Club News, July 9, 2004

Washington Running Club News
July 9, 2004

People news, oodles of member racing, club activities – pool party wash in,
Sunday running, track, other items of interest – oly trials going on…

People News
New Members!

Beth McDermott, 32, Washington, DC
Philip O’Connor, 63, Arlington, DC
Allison Collins, 27, Washington, DC

We welcome Beth, Philip, and Allison into the WRC and wish them the best in their running and goals!

Moved Away

Ed Zechman has moved to Cincinnati for a career change. Ed was a regular at the Sunday distance runs and track workouts. Ed reports that he has found some runners in Cincinnati, but we’re quite certain that they’re not as noteworthy or interesting as those he met in the WRC. In any case, we certainly wish Ed the best in his new endeavors!

Member Racing Info
(Most recent and back to June 13th)

Cute Autism Now 5k,
Potomac, MD July 4th
On a very humid morning ten WRCers ran well over hilly terrain and among the 651 finishers to take six prizes. Sharon and George led the way.

4th Sharon Donovan 29 18:27*
5th Lisa Thomas 28 18:28*
10th Adina Wadsworth 36 21:43*
16th Challice Bonifant 26 21:57*
26th Sarah Buckheit 44 23:09
27th Diana Johnson 23 23:13*
46th Erica Morton 27 24:22

9th George Buckheit 47 17:01*
34th Mike Proulx 29 19:20
Paul Durbin 39 20:47

*Denotes age group prize.

Sharon & Lisa approaching the finish…

Mike dons his WRC cap and flag shirt…

Go Forth 8k,
Alexandria, VA, July 4th

Elizabeth Ottaway 40 41:11
Beth Klee 32 45:02

Bayview Hospital/Dundalk Heritage Independence 6k, Dundalk, Md, July 3d

2nd Michael Wardian 30 18:13

Tim Harmon 5k, Fairfax, June 26th

Mike gets another win…

1st Mike Wardian 30 15:27
Sarah Buckheit 44 22:09

Damian’s 5k, Columbia, Md, June 27th

Mike makes it a weekend, two for two!

1st Mike Wardian 30 15:09 (bested a very strong field and just missed the course record by 1.3 seconds)

Western States Endurance Run 100-Miler, Squaw Valley, CA (June 26th/27th)

Byron Powell completes long rugged one!

Bryon finished 2nd in his age group, and ran an impressive 21:49.59 which landed him 37th overall. For that, he received a silver, sub-24 hour buckle prize.

Said Bryon: “Running 100 miles is quite possibly the stupidest idea that I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some pretty dumb ideas. Will I ever try running 100 miles again? No way in hell. Ok, so ask me the same question in two weeks and you’ll get a much different answer. I’m pleasantly recovering with plenty of massages and beers in the comfy environs of Park City, UT.”

For those who want to understand more: “The Run is conducted along the Western States Trail starting at Squaw Valley, California, and ending in Auburn, California, a total of 100 miles. The trail ascends from the Squaw Valley floor (elevation 6,200 feet) to Emigrant Pass (elevation 8,750 feet), a climb of 2,550 vertical feet in the first 4½ miles. From the pass, following the original trails used by the gold and silver miners of the 1850’s, runners travel west, climbing another 15,540 feet and descending 22,970 feet before reaching Auburn. Most of the trail passes through remote and rugged territory, accessible only to hikers, horses and helicopters.” (source: WS100 homepage)

Capital One Toucan 10k, June 19th

Lindsay takes 1st place!

1st Lindsay Goulet 26 38:41
30th Amy Sullivan 33 51:17

MCRRC Women’s Run for Roses 5k,
June 19th

12th Sarah Buckheit 43 21:27

Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon, Anchorage, Alaska, June 19th

Courtney travels afar to run for a good cause!

20th Courtney Fulton 26 3:43:03 (4th 25-29 age group)

44th Mount Washington Road Race,
NH, June 19th

Mike takes on the tortuous 7.6 mile uphill challenge…to the top of Mt. Washington!

It was sleeting when they got toward the top

13th Mike Wardian 30 1:08:46

Garry Bjorklund 1/2 Marathon USA Women Championships, Duluth, MN

Casey burns it up with an impressive time and place among top competition!

14th Casey Smith 1:17:49

MCRRC Burning Tree 5k, June 20th

8th Sarah Buckheit 43 22:19 (2nd age)

James Scarborough 46 22:35

Buffalo Springs Half Ironman, Lubbock, TX, June 20th (1.2m swim, 56m bike, 13.1m run)

Steve swims, bikes, and runs great in Texas, as does Marie! Steve was a qualifier for the Ironman in HA.

