Club News, April 30, 2004

The WRC News
April 30, 2004

People news, gobs of member racing, happy hour planned, Sunday running,
track, and new running fun about to hatch upon us

People News

Dana Dubose, a new member in 2003, is leaving the DC area to follow her career to Los Angelos, California. Dana joined us a number of times on the Sunday run and was a regular runner around Capitol Hill, where she resided. We wish Dana the best in the future!

Members of the Injured and Illish Kind
We want to wish the best of luck for a speedy recovery to those among us who have been injured, feeling ill, or nursing various maladies of late. Injuries are a frustrating pain, literally, and colds, flu, and anything else that hinders our running are crappy as well. Some of those suffering and recovering and now working their way back to the running scene include: Kelly F, Amy S, Heidi R, Erica M, Adina W, George B, Yancy H, Henry G, Tris K, Derik T, Pascal B, Jim W, Steve B, among others. We wish all the best so that they may be recovered in time for solid training in the coming summer months.May the heat be with them also. Member Racing Info
(Most recent and back to the end of March)

MD Run for Hospice 10k, 3/27

A week after his 2nd place finish in the Shamrock Marathon, Iron Mike wins a 10k in a great time!

1st Mike Wardian 29 31:05
11th Jay Wind 54 40:30 (1st 50-59)

Run vs. Row 10k, 3/27

A course with lots of twists and turns, two loops, and assorted raindrops throughout made for slower than normal times on an interesting racing day.

4th Pascal Brazey 35 34:57
6th Jim Wadsworth 47 36:06

6th Win Persina 43 42:17
15th Adina Wadsworth 36 45:34

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, DC, 4/03

On a crazy windy day, the WRC had a gob of members running and finishing strong among the 6,085 finishers (4,135 men & 1,950 women). All did super well with Casey & Lisa and Frank & Derik leading the way! Kudos!

18th Casey Smith 24 59:57 (top 25 prize)
19th Lisa Thomas 28 60:40 (top 25 prize)
Lindsay Goulet 26 64:52
Maria Kozloski 39 65:49
Marie Sandrock 32 66:03
Emily Turner 22 66:23
Adina Wadsworth 36 72:42
Sarah Buckheit 43 73:24
Courtney Fulton 25 75:43
Heidi Reester 29 76:00
Kelly Ferraro 76:55
Katherine Turner 24 76:57
Amy Sullivan 32 82:20
Katie Durkin 26 94:46

24th Frank Sprtel 31 53:17 (top 25 prize)
Derik Thomas 38 58:52
Brian Tefft 23 59:18
George Buckheit 46 59:25 (3d in age group prize)
Kyle Yost 33 62:39
Billy Webster 46 63:35
Roberto Rodriguez 48 66:54
Jay Wind 54 66:58
Prasad Gerard 45 67:01
Ben Gutman 28 69:09
Michael Proulx 29 69:32
Mark Drosky 43 69:45
Bob Trost 57 70:48
Bruce Reynolds 53 71:36
Chris Duke 32 73:55
James Scarborough 45 76:03
Bob Platt 52 77:05
Steve Baker 43 80:35
Bill McQuillen 28 83:11
Nicholas Wright 31 94:24

Collage of members in the CB wind!
(left to right, top to bottom)
Ladies first…
Casey, Lisa, & Lindsay; Maria, Marie, & Emily;
Adina, Sarah, & Courtney; Heidi, Kelly, & Amy

Now the men…
Frank, Derik, & Brian; George, Kyle, & Billy; Roberto, Jay, & Prasad;
Ben, Michael, & Mark; Bob T, Chris, & James; Bob P, Steve, & Nicholas

For sure, an ominous looking day in the Nation’s capital.
(if your pic is missing, it’s because it wasn’t to be found where we borrowed these)

The WRC also had three teams entered:

Cherry Blossom Women’s Running Club Divison
4th place – WRC women’s team A (Lisa, Lindsay, Marie)
7th place – WRC women’s team B (Emily, Adina, Courtney, Heidi)

Cherry Blossom Men’s Running Club Divison
11th place – WRC men’s team (Derik, Brian, James, Steve)

Easter Classic 10k, 4/10

6th Jay Wind 54 41:22
16th Bob Platt 52 46:33
21st James Scarborough 45 48:47

Boston Marathon, 4/20

Iron Mike Wardian was the 3d American male finisher, and 22nd overall, on a steamy hot Patriot’s Day in Boston! 16,743 runners finished the race.

Mike Wardian 29 2:29:57 (3d American! and 22nd overall)
Mike McGrath 44 3:12:25 (our Philly connection)
Jay Wind 54 3:29:31
Carly Vynne 28 3:38:49 (Carly moved away to Washington State last year, but we’re pleased to report on her finish)
Bob Platt 52 4:35:49

Pics of Boston showing Mike, Mike, Jay, Carly, and Bob, all looking strong in the heat.

Can it really be hot in Boston in April?
83 degrees at start, 85 degrees at finish

Boston stats Entered Started Finished % Finished
All 20,344 17,950 16,743 93.3%
Male 12,647 11,297 10,504 93.0%
Female 7,697 6,653 6,239 93.8%

Plaza America 5k, Reston, VA, 4/18

On a tough rolling course, 7 WRCers ran hard among the 749 finishers, with Derik and Sharon leading the way. We had 3 age group winners.

