Club News, February 7, 2005

WRC Club News
February 7, 2005 

Items of interest: Steve Baker elected president, Genevieve Kiley elected vice president, new members, birthdays,  area runner rankings, member race results, club activities – year end party, numerous members recognized, track, distance run, dues due, sports extra…

WRC People News

New Club Leadership for 2005!
Steve Baker and Genevieve Kiley were elected WRC Presidentand Vice President, respectively, at the year-end party held on February 5th, 2005. We wish Steve and Genevieve the best in their new positions and look forward to their leadership and ideas! Congratulations!

Also, we should mention again that Erica Morton is our new track coordinator, having assumed the position prior to the end of the year. And, we thank Adina for all the work she did for the club in the position before Erica.

The club offers its sincere thanks and appreciation to outgoing WRC President Barb Fallon Wallace who served with distinction in 2003 & 2004!

Here’s to you President Barb!

New Members (2004):
Elizabeth Hillman, 36, DC
Sarah Dill, 23, DC
David Oberholtzer, 54, VA
The club had 45 new members in 2004 and we can easily see that many or more joining in 2005! We already have a great start!

2005 New Members
David O’Hara, 28, DC
Deborah Pressley, DC
Christina Blasinsky, 28, VA
Kathy Rowan, 43, DC

We welcome Elizabeth, Sarah, David, David, David, Deborah, Christina, and Kathy into the WRC! 

January & February Birthdays!

We wish a Happy Birthday to the following members: January belated – Anthony B, Michael C, Yancey H, Heidi R, Kyle Y, Jean-Chrisophe A, Deborah P, and Brian T. February – Marie S, Paul D, Tris K, Jim W, Puja J, Adina W, Challice B, and Jennifer G. Hope you had, or have, a terrific birthday!

WRC Member Racing
(From 12/12 through 2/07, most recent first)
Ten WRC Members Make Fall Rankings (Sept-Nov) of the Washington Running Report! The WRC had 3 women qualify in two Washington area ranking divisions and 7 men qualify in the first 6 ranking divisions, from open to the 55-59 age group. Here’s the rundown:

Open Women
11th Lisa Thomas
12th Lindsay Goulet
Open Men
6th Michael Wardian
Women 35-39
5th Maria Kozloski
Men 35-39
4th Pascal Brazey
Men 40-44
5th Jean-Christophe Arcaz
Men 45-49
7th George Buckheit
8th Jim Wadsworth
Men 50-54
18th Jay Wind
Men 55-59
22nd Robert Trost


Congrats ranked runners!

Michael Wardian also tied for 2nd male in the RacePacket GrandPrix Series standings for 2004 and received an award.

Hops Marathon, 15k, 5k, Tampa, FL, 2/06. Dane tackles 3 events on Super Bowl Sunday!

Dane Rauschenberg 28  3:10:31 (66th overall)
Puja Jawahar 27  4:22:01 (178th woman!) It was also Puja’s birthday, what a way to celebrate, 26+ miles of birthday joy!

PT Cruiser Challenge (also at Hops…the marathon, 15k, and 5k combined)
1st Dane Rauschenberg 4:30:24 (combined times)

Indeed, Dane not only did the marathon at Hops, but he also did the 15k (54 mins) and the 5k (18:59) as well to complete and WIN the Chrysler PT Cruiser Challenge!

Said Dane, “I’m a happy camper.”

Arlington Indoor Track Meet, 2/6

Master’s Mile:
1st George Buckheit 47  4:54
14th Jay Wind 55  6:26

3000 Meters:
12th Jay Wind 54  12:16

Toyota Prius Miami Tropical Half Marathon, Miami, FL, 1/30

2nd Place Overall – Mike Wardian 30  1:10:06

Mike took advantage when 2 Kenyans leading the race took a wrong turn…still, a great time and place on a rolling course in high humidity!

Mike says, “I led the race for the first three miles, and then they just took off. I wasn’t expecting all the causeways, that’s a lot of hill work.”

DRRC JFK 20k, DC, 1/16

On a cold day, where the race course had to be improvised due to an unanticipated Hains Point closure, a bunch of our masters runners braved the conditions and ran strong among the more than 115 finishers.

30th Jay Wind 55  1:32:19
44th Bob Trost 58  1:32:55
52nd Bruce Reynolds 54  1:35:06
72nd James Scarborough 46  1:44:31

Rock n Roll Marathon, Arizona, 1/9

154th Dane Rauschenberg 28  3:09:50  (28th age group)

Dane was ecstatic with his performance as he declared, “A PR by ten minutes and Boston qualifying and I have no idea how it happened.”

