Club News, March 16, 2005

WRC Club News
March 16, 2005

Items of interest: New Members, birthdays, two members featured, globs of member race results, club activities, thanks to volunteers from the Prez, CB teams, track, distance run, dues due, sports extra – steroidal use by members uncovered!WRC People News

New Members!

Bryan Bachman, 34, VA
Stephen Money, 23, DC (“he’s so money, he doesn’t even know it”…sorry we couldn’t resist)
Philip Vasquez, 49, VA
Ralph Loos, 36, DC
Michael Grimm, 38, DC
Alex Roth, 30, DC
Scott Shiller, 34, DC

We welcome Bryan, Steve, Phil, Ralph, Mike, Alex, and Scott into the WRC!

March Birthdays!

We wish a very Happy Birthday to the following members: Maria K, Kelly F, Will E, Christopher M, Karen I, Win P, Brian S, Julie S, Cecilia C, Erin M, and Michael G. Hope you had, or have, a terrific birthday!

Smith & Wardian featured in “News of the Wood.” In the March 2005 issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine, author Jedd Ferris featured Casey Smith as “one to watch” in distance running because of her achievements and potential, and Michael Wardian in his “The Dirt” column that discussed Mike’s recent treadmill marathon World Record. Congrats for getting your names in light Casey and Mike!

WRC Member Racing
(From 2/8 through 3/13, most recent first)
St. Paddy’s Day 10k, 3/12, DC

Iron Mike takes 2nd a mere six days after his most recent marathon! Oodles of members toed the line in cool windy conditions! Over 3,800 runners finished.

2nd Mike Wardian 30 32:02
14th Stephen Money 24 34:09
David Ohara 28 34:47
Pascal Brazey 36 35:27 (3d age group)
Jean Christophe Arcaz 44 35:51
Paul Durbin 40 40:51
Jay Wind 55 41:26 (3d age group)
Will Ellison 38 42:28 (pr!)
Bruce Reynolds 54 42:56
Bob Trost 58 43:19
James Scarborough 46 (lost chip)
5th Lisa Thomas 29 37:37
9th Gen Kiley 30 38:19
Kelly Ferraro 23 43:43 (pr!)
Diana Johnson 23 43:58 (pr!)
Adina Wadsworth 37 44:37
Heidi Reester 30 47:05
Julie Sunderland 50:57
Amy Sullivan 33 51:48
Juli Wohlrab 35 55:50
Mike Capitol-izing during the race… Jean-Christophe bringing it home!

B & A Half Marathon, Severna Park, MD, 3/6

Challice got lost on the way to the race, had to get directions from some doctor she knows, but showed up to start 9 minutes after the others…all the “run to catch up stress” did her well, as she finished (by her watch) with a pr! Challice admits to being directionally challenged, and no, we’re not making any kind of generality about most women.

Challice Bonifant 27 1:39 (pr!)

B & A Marathon, Severna Park, MD, 3/6

Prasad turns in another sub 3:20, as is the usual case in his many marathons.

23d Prasad Gerard 46 3:17:28

Little Rock Marathon, 3/6

4th Mike Wardian 30 2:27:13 (another sub 2:30!)
(ex local standout Glen Mays finished one place behind Mike in 2:30 and change)

30th Dane Rauschenberg 28 3:07:33 (pr!)

Dane especially liked his finishing medal, known as the biggest medal offered in a marathon.

LA Marathon 3/6

In the heat, Jennifer survived.

Jennifer Graetz 30 4:54:01

Colonial Half Marathon, Williamsburg, VA, 2/27
Casey takes 2nd!

Casey Smith 25 1:21:28 (2nd place overall!)
Jennifer Popovic 31 1:42:06

Dan Simmonds 37 1:30:26

44th Annual GW Birthday Marathon, 2/20, Greenbelt, MD

WRC membership officer Marie wins a thon!

1st Marie Sandrock 33 3:18:12

Steve Tappan 37 3:11:23 (10th overall!)
Jay Wind 55 3:11:23 (1st age)
Michael Campbell 55 3:28:28 (3d age)
Rob Toonkel 3:46:36 (4th age)

GW Birthday 10k, 2/19, Alexandria, VA

Some terrific performances turned in by WRC members! 608 finished the race.

14th George Buckheit 47 34:57 (3d age group)
17th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44 35:51
21st Henry Grossmann 33 36:47
86th Bruce Reynolds 54 43:28

4th Lisa Thomas 29 38:04 (2nd age)
8th Lindsay Goulet 27 38:50
23d Diana Johnson 23 44:10 (pr!)

Bellehaven 25k, Alexandria, VA, 2/19

Jay Wind 55 1:56:32
Diana Johnson 23 2:04:31
Brian Tefft 24 2:04:38
James Scarborough 46 2:22:09
Bob Platt 53 2:45:45

Ohme 30K, Japan, 2/16

Mike and Jennifer traveled to Japan to visit and run a race, and as usual, Mike did the WRC proud in his overseas running jaunt!

