Club News, April 25, 2005

WRC Club News
April 25, 2005

Items of interest: new members, birthdays, don’t quit running, bundles of member race results, club activities, thanks to volunteers, Capitol Hill Classic team, track, distance run, sports extra – the boys are back in town… WRC People News

New Members!
Tom O’Reilly, 27, VA
Cindi McDaniel, 34, MD
Amanda Agenes, 28, DC
Philippe Rolly, 32, VA

We welcome Tom, Cindi, Amanda, and Philippe into the WRC! Thus far in 05, we have 15 new members, 10 men, and 5 ladies. Note: Philippe was once in the DC area winning or placing in the top in many of the area’s road races, he then lived in NY City for a spell, and is now back in the area. His pr’s are impressive: 29:43 for 10k and 2:19:42 for the Marathon.

April Birthdays!
We wish a very Happy Birthday to the following members: Iron Mike W, Tina B, Philip O, Eric S, Robert T, and David O! Hope you have a great day, or had one! Cheers!

If you weren’t mentioned and have a birthday in April, it’s because we don’t have the date….but happy birthday all the way anyway!

Member Considers Quitting Running, But Then Reconsiders
Said Pascal Brazey, “I thought about quitting running yesterday…but I just
couldn’t because I don’t want to end up like this on the beaches of France”

WRC Member Racing
(From 3/20 through 4/24, most recent first)

Spring 5k, Race for Tsunami Relief, DC, 4/24

In a race where the WRC was a co-sponsor with RacePacket and Gotta Run, two WRCers took 1st place. Steve Money ran alone the whole way for a win, and so did Adina in capturing her first 1st place! Congrats!

1st Steve Money 24 15:58
8th David Oberholtzer 53 21:14

1st Adina Wadsworth 37 21:13
6th Lynn Huang 35 25:25
7th Juli Wohlrab 35 26:25

Some Spring 5k Pics…

At the start in front of The Awakening statue Steve all alone in first and bringing it in…
More coming on home…

George Washington Parkway 10-Miler, VA, 4/24

Less than a week following a tough Boston Marathon, Iron Mike runs even faster for 10 miles than he did at Cherry Blossom for an impressive 2nd!

2nd Mike Wardian 31 51:25
Jay Wind 55 79:33

George Washington Parkway 5k, VA, 4/24

12th Sharon Donovan 30 19:50 (1st age group)
81 Dane Rauschenberg 28 25:48

Pikes Peek 10k, Rockville, MD, 4/24 (2,009 finishers)
Fast times in Rockville…Lisa and Philippe led the way and 3 of our men finished all grouped up!

7th Lisa Thomas 29 36:09 (3d age)
Sarah Buckheit 44 47:26
Julie Sunderland 32 47:44
Christina Blasinski 29 54:10

5th Philippe Rolly 32 29:54 (2nd age)
23d George Buckheit 47 33:38 (3d age)
24th David O’Hara 29 33:41
25th Al Han 31 33:41 (pr by a minute!)
40th Henry Grossmann 33 35:35

Race for Education 5k, MD, 4/23

Pascal takes 1st!

1st Pascal Brazey 36 17:02

Chasing History 5k, VA, 4/23

Bruce Reynolds 54 22:20 (2nd age)

Boston Marathon, Boston, MA, 4/18

Hot hot hot times in Boston! With the temperature at 70 degrees plus, and after training all Spring in mostly cold/cooler temperatures, the 17 WRCers who gloriously headed to Boston to do a short strut from Hopkinton to downtown Boston found the going a bit difficult. Our congrats to all who persevered, for those were hellishly tough conditions for which to run a marathon.

Iron Mike finished in the top 25 with another fine time. Frank was the first Maryland finisher! Jacqueline kept it rolling for a 3:14! All should be proud of their efforts, for we certainly are!

Mike Wardian 31 2:25:43
Frank Sprtel 32 2:40:33
Dan Simmonds 37 3:22:30
Dane Rauschenberg 28 3:24:56
Steve Tappan 37 3:27:12
Mike Proulx 30 3:29:21
Lance Crist 39 3:33:20
Bart Forsyth 27 3:36:28
Jay Wind 55 3:42:10

Jacqueline Cooke 26 3:14:06
Emily Turner 23 3:30:02
Erica Morton 28 3:34:14
Courtney Fulton 26 3:40:07
Diana Johnson 23 3:47:57
Challice Bonifant 27 3:51:44

Sallie Mae 10k, DC, 4/17 (1,269 finishers)

In perfect conditions, a terrific field partook. George and Genevieve led the way for the WRC!