Arlington Indoor Track Meet, 1/9

Master’s Mile:
Jay Wind 54  6:52
James Scarborough 46  6:53

3000 Meters:
Jay Wind 54  12:04
James Scarborough 46  13:19

DCRRC Al Lewis 10-Miler, 1/8

29th Jay Wind 54  1:11:27
38th Bob Trost 58  1:14:30

Rotary Resolution 10k, Leesburg, VA, 1/01

Iron Mike followed up his 3d place from the night before with a win!

1st Mike Wardian 30  33:19

DCRRC New Years Day 5k, Arlington, VA, 1/1

A few longtime members got the new year off to a running start!

6th Henry Grossmann 33  17:31
21st Mark Drosky 44  19:47
35th Jay Wind 54  21:12
53d Bob Platt 53  23:15

MADD Red Ribbon 5k, Alexandria, VA, 12/31

Ten members started off New Year’s Eve with a bang…a hard run among 575 finishers!

3d Mike Wardian 30  15:40
10th Pascal Brazey 36  17:09
20th Jim Wadsworth 47  18:01
43d Dane Rauschenberg 28  19:25
47th Ron McGraw 36  19:35
69th Bruce Reynolds 54  20:46
77th Bob Trost 58  21:25
84th Jay Wind 54  21:38
124th James Scarborough 46  22:57

18th Adina Wadsworth 36  21:44

Christmas Caper 5k & 10k, Hains Pt, 12/18

A lucky 13 members showed up to get in a fast, though chilling, workout in these events and took some of the top places.

5k (75 finishers)
2nd Win Persina 44  20:36
3d Adina Wadsworth 36  21:00
4th Diana Johnson 23  21:08 (pr)
8th Sarah Buckheit 44  22:37

1st Pascal Brazey 36  17:22
2nd Jim Wadsworth 47 17:29
7th Dane Rauschenberg 28  19:22
11th Bruce Reynolds 54  20:54
14th Bob Trost 58  21:15
21st Bob Platt 53  22:40
22nd Steve Baker 44  22:51

10k (74 finishers)
2nd Erica Morton 28  44:29 (pr)

11th Jay Wind 54  42:43

PG Indoor Track Meet, Landover, MD, 12/19

Elite ladies coach George Buckheit runs a fast indoor mile!

Master’s Mile
2nd George Buckheit 47  4:47
9th Jay Wind 54  6:23

Great running everyone! We humbly apologize if we missed any member places or races. Let us know if so. 

Club Activities

2004 Year-End Party!

The WRC’s 2004 year-end party was held at the Rhodeside Grill, Arlington, VA, Saturday evening, February 5, 2005, with more than 60 members and friends in attendance. In an evening of eating, drinking, and visiting cheer, we note these highlights.

  • A slide show of members running and cheering
  • Many took full advantage of the drink specials from 7 to 8 p.m. (i yi yi, was that good)
  • Veteran Member Tris Kruger bought the whole party a round of drinks…beyond duty there Tris!
  • We had a quick recap of the year’s activities
  • There was a recognition awards ceremony (see the results below)
  • We held an election too (Steve Baker elected Pres, Genevieve Kiley, Vice Pres)
  • After the party, some of the club’s young and restless remained into the morning hours, imbibing in spirits, listening and dancing to the band, and creating general havoc and exhuberance

A few of the WRC Party Revelers

Laura, Sarah, Adina, & Amy share a classy pose… Diana, Kelly, and Emily show their colors…
Henry, Mike, and Steve talk it up… Bryon & Bart share a brew and a chuckle…


Many More Party Pictures!
After Party Member Pics!

Awards/Recognition.This year, the club went in a different direction for awards and presented special member recognition awards to 13 members. The club also thanked outgoing President Barb Fallon Wallace with a gift, awarded the Alfred tomFelde trophy to longtime dedicated member Norman Brand, presented Jay Wind with the WRC’s masters men’s team 3d place Marine Corps Marathon award plaque for his strong race effort, and honored WRC logo designer Danny Royer with a gift certificate.