25th Mike Wardian 30 1:40:14

Mike and Jennifer taking in the sites in Tokyo Mike in Japan posing in his WRC shirt…cool!BTW, soon we’ll have new WRC tshirts available made with our
new logo, for members to sport both abroad and domestically!

Freescale Austin 1/2 Marathon, 2/13

Erica scores a PR, way to go!

49th Erica Morton 28 1:38:18 (10th age group)

2nd Walnut Hill Ribbon 5k, 2/12:

9th Bob Platt 53 25:06

Great running everyone! We humbly apologize if we missed any member places or races. Let us know if so.

Club Activities

St. Paddy’s Day Volunteer Thanks!

On behalf of the club, President Steve Baker greatly thanks the following members for their support with volunteer duties for the St. Paddy’s Day 10k race!

George Buckheit
Gerry Ives
Dan Simmonds
Kyle Yost
John O’Donnell
Tris Kruger
Mike Proulx
James Scarborough
Juli Wohlrab
Puja Jawahar
Ron McGraw
Brian Tefft
Jim Wadsworth
Charles Manahan
Paul Durbin
Will Ellison
Henry Grossman
And Pres Steve worked two shifts!

Cheers to all of you for your time and help!

President Puts Two WRC Teams Together for Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

President Steve whipped into action and got two WRC teams belatedly entered into the upcoming Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. He couldn’t include all members running the race for obvious reasons and tough choices had to be made. Remember for the future members, anyone is free to put teams together for the club, you just have to take iniative and then pass it by the club officers for their approval. Read the racing pages for more info. But thanks Steve for getting us entered!

Open Women
Genevieve Kiley – Team Captain
Emily Turner
Diana Johnson
Adina Wadsworth
Erica Morton

Open Men
Mike Proulx – Team Captain
George Buckheit
Bart Forsyth
Al Han
Brian Tefft

We wish both teams and all else running the best in the race…and also, many other members not running will be out cheering you on!

WRC Partnering with RacePacket in a 5k Race For Tsunami Relief!

The WRC is joining with RacePacket to put on a 5k race for the cause of Tsunami Relief. The race is being held on Sunday, April 24th, at 8 a.m. in East Potomac Park (Hains Pt). Flat & fast course.

We need volunteers to help with the race. If you can help, please let Prez Steve Baker know at We need runners to run too, of course

Track Workouts

Track workouts are on Wednesday evenings…to take advantage of the lights at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington.

The club will be switching back to Tuesday evenings beginning on Tuesday, April 12th! A week after we spring forward timewise.

The club meets at the beginning of the bleachers on the side of the track opposite the entrance gate.

Sunday Distance Runs

Sunday Distance Runs are most often hammered out all along the Capital Crescent Trail, C&O Canal, or Rock Creek Park. The Staples store has closed, so there is no longer a red awning marking our starting spot. But, we still meet at the same spot, close to the corner of 33d Street on M Street, NW, 1 &1/2 blocks from the Key Bridge.

Great turnouts lately! Come on out! We reconvene at Dean & Deluca’s afterwards for coffee and sitting around and stuff.

Membership Renewal Reminder

Dues were officially due in January so members are encouraged to renew if they haven’t already. These dues ($15 individual & $25 family) cover the entire 2005 year. Many have already renewed and the WRC thanks you! For those still tardy, please renew as the WRC member data base and email list will soon be edited to include only current members.

Two options for renewals and new memberships. For renewing your membership and paying dues, you now have two options. The traditional mail-in way, or online through a secure server at Here are the links: Online registration Mail in registration

Your fellow members greatly appreciate your membership and commitment to the WRC!

Change of Email or Address? If you change your email address or home address, please let the club know…either when you renew, or by using the form on the website, or by sending an email. Thanks much!

Sport Extra – Steroidal Use by Members Uncovered!

Four WRC members called to testify before Congress! It has come to our attention that a mole infiltrated the WRC and has exposed several members for possible steroid abuse, due to their significant change in size and stature. Hence, these accused are being called before Congress to testify immediately following some of the alleged “bad boys” of baseball. Called to testify include Pascal B, Bart F, Mike P, and Will E. Their last names are not disclosed to somewhat protect their identities.

It seems this mole obtained some secret “before” pictures of said members and compared those pics with what they look like now…”that’s all the evidence we need” Congress replied when questioned about the facts. Given use of the Freedom of Information Act, the WRC was able to get the “before pics” the mole used, as seen below. Wow, we see what they mean!! We wish these guys the best of luck in getting clean and we’ll obviously be checking their arses for needle marks on a regular basis from now on.

Pascal B. Bart F. Mike P. Will E.

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