Genevieve Kiley 30 38:37 (15th overall)
Adina Wadsworth 37 44:26
Sarah Buckheit 44 47:16
Juliette Wohlrab 35 53:46

Philippe Rolly 32 30:37 (8th place overall)
George Buckheit 47 34:24 (33d, 6th master)
Pascal Brazey 36 34:54
Bob Trost 58 44:51

Some Sallie Mae Pics…

Genevieve! Adina! Sarah!
Juli! Philippe! George!
Pascal! Bob!

Ocean City Marathon, 4/16
Rob Toonkel 30 3:43:53

Spirit of St. Louis Marathon, 4/10

Rob Toonkel 30 3:35:22

Bright Beginnings 5k, DC, 4/16 (241 finishers)

Lisa wins, Sharon 3d, Win takes 1st master!

1st Lisa Thomas 29 18:17
3d Sharon Donovan 30 19:29
5th Win Persina 45 20:29 (1st master)

Azalea Chase 5k, MD, 4/16 (237 finishers)

Jean-Christophe captures 1st place master!

6th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44 17:13 (1st master)

Race to Stop the Silence, DC, 4/10

Iron Mike captures 1st a day after a fine 2nd place in a 10k…Jacqueline wins too!

1st Mike Wardian 30 25:30

1st Jacqueline Cooke 26 31:35
12th Sarah Buckheit 44 38:45 (2nd age)

Mike breaks the tape…

Maryland Day Run for Hospice, Leonardtown, 4/9

2nd Mike Wardian 30 31:39
Jay Wind 55 43:09

Raise the Spirit 5k, Chantilly, 4/9

13th Dan Simmonds 37 18:56 (1st age & a PR!)

Sunburst 8k, Greenbelt, 4/9

Elizabeth Ottaway 41 40:52

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, DC, 4/03

Windy was the order of the day but many WRCers run superbly in the tough conditions…congrats all!

WRC Teams do well with 3d and 4th places in the open running club category, led by Genevieve and George.

3d WRC Women (Genevieve Kiley, Emily Turner, Adina Wadsworth, Diana Johnson)

4th WRC Men (George Buckheit, Al Han, Brian Tefft, Bart Forsyth, Mike Proulx)

Iron Mike Wardian captures 1st American Male and wins a trip to Japan! A number of members used the race as a last fast run prior to their forthcoming Boston Marathon efforts.

Mike Wardian 30 52:00 (21st overall & 1st American!)
Frank Sprtel 32 54:07
George Buckheit 47 57:21 (4th age)
Al Han 31 58:38
Brian Yourish 32 59:29
Brian Tefft 24 59:34
Bart Forsyth 27 61:25
Kyle Yost 34 62:38
Steve Tappan 37 63:11
Mark Drosky 44 63:33
Mike Proulx 30 64:54
Lance Crist 39 67:30
Henry Grossmann 33 67:43
Paul Durbin 40 68:06
Abdellatif Kabbaj 30 70:13
Bruce Reynolds 54 71:06
Jay Wind 55 71:34
Bob Trost 58 73:15
Steve Baker 44 78:16
James Scarborough 46 80:22
Bob Platt 53 82:54
Nicholas Wright 32 95:45

Lisa Thomas 29 62:03 (17th overall)
Genevieve Kiley 30 62:41 (20th overall)
Sharon Donovan 30 63:54 (27th overall)
Maria Kozloski 40 64:59 (34th & 6th age group)
Emily Turner 23 67:51
Marie Sandrock 33 68:00
Courtney Fulton 26 71:57 (Courtney’s dad Steve 72:10)
Adina Wadsworth 37 73:19
Diana Johnson 23 74:21
Sara Kupfer 29 74:44
Laura Chipkin 24 75:53
Erica Morton 28 82:49
Deborah Pressley 85:53
Allison Collins 28 86:46
Amy Sullivan 33 90:53
Challice Bonifant 28 95:19 (ran with her sis and bro!)
Cecilia Carmody 44 97:24
Deborah Hines 50 120:56

Run vs Row 10k, Alexandria, 3/26

A week after a fine 2nd place finish in a fast time in the Knoxville Marathon, Iron Mike wins!

1st Mike Wardian 30 32:26
6th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44 35:38 (2nd age)
Bruce Reynolds 54 43:16

Potomac Overlook 4k, Arlington, 3/26

Ultra-goat Bryon captures 1st on the rugged, hilly course!

