Cherry Blossom Preview

Four teams for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler this coming Sunday! Can we improve on last year? Here’s a look at this year’s rosters:

Washington Running Club: Dudes
Team Category: Running Club Men's Open 
1	 Karlsen, Paul 
2	 Killian, Andrew 
3	 Masterson, Kirk 
4	 Stutts, Benjamin 
5	 Wells, Kit 

Washington Running Club: Sages
Team Category: Running Club Men's Open 
1	 Frantz, Jesse 
2	 O'Keefe, Patrick 
3	 Savitch, Brian 
4	 Sullivan, Brendan 

Washington Running Club: Dames 
Team Category: Running Club Women's Open 
1	 Gorodetsky, Olga 
2	 Marsillo, Nancy 
3	 Tucker, Kendall 
Washington Running Club: Mixed 
Team Category: Running Club Mixed Masters 
1	 Hackman, Christine 
2	 Scarborough, James 
3	 Taylor, Julia 
4	 Wind, Jay Jacob 

And here’s a map showing where to meetup after the race on Sunday, Northwest of the Washington Monument, South of the Baggage check/ pickup. Be sure to check out the other race-day maps.