Club News, June 11, 2003

The WRC – Club News, June 11, 2003

New members, new track page, member racing, pool outing, creaky membership rolls, officer notes, Sunday distance run, Todd & Carly off to other pastures, pending nuptuals, musing update, horses continued, and sombrero’s anyone?

New Stuff
New Members

Ben Gutman, 27, Washington, DC. Ben has been joining us at the track the last couple of weeks and is now a full fledged member. Ben tells us: “I’m hoping to run Chicago in the fall with Felice [his girlfriend] and HOPING (and certainly not expecting) to run in 3:10 to qualify for Boston. My PR is 3:19, which was at the D.C. Unofficial Marathon so I definitely can improve a bit, but the injury is slowing me down (literally and figuratively).”

We welcome Ben into the club and we hope for a speedy recovery on his shin problem.

New Track Workout Page

As promised, the WRC website now has a track workout page. Check it out!

This page provides the where, when, who, how, what, and why of WRC track night. It also has a compilation of various track and fartlek workouts run and suggestions for others (which will be updated and added to regularly). Members are invited to provide a favorite (sure, even painful) workout of their own to this page. There is an honor to the one and only “Pre” as well.

Turnout has been good (with two to three groups going at once). All abilities are welcome so come on out!

If you have questions email coordinator Adina at

Broad Street 10-Miler, May 5th, Philly, PA 

On the streets of Philadelphia…

4th Patty Fulton 37 58:47 (a pr!)

Patty was also the 2nd American (and 10th overall) at the Ogden Newspaper 20k Classic in Wheeling, WV, on May 24th in 1:22:59).

29th Marie Sandrock 31  64:38 (our esteemed secretary)
Mike McGrath 43  62:32 (our Philly connection)
Chris Duke 31  67:43 (new member)

Unofficial DC Memorial Day 5k, Hains Pt, DC, May 24th

On the flat, muggy, and boring they ran (though the river sights are nice enough).

2nd Cecilia Lutz 42  18:57
6th Adina Wadsworth 35  21:42
7th Erica Morton* 26  22:26 (another pr!)

3d Jim Wadsworth 46  17:06
27th Jay Wind 53  20:33

In racePacket, Jay Wind, described this unofficial race:

“The Unofficial Washington DC Memorial Day 5K may have looked like any other DC-area club race, but it was far, far different.

“After the success of The Unofficial Washington DC Marathon on March 23, which drew nearly 600 participants after the official marathon was canceled, Unofficial Marathon organizers decided officially to organize another race in preparation for a bid for the 2004 Marathon.

“Thus, they conceived, created, and conducted The Unofficial Washington DC Memorial Day 5K, and a success it was. After a week-long rainstorm, the 142 runners came out to enjoy a bit of actual blue sky.”

Cascades Firechase 10k, May 24th

Todd Martin, a month before his departure to the greener pastures of Ohio (see more on that below), told his friend and oftentime training partner Michael about this race…and the two took first and second! Todd ran especially well, considering that he (with his wife Tasha) came out for his club going-away happy hour the night before. These actions just go to show that Todd has his priorities in order…that is, friends and beer, and no running race shall derail that dedication. Cheers to that mates!

1st Michael Wardian 29  32:44
2nd Todd Martin 33  33:14
5th Steven Ward 47  36:36

Michael cruising in first…

Todd churning it up in 2nd…

Master Steve Ward showing his stuff…

[photos from Washington Running Report]

McVets 10k & 5K, Baltimore, MD, May 26th

10K: 2nd Michael Wardian 29  32:31

5k: 2nd Michael Wardian 29  15:12

Yep, you read it correctly…three races for Michael in two days with a 1st on Saturday and then two 2nd place finishes on Sunday. Way to run Mike!

Mitzvah 5k, Arlington, VA, June 1st

And another one for Mike as told from RacePacket: “Michael Wardian, 29, of Arlington started out fast and kept it that way, earning a commanding win over defending champion Joel Frushone in the 6th Annual Mitzvah 5K at Congregation Etz Hayim on Sunday, June 1. Wardian led after the first 400 meters of the race and finished in a course-record 16:01, ahead of Frushone’s 16:24.”

1st Michael Wardian 29  16:01

Capital Crescent Trail 5k, June 1st

12th Sarah Buckheit 42  22:35 (2nd age group) Good to see Sarah getting back out there while fighting that injury.
Steve Ampter 46  23:07 (1st ever 5k race for Steve)

Race for the Cure 5k, Washington, DC, June 7th

Mucho rain and people in addition to a short course, made the Race for the Cure not all that much fun. But it was all for a terrific cause, that’s for sure!

9th Jim Wadsworth 46  16:29

Oy Vay 10k, Rockville, MD, June 8th

Oy, a couple of members went on up to take on the rolling hills of Rockville.

2nd Todd Martin 33  32:47
13th Jay Wind 53  39:43

The Blackwater Eagleman Triathlon, Columbia, MD, June 8th

1/2 Ironman – 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

“Old Blackwater keep on rolling…” (Doobie Brothers) Yep, Kyle did some rolling.

100th Kyle Yost 32  4:37:16 (2nd finisher from Washington DC!)

Racing Wrap Up

We humbly and sincerely apologize if we’ve forgotten any members in races, who would have liked to see their names in print. If so, send an email to and we’ll update the page just for you!

In the future, if you run a race out of town and want to see your results posted, please send any info in. Interesting quotes or observations are welcome as well.

Pool Outing on the 4th of July!

For those sticking around over the July 4th weekend, member Tris Kruger has invited all WRCers to his pool following the races being held that morning (there are a couple…one is the Cure Autism Now 5k in Potomac and there is also the Go Fourth 5k & 10k in Alexandria). We anticipate the duration to be from 11 am to 3:30 pm.

After the races we will gather at Tris’s house for a few hours to swim, eat, drink, and be merry. Come on out whether you’re racing or not! There will be plenty of time to still make any fireworks plans you have.

If interested, let Jim know at so we can plan accordingly and keep you informed.

Members are already expressing interest, but numbers aren’t yet like last year’s outing, pictured here.

Sunday Distance Runs!

We Still Want YOU! 


Now that the big races of the spring are done and members will be getting back to regular weekend training again, except for a race here and there, the Sunday distance run will be building steam in terms of numbers and, of course, heat. You know the drill: meet at 8 am in Georgetown on M Street: Directions Here

We regather after the run for coffee and refreshments afterwards at Dean & DeLuca’s (or Firehook) depending on the weather to, you know, lick our wounds and lap our drinks.

Creaky Membership Rolls

Your officers have finally taken up renovations on our antique club membership rolls. Indeed, a recent review has shown the following:

1. Many members have not renewed their dues for 2003 (a few have not renewed for quite some time).
2. Some of the membership information is outdated (addresses, emails, etc.).
3. The membership rolls are in dire need