The Snows of Washington-jaro*

There are some times when we reluctantly bid friends farewell, and others when we are lucky to welcome them into our lives. Now, in a way, is both of those times.

Last summer, we said goodbye to Jonathan Baker, who was recalled by his unicorn brethren back to Marathon Mecca. But at the same time, we gained new friends and clubmates in Japan’s Daisuke Ogata and the UK’s Paul and Fiona Karlsen.

Now, in this past week we said お別れで安全な旅行 to Daisuke, who returns back to his family and fuller life in Sanda-shi. But we also recently welcomed two new members into our Young Harriers division! Here are some eyewitness reports about that breaking news:

From Elizabeth Lambert and Bill Hamblet, on February 22nd:

Evelyn Paige Laub Hamblet
(Ellie, Evie or “Peanut” – Evelyn is French for hazelnut btw – no accident).
7 lbs 1oz, 20 inches
Loooong toes and fingers
Tranqs out when in a stroller or wheelchair going over bumps (I attribute this to running – I’ve heard babies of runners tend to self soothe).
Her PR was in the Annapolis 10 miler back in Aug. She has also done the Parks Half and Run for the Parks and Tufts 10K for women (and women carrying future women).
WRC member I believe on my family plan.

And from Paul and Fiona Karlsen, on March 5th:

Hans Ernest Karlsen
Just wanted to let you know that little Hans Karlsen was born at 8.30am this morning, weighing in at 8lbs 2oz.
Fiona and Hans both doing well but very tired.
Cheers, Paul

Guess who’s receiving the next round of XXXXS singlets? Those two little leopard cubs, that’s who. Welcome to the club!

* with apologies to Papa.