15th Steve Tappan 4:30:33
Marie Sandrock 5:19:08

Metro Run with Dad 5k,
Oakton, VA, June 20th

Diana Johnson 23 22:33 (wins age group and cool ASICS bag!)

Roger Johnson 54 25:06 (Diana wishes Dad a happy father’s day by whupping up on him)

Hugh Janscourt 3.8 Mile,
Springfield, June 21st

Roberto Rodriquez 48 23:28
Jay Wind 54 23:31
Bob Trost 58 25:16
Mark Drosky 43 25:51
Bob Platt 52 29:57

Lawyers Have Heart 10k,
Georgetown, June 12th

Frank and Genevieve lead the way for the WRC where 6 members took home prizes among 2,015 finishers!

5th Frank Sprtel 31 32:42 (1st Attorney)
16th Al Han 30 35:15 (2nd age 30-39)
58th Jay Wind 54 39:53 (3d age 50-59)
114th Bruce Reynolds 53 42:15

2nd Genevieve Kiley 29 37:18
9th Maria Kozloski 39 39:54 (1st age 30-39)
51st Sarah Buckheit 44 45:30 (1st age 40-49)
161 Amy Sullivan 33 51:23

Genevieve bringing it home at Lawyers…

Survivor Harbor 7 Mile Run,
Baltimore, June 12th

Mike runs a smoking time for 7 miles, taking 2nd.

2nd Mike Wardian 30 35:20

Oy Vay 10K
Bethesda, MD, June 13th

Mike follows his Baltimore 2nd, with a win the next day!

1st Mike Wardian 30 32:39

Eagleman Half Ironman Triathlon at Blackwater, June 13th
(Swim 1.2 m, Bike 56 m, Run 13.1 m)

Lisa and Kyle run great at Eagleman, with Lisa turning in a blistering half marathon (1:24:10) even after all that swimming and biking!

33d Lisa Thomas 28 4:52:25

64th Kyle Yost 33 4:28:33

Great racing all…and we humbly apologize if we missed anyone. (If we missed your name in a race or missed a race entirely where you ran and you want to see the results here, let us know and we’ll update the page. Afterall, all the news that fits, we print. And it all fits!)
Club Running Activities and Stuff
July 4th Pool Party A Wash In not Out!

Despite the rain that came and went and came and went…the WRC 4th of July pool outing at veteran member Tris Kruger’s place went on as scheduled. Upwards of 17 members showed to enjoy sodas, water, and beers, take a couple dips, watch some Wimbledon tennis, eat some bagels, fruit, dips, and pizza…and yak about all things considered.

The WRC gives a heartfelt thanks to Tris for opening up his decks and pool to us…and also, for going beyond the call of duty by welcoming all into his home during the downpours. Yep, it sure “pored down rayne”…but we still got in a couple of dips into the refreshing water when the sun poked through!

Showing were: Erica, Challice, Sarah, Diana, Amy, Adina, Steve, Mike, Ryan, John, Ed, Bob, James, Jay, Tris, Jim, and Ron…thanks all!

Sarah and Mike test the waters…

Diana holds court…

Tris discusses nutrition holding the nutritious goods…
Amy knows better than to listen…

Track at Washington-Lee High School

The WRC track workouts are held on Tuesday evenings at 6:20 p.m. Try to show up early to get properly warmed up. Weekly track workouts are proferred on the weekly email updates sent to members.

We meet at the far end of the track, on the same side of the entrance gate, but down where intervals are begun.

Showings have been strong on recent Tuesdays!

For more info on WRC track workouts, the track page says a thing or two.

Sunday Distance Run

The WRC’s Sunday distance run starts at 8 am on M Street (3300 block) in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Distances range between 8 and 16 miles.

Many members are gearing up for fall marathon training. Come on out!

Afterwards, we regroup at Dean & DeLuca’s for refreshments and a sit down, talk alot.

Go here for more distance run info and directions

Other Items of Interest

The 2004 USA Track & Field olympic team trials start today (Friday, July 9th) in Sacremento, CA. Many events are this weekend, then a couple of days off, then they start again to finish up on Sunday, July 18th. For a schedule of events, results, and other info, check out this site periodically:

2004 USA Track & Field Oly Trials

Member Johnny O’Donnell is heading out to catch some of the running…we’ll await his report.

Thanks much for reading, or perusing, or whatever it is you do!
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