Derik Thomas 38 17:41 (7th overall and 1st age group)
Bruce Reynolds 53 20:59 (1st age group)
James Scarborough 45 23:01

Sharon Donovan 29 18:56 (6th overall and 2nd age group)
Adina Wadsworth 36 22:06
Sarah Buckheit 43 22:22
Elizabeth Ottaway 40 25:42

National Race to Stop the Silence 10k, DC, 4/17

Win is 3d woman overall!

Win Persina 43 41:35 – 3d place
Samantha Newbold 24 58:33

Penn Relays, Philadelphia
Women’s Olympic Development 5000 meters, 4/22

Lisa Thomas had an excellent effort and ran 17:53 for a 5k pr!

E-Trade Bright Beginnings 5k, 4/24, DC

Win wins it!
1st Win Persina 43 19:36

Jeff Stratton 29 20:21

Pikes Peek, 4/25, Md

A number of WRCers headed to Rockville to race downhillish…fast!

3d Casey Smith 24 35:46
6th Lisa Thomas 28 36:17
10th Sharon Donovan 29 37:55
Maria Kozloski 39 40:22
Sarah Buckheit 43 44:16

Albert Han 30 34:41
Derik Thomas 38 35:23
George Buckheit 46 35:23
Henry Grossmann 32 36:04
Lance Crist 38 42:35

GW Parkway 5k, 4/25, VA

4th Win Persina 43 19:47

GW Parkway 10-Miler, 4/25, VA

Mike takes 2nd on the parkway. Ron McGraw is found.

2nd Michael Wardian 30 51:44
Jay Wind 54 67:44
Ron McGraw 35 68:50
James Scarborough 45 76:07

New Jersey Marathon

In my hometown…in myyyyyyy hometown…(da Boss)

Kelly Ferraro 23 4:06:43 (her debut marathon)

Ultra Thoning

Bull Run Run 50-Miler, 4/17, VA (262 finishers)

8th Bryon Powell 25 7:28:02
22nd Mike Campbell 54 8:15:34
32nd Prasad Gerard 45 8:39:08

Hat Run 50k, 3/27 MD (329 finishers)

4th Bryon Powell 25 4:11:39
32nd Prasad Gerard 45 4:48:02

Great running all…and we humbly apologize if we missed anyone.
Club Running Activities and Stuff
Happy Hour on May 14th!

A happy hour for club members and friends is being planned for Friday, May 14th, at 6:00ish p.m., at a place to be determined soon. Please come on out and enjoy a drink with your fellow WRC members and associates!

You are getting thirsty, very thirsty…

Track at Washington-Lee High School

The WRC track workouts are held on Tuesday evenings at 6:20 p.m. Try to show up early to get properly warmed up. Weekly track workouts are proferred on the weekly email updates sent to members.

We meet at the far end of the track, on the same side of the entrance gate, but down where intervals are begun.

We’ll do our best to keep members apprised of potential high school events that may conflict with our track workouts through the weekly email update. When a conflict arises, we instead meet in the school parking lot and head to the nearby W & OD trail for a fartlek workout or tempo run.

For more info on WRC track workouts, the track page says a thing or two.

Sunday Distance Run

The WRC’s Sunday distance run starts at 8 am on M Street (3300 block) in Georgetown. Distances range between 10 and 16 miles, dependent on who shows and who wants to do what.

Afterwards, we regroup at Dean & DeLuca’s for refreshments and a sit down, talk alot.

Distance run info and directions

New Running Fun…
Crunching Underneath Ye Feet, Flying into Ye Body

It’s periodical and they’re coming!

What, you ask? Periodical Cicadas, that’s what.

Awww, how lovely…or is it yuckity yuck?

Indeed, the 17-year periodical cicadas (magicicadas) shall soon be in our midst, hindering our footsteps, buzzing our ears, and flying into our forward thrusting bodies. We should do our best to run away from them, but their sheer numbers will likely lead to us finding them pervasive, intriguing, and unavoidable, while at the same time, relentlessly annoying. Do you have the distinct feeling that many will be sharing stories about running among, over, and into these large unwieldly creatures.

Some info for those not yet in the know: The 17-year cicadas will soon be emerging in the DC area in vast numbers…coming in May and June. Indeed, when the 17-year cicadas emerge after their long juvenile periods, they do so in huge numbers, forming dense aggregations. The adults have black bodies and striking red eyes and orange wing veins, with a black “W” near the tips of the forewings.

Cicadas are harmless. They do not bite or sting defensively, nor do they attack people. If a cicada lands on you it does so only because it finds you to be a convenient place to land, unless you happen to be making a severe humming or buzzing sounds while you’re out (running?), in which case it might be attracted to you. Indeed, if you’re one of those who happen to loudly buzz and hum when running, watch out!

If you’d like to snack on em, pick em when they’re white…after having just discarded their hard outer shell. We hear they make tasty good eating. If you’re brave and/or crazy enough, have a taste-see and let us know how it was.

Thanks much for reading, or perusing, or whatever it is you do!
Disclaimer: Club News is designed to inform, enlighten, and sometimes amuse. We make no guarantee that this stuff is completely accurate, or even bears a passing resemblance to reality. We also don’t guarantee that your sense of humor will always be tickled. But alas, we try.

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