Here’s a recap on the special recognition awards:

Special Recognition Awards for 2004 Highlights
Chicago Marathon Dream Team Members (Mike Proulx-captain, Erica Morton, Emily Turner, Challice Bonifant, Diana Johnson) Team was 15th in large mixed open division, all team members had breakthrough PR marathons.
Outstanding Marathon Effort (Michael Wardian, Casey Smith & Al Han) Mike ran the Olympic Marathon Trials, had numerous great marathon efforts, is on the WRC all-time marathon list (under 2:30) ten times, and got the marathon world record on the treadmill. Casey ran 2:45 and Al ran 2:43 at the Philadelphia Marathon, both big PR’s!
Race and Workout Leaders (Yancey Hall & Pascal Brazey) Led WRC team to a win at the Veteran’s Day 10k, ran excellent race times, and help lead with their workout efforts on regular basis.
Long Distance Standout (Bryon Powell) Won Silver Buckle at Western States 100, 3d in a marathon in 3:02, other excellent ultra times and places.
Triathlon Excellence (Steve Tappan) Qualified for Ironman Hawaii and finished the prestigious event even while sick and in extremely hot and windy conditions.
Writing Spirit and Dog-Running Distinction (Kyle Yost & dog Riley) Won the dog Pennsylvania Mile and wrote humorous stories on his ironman experience and the mile race.


Unfortunately, Norman Brand had left before the ceremony and thus, missed the presentation of the Alfred tomFelde trophy. This is Norman’s reaction to receiving the award:

To the WRC:

Thank you very much for the Alfred tom Felde award.  As one of the few members still around who remembers Alfred, I appreciate the significance of the honor. He was a tailor who came over from Germany and worked at Lord & Taylors at Chevy Chase (I still have a pair of pants he fitted for me).  He claimed to have been on the German Olympic team in the race walk (50km I believe), so he was happy to have runners join the Wash. Sports Club.  He was very supportive of our activities, came to some of our races, and did a lot of favors for the running team.  One of the favors was establishing this rotating trophy.  Looking over the listed winners brings back many memories; I hope we can reconstuct the missing names.  We have a lot of this area’s running history represented in our past and current members.  We may not have the numbers of top runners that Boston or New York can boast, but the quality of our club performances will more than match up against them.  Some of the old members who are still around that could possibly fill in the gaps would be Ray & Joie Morrison, George Cushmac, John Winslow, Pat & Mike (anyone know where he is?) Bradley, and Hugh Jascourt.  I’m sorry I left before the presentation, but some one should have given me a warning.  Unless we’re in the spotlight, us old timers have a short attention span.
Thanks again for the honor,
Norman Brand

If you want to know more about this time-honored perpetual trophy, check out  the history and recognition page.

Track Nights 

Track nights are on Wednesday evenings…to take advantage of the lights at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington. 

The club now meets at the beginning of the bleachers on the side of the track opposite the entrance gate.

Some WRC track regulars of late include Adina, Erica, Laura, Diana, Kelly, Emily, Jennifer, Genevieve, Dave, Steve, Dane, Will, Pascal, Yancy, Bart, Jim, Bryon, Charles, among some others. Come on out!

Sunday Distance Runs

Sunday Distance Runs are usually pounded out all along the Capital Crescent Trail, C&O Canal, or Rock Creek Park. The Staples store has closed, so there is no longer a red awning marking our starting spot. But, we still meet at the same spot, close to the corner of 33d Street on M Street, NW, 1 &1/2 blocks from the Key Bridge.

We’ve had terrific showings this winter (upwards of 25 people), except for two recent nasty-weather Sundays when 7-8 tough runners showed.

Membership Renewal Reminder

Dues were officially due in January so members are encouraged to renew if they haven’t already. These dues ($15 individual & $25 family) cover the entire 2005 year. Many have already renewed and the WRC thanks you! For those still tardy, please renew as the WRC member data base and email list will soon be edited to include only current members.

Two options for renewals and new memberships. For renewing your membership and paying dues, you now have two options. The traditional mail-in way, or online through a secure server at Here are the links: Online registration    Mail in registration

Your fellow members greatly appreciate your membership and commitment to the WRC! 

Sport Extras!

Patriots Edge Eagles 24-21 for 3d Super Bowl Championship in 4 years! While some are undoubtedly unhappy with the result, a number of New Englander members are thusly pleased…for example Mike Proulx (CT), Ron McGraw (ME), Jim Wadsworth (CT), amongst probable others, were all pulling for the Pats. Mike and Ron are also big Red Sox fans so they got a second dose of joy. At the same time, some also have likely grown somewhat fond of Philadelphia through it’s marathon and 1/2 marathon race courses so perhaps felt a tang of loyalty to, and then pity for, the Eagles.

We just wonder how those Eagles fans–spotted by WRC Sunday runners–lining up outside the Rhino Bar in Georgetown at 11:00 a.m. Super Bowl Sunday, looked and felt by the time the game was over. Headaches on Monday morning for more than one reason we can guess.

We think we heard Tom Brady say in the press conference, “Now all we have to do is get the same praise and recognition that that running club down in DC gets…I think it’s called the WRC.”
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