1st Bryon Powell 26 16:09

Easter Classic 10k & 5k, Alexandria, 3/26

Masters Jay and Sarah both score overall wins!
1st Jay Wind 55 45:17
1st Sarah Buckheit 44 24:06

March Mauler Duathlon, 3/16 (8k run,50k bike,8k run)

Marie and Steve run, bike, run to victories in their age groups!

6th Marie Sandrock 2:50:50 (1st age)

10th Steve Tappan 2:32:07 (1st age)

Scope It Out 5k, 3/19, Hains Pt, DC

In a highly competitive race, some WRCers sure did fine! 568 finishers!

9th George Buckheit 47 16:49 (1st age)
10th Pascal Brazey 36 16:58 (1st age)
15th Mark Drosky 44 18:50 (2nd age)

4th Lisa Thomas 29 18:14 (2nd age)
5th Genevieve Kiley 30 18:23 (3d age)
8th Barb Fallon Wallace 31 19:02
13th Win Persina 44 20:57 (1st age)

Knoxville Marathon, 3/20, TN

Iron Mike takes 2nd among 2,500 runners in inaugural event…

2nd Mike Wardian 30 2:25:13
Rob Toonkely 30 4:03:20.

“I felt fantastic the whole race, very controlled and confident…” Indeed, that seems to be the fact in your case marathon after marathon Mike!

17th Annual Hat Run (50k Ultra)

355 mountain runners finished!

7th Bryon “Goat” Powell 26 4:03:43 (2nd age) (pr!)
52nd Prasad Gerard 46 4:59:29

Said Bryon after reporting that he felt terrible during the first 15 miles, but regrouped to run even splits and manage a 4 minute pr, “Overall, a pleasant day spent on some beautiful hilly trails along the Susquehanna.”

Reston 10 Miler, 3/20, VA

7th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44 60:53 (2nd age)
26th Bruce Reynolds 54 71:16 (3d age)

Reston 5k, 3/20, VA

3d Sarah Buckheit 44 24:17

Fort Hunt 10k, 3/20, VA

Jay Wind 55 43:49
Bob Trost 58 43:55
James Scarborough 46 48:44
Roberto Rodriguez 49 50:38

Great running everyone! We humbly apologize if we missed any member places or races. Let us know if so.

Club Activities

President Baker Thanks all Who Helped Out at the Spring 5k this Past Weekend!

Steve expressed his thanks to the following members who helped out with putting on the race: Heidi Reester, Diana Johnson, Mike Proulx, Pascal Brazey, Jim Wadsworth, James Scarborough, David Oberholtzer, and of course race director and RacePacket man Bob Platt. Steve also helped out, as did a friend of Heidi’s.

This effort helped raise some funds for Tsunami relief and aided the club coffers as well. The club gives a special thanks to Bob Platt of RacePacket for his leadership and Gotta Run for its terrific prizes!

Team Racing Opportunity!

For the Capitol Hill Classic 10k on 5/22, the WRC is on the search for team members! If you’re interested in running this race on and around historic Capitol Hill, and want to be on the WRC co-ed team let Adina know at

Track Workouts

Track workouts are on Tuesday evening. BUT, because the track has been busy with high school activities, we are in wait and see mode. Due to the track being closed on Tuesday this week, track night will be on Wednesday evening (4/27) when the track is open.

According to the current high school schedule we have, this is what we have for track night workouts for the next few weeks:

4/27 – Wednesday
5/3 – Tuesday
5/17 and beyond – Tuesday (track open as we know it now).

The club meets at the beginning of the bleachers on the side of the track opposite the entrance gate.

Sunday Distance Runs

Sunday Distance Runs are most often run along the Capital Crescent Trail, C&O Canal, or Rock Creek Park. The Staples store has closed, so there is no longer a red awning marking our starting spot. But, we still meet at the same spot, close to the corner of 33d Street on M Street, NW, 1 &1/2 blocks from the Key Bridge.

Great turnouts lately! Come on out! We reconvene at Dean & Deluca’s afterwards for coffee, refreshments, and relaxation mode.

Sport Extra – The Boys are Back in Town, The Boys are Back in Townnnnnn!
Indeed, the Nats Are Here!

In an impressive home stand, the Nats arrived in Washington, DC, and swept the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Washington Nationals shortstop Cristian Guzman on the run…
(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

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