Club News, June 9, 2004

Washington Running Club News
June 9, 2004

People news, bottles of member racing, club activities – president’s seminar,
pool party, Sunday running, track, other items of interest – cicada update
& holy smokes running stuffs

People News

We are happy to report that Frank Sprtel recently married his fiancee Stacy and has returned from their honeymoon in British Columbia. We wish Frank and Stacey all the best of health, happiness, and smooth running in the future. Congrats Frank & Stacey!

We are also pleased to announce that Challice Bonifant is getting married this month…and we wish Challice and Will all the best for their wedding, honeymoon, and future! Cheers!

New Member!

Genevieve Kiley, who recently moved to the DC area from Salt Lake City for her work with the Nature Conservancy in Arlington, VA. Genevieve has been joining us on the Sunday long runs and track workouts. She sports impressive running credentials having run a 2:44 marathon and recently completed the U.S. women’s olympic marathon trials in St. Louis in 2:47. Genevieve ran 120 miles/week in preparation for her impressive marathon efforts. We say wow…what great running and we welcome Genevieve into the club!

Genevieve running the trials…

Member Racing Info
(Most recent and back to the end of April)

Laurel 5k, 
Laurel, MD, 6/06
Mike scoops up a 2nd place!

2nd Mike Wardian 30  15:15

Capital Crescent 5k,
Bethesda, MD, 6/06

Sarah Buckheit 43  22:15

Herndon 10k,
Herndon, VA, 6/05

Bruce takes first in his age group!

Bruce Reynolds 53  42:20 (1st 50-59)

Vermont City Marathon, 
Burlington, VT, 5/30

Mike’s at it again and takes 3d on a tough Vermont Marathon course in a great time…and only 14 seconds behind 2nd and 22 seconds behind 1st.

3d Mike Wardian 30  2:24:24

Mike in the lead pack at 3 miles in VT

Germantown 5-Miler, 
Germantown, MD, 5/22

Mike captures 1st!

Mike Wardian 30  25:14 (1st overall)
George Buckheit 46  31:15 (3d age group)

Sharon Donovan 29  30:49 (5th overall and 3d age group)
Lindsay Goulet 26  31:15 (6th overall)

Capitol Hill Classic 10k,
Capitol Hill, DC, 5/23

We preface these by saying this was one heck of a steamy morning for racing. Iron Mike follows a win on Saturday with a win on Sunday…

Mike Wardian 30  32:14 (1st overall)
Pascal Brazey 35  37:44
Jay Wind 54  42:29
Bruce Reynolds 53  44:19

Adina Wadsworth 36  45:41
Diana Johnson 23  47:13
Erica Morton 27  51:33
Amy Sullivan 32  54:43

Johnny O’D (white hat) tamps down the road for the runners before race start..

Mike out front during 1st mile making it look easy…

Pascal looking strong…

Amy is smiling!

Diana in mid-pace…and smiling…

Mike waaaay out front…

One time WRC star and good friend Jim Hage comes in 2nd…

Adina bringing it in…

Capitol Hill Classic 3k, 5/23

Sarah Buckheit 44  11:25 (3d overall)

Columbia Triathlon, 
Columbia, MD, 5/23

Lisa, Marie, and Kyle headed to Columbia to do much much much more than run…

Lisa Thomas 28  2:26:03 (1st age)
Marie Sandrock 32  2:37:21 (5th age)

Kyle Yost 33  2:21:15

Capron Valley 50K,

4th Bryon Powell  3:58:18
15th Prasad Gerard  4:26:31

Sallie Mae 10k, 
DC, 5/16

On one awfully muggy and hot day, a bunch of WRCers took part in this elite-loaded race among the over 2,400 finishers. Casey and Al led the way for the club and a number of members took home cash prizes…kudos to all!

5th Casey Smith 24  35:31*
10th Lisa Thomas 28  37:44*
Sharon Donovan 29  40:05
Win Persina 44  42:05*
Diana Johnson 22  45:23
Adina Wadsworth 36  45:48
Karen Intrachat  49:08
Erica Morton 27  49:33
Beth Klee 31  54:15

Albert Han 30  35:08
George Buckheit 46  35:41*
Derik Thomas 38  35:41
Henry Grossmann 32  36:17
Jay Wind 54  41:19
Bruce Reynolds 54  43:40
Bob Platt 52  47:01
Re: Sallie Mae
*Denotes cash prize winner.

Bob Platt reports: “the real story is that I convinced the race sponsors to offer a $10,000 college alumni team challenge with the expectation that I would get a good Cornell team to win the scholarship donation. However, George Buckheit recruited two dozen members of the Bucknell mafia to frustrate my plan! Next thing you know, I bet that Haverford College will come after us.”

Sallie Mae pics of the speedy kind…Casey, Lisa, Sharon, Adina, & Henry

Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler
VA, 5/09

Michael Campbell was the 1st senior master in an impressive time!

18th Michael Campbell 54  27:08:59

Ultra men Prasad Gerard and Mike work it…

ACLI Capital Challenge 5k, 
DC, 5/05

Sharon wins the annual governmental, congressional, and press challenge event!

Sharon Donovan 17:40 (1st woman)
Mary Peate 18:19
Paul Durbin 18:37
Jeff Stratton 24:59
Misun Yi 25:36

Westfield 5k,
Chantilly, VA, 5/08

3d Sarah Buckheit 43  21:26

Sandburg Patherlon 5k,
Mt. Vernon, VA

Win Persina 44  20:17 (1st age group)

May Day 5k, May 1st

Henry, rejuvinating following injury, takes top prize.

1st Henry Grossmann 32  17:10
28th Bruce Reynolds 53  20:31 (3d age group)

Cassidy & Pinkard Race for Hope 5k, 
DC, 5/02

Win and Adina win their age groups!

5th Win Persina 43  20:51 (1st age group)
6th Adina Wadsworth 36  21:08 (1st age group)

Potomac River Run Marathon,
Alexandria, VA, 5/02

Bryon Powell took 3d place in the inaugural running of the Potomac River Run Marathon.

Bryon Powell 25  3:02:33 (3d place overall)
James Scarborough 45  4:37:28

Potomac River Run 1/2 Marathon, Alexandria, VA, 5/02

9th Amy Sullivan 32  1:53:37

Broad Street 10-Miler
Philadelphia, PA, 5/02

A number of members headed to Philly to run the prestigious Broad Street 10-miler. The WRC was led by Lisa and Derik Thomas. Locals also running were Mike (our Philly correspondent member), and Paul, who was once a prolifically active member of the WRC before moving North.

Lisa Thomas 28  60:40 (10th overall)
Sharon Donovan 29  62:22
Maria Kozloski 39  66:33

Derik Thomas 38  59:18
Mike McGrath 44  62:12
George Buckheit 46  62:22
Paul Neimeyer 38  65:55

Frederick Marathon
Frederick, MD, 5/02

22nd Prasad Gerard 45  3:18:37

Great racing all…and we humbly apologize if we missed anyone. (If we missed your name in a race or missed a race entirely where you ran and you want to see the results here, let us know and we’ll update the page. Afterall, all the news that fits, we print. And it all fits!) 
Club Running Activities and Stuff
President’s Seminar Superb!

Our esteemed President, Barb Fallon Wallace, a licensed physical therapist with an experienced and impressive running background, put on a very informative seminar for WRC members at the offices of Capital Rehab in Arlington, VA. Barb spoke for a good hour on stretching, injury prevention, injury maintenance, and various other apects of running and cross training. Club members are greatful to Barb for taking time out of her busy schedule to provide such rich information and for answering numerous questions participants had. Thanks Barb!

July 4th Pool Party Fun To Come!

Bryon splashes down and wins cycle jumping contest during last year’s party…

Generous veteran member Tris Kruger and the WRC will be hosting a pool party on the 4th of July, immediately following the running of the Cure Autism Now 5k on Sunday, July 4th, in downtown Potomac, MD.

This will be like last year, where a number of runners ran the steamy race and then enjoyed a relaxing few sunny hours eating and drinking in between dips in Tris’s pool, which is a hop, skip, and a jump from nearby downtown Potomac. Of course, all members and their friends are welcome to come. Refreshments will be available and for those wishing to stay, food will be ordered. More details will follow in the weekly email update as the date approaches.

Track at Washington-Lee High School

The WRC track workouts are held on Tuesday evenings at 6:20 p.m. Try to show up early to get properly warmed up. Weekly track workouts are proferred on the weekly email updates sent to members.

We meet at the far end of the track, on the same side of the entrance gate, but down where intervals are begun.

On Tuesday, June 9th, the WRC had a very strong presence at the track with 26 members running about. Indeed, we’re gearing up! Of the regular club track group we had: Adina Wadsworth, Erica Morton, Genevieve Kiley, Kelly Ferraro, Diana Johnson, Emily Turner, Kristin Richards, VP Steve Baker, Bryon Powell, Kyle Yost, Bruce Reynolds, Blake Iba, Ed Zechman, Jim Heileman, and Jim Wadsworth. Other members training on the track in various other groups included: Elizabeth Ottaway, Dan Wallace, Mike Wardian, Yancy Hall, Lisa Thomas, Maria Kozloski, Lindsay Goulet, Sharon Donovan, George Buckheit, Casey Smith, and Prez Barb Fallon Wallace. Great…what a showing!

For more info on WRC track workouts, the track page says a thing or two.

Sunday Distance Run

The WRC’s Sunday distance run starts at 8 am on M Street (3300 block) in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Distances range between 8 and 16 miles.

It’s picking up…upwards of 18 showed last Sunday (6/06)! Many are gearing up for fall marathon training. Come on out!

Afterwards, we regroup at Dean & DeLuca’s for refreshments and a sit down, talk alot.

Go here for more distance run info and directions

Other Items of Interest

Cicada Update

Top nymph kicking bottom nymph butt in molt race!

Much like many a running career, they came, they did it, they left…or went underground. We report that the cicada populations were mild in many parts of the city, but heavy in much of the suburbs where full throttle “singing” and daily carcass sweeping were orders of the day. But alas, they are settling down a bit we hear, mostly nothing left but still bodies and twitching legs, again like many a running career.

Member Emily Turner reported that she was one to try one of the little/big buggers…yep, try as in eat. Emily munched down a piece of cicada peanut brittle that a co-worker had cooked up. Emily indicated that it was kinda gross and very chewy…and tasted like peanuts…not chicken. Of course her co-worker had used a heavy dose of peanuts in said treat. We say cool…way to endulge in life’s interesting little treats Emily…and we’re glad it was you, not us.

Cicada adios…we’ll see you buggah’s in 17 years!

Holy Smokes Running Stuffs

Alan Webb (who lives locally) set a 2004 World best time in the 1500 meters, running 3:32.73 at the Golden Spike 2004 IAAF Grand Prix meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic on June 8th. Webb beat 2000 Olympic gold medalist Noah Ngeny and Olympic Bronze medalist Bernard Legat, and a host of other tough competitors as well. Now we’re really looking forward to those Olympic Trials!

World Records! Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia broke Haile Gebresalassie’s world record in the 10k running 26:20 in the same Golden Spike Meet that Webb ran. Wow! This comes a week after Bekele set the world record in the 5k last week when he ran 12:37! Double wow…smokin stuff for sure!
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