s team through 15K

» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	01:07:19
» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	01:08:42
» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	01:05:47

Emily is accelerating.

11:14 AM
Intermediate results do not seem to be posting to the Team Tracking page. #disappointing

11:11 AM
Team leader Raquel Morgan comes through strong for 15K in 1:05:47 (7:03 pace).

11:08 AM
Drew and Max are feathering the accelerator smartly through 15K (transition between Natick and Wellesley)

» Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	01:03:09
» Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	00:59:46
» Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	01:00:39
» Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	00:57:47
» Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	01:08:44

10:56 AM
Emily (45:01) and Rachel (45:33) tick-tock through the 10K checkpoint with metronomical precision. Raquel’s split (43:55) posts late, betraying some strain on the athlete tracker’s servers.

10:50 AM
Team Manager Drew Killian, who also currently leads the club’s Grand Prix Series, calibrates faster through the 10K in 41:16 and 6:45 pace. That’s 19 seconds faster than the first 5K, which is pretty much a free-fall.

10:45 AM
Recent WRC recruit, Mark Wright, registers his first 5K, as he started from the front of Wave 2.

Wright, Mark (USA)	10287	00:23:05

10:40 AM
Team leader Brian Savitch makes a prudent adjustment to his pace, and passed through the 10K in 38:05. Max corrects in the other direction by picking it up slightly, and crosses the mark in 40:00. Pemberton is holding constant at 6:30/mile pace.

10:30 AM
The elite men are past the 10K mark in Framingham, near the train station and the Happy Swallow Pub, and so soon we’ll have our first look at the team standings from the 10K checkpoint (MO – 10K) (WO – 10K).

10:30 AM
First 5K splits among our women are:

» Buzzell, Emily (USA)	8432	00:22:33
» Clattenburg, Rachel (USA)	8399	00:22:43
» Morgan, Raquel (USA)	5763	00:22:10

Good that Emily and Rachel appear to be pacing along together, and setting up for what’s likely negative split.

10:28 AM
First 5K splits among the men include:

» Killian, Andrew (USA)	4640	00:21:17
» Lockwood, Max (USA)	2990	00:20:20
» Pemberton, Alan (USA)	1738	00:20:00
» Savitch, Brian (USA)	2057	00:18:47

There is a lot of optimism to be found within these times.

10:21 AM
Raquel Morgan, who joined WRC this spring, is an alumna of Tufts University, a high school teammate of Emily Buzzell’s, and is an experienced veteran of the marathon. She did a lot of training upon the hills in RCP, including the burley Valley Trail and Ross Drive Loop (maps).

10:17 AM
Brian Savitch, who is nearing his first 5K split, prepared for this race by running 2:56 at the LA Marathon this winter. Brian is a former board member of the club.

10:13 AM
Watchful viewers of the live feed (LIVE) will notice that the course is not a straight line at all, but a long sinuous ribbon of subtle rolls and bends. Tangent running is crucial here especially in these early miles.

10:10 AM
Ashland (Miles 2-3) is looking a little bit warmer at 50F. (weather)

10:05 AM
WRC’s Team Manager, Drew Killian, it fleetingly visible while crossing the starting line.

10:00 AM
And we’re off … WRC is back in the chase among teams!

9:59 AM
Bright yellow appears to be a favorite color among the professional men this year. Kinda like WRC’s current gear.

9:50 AM
For those who prefer tracking by individual (including their 5K splits), here are the coordinates for you to plug in:

10287	Wright, Mark E.
2057	Savitch, Brian
4640	Killian, Andrew 	  

5763	Morgan, Raquel L
8399	Clattenburg, Rachel M.	  
8432	Buzzell, Emily 

1738	Pemberton, Alan
2990	Lockwood, Max A.

9:45 AM
An old teammate writes in: “Thinking of those in and walking to the corrals on a hill in Hopkinton with a tiny bit of envy.”

9:42 AM
At this point, everyone from the team is waiting in their starting corrals for the Wave 1 start. There is a not a lot of room to move around, really no space to have warmed up, but the waiting goes by quickly in the company of so many seasoned athletes. The sun is climbing less slowly towards its zenith. Air temperature is now 48F with the lightest headwind.

9:32 AM
The women’s elite start has begun. It is bright with daylight at the starting line, and the road descending from Hopkinton’s town common is crowded 8-10 people deep.

8:45 AM
The elevation drop, when heading South along the undulating ribbon that is Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park, is almost a facsimile of the elevation drop in the first 8 miles of this race, from Hopkinton to Natick. Which of course is why we train so much along that route. (elevations).

8:10 AM
Emily Buzzell (Bib 8432) arrived at the Athlete’s village, after staying with her sister in the Town of Natick (aka Mile 10).

7:45 AM
Looks like a clear, cold morning today out in Hopkinton, MA: 37F and no wind. (Wunderground)

7:30 AM

Nice to see our teams among good company on the long list of contenders.

Nice to see our teams among good company on the long list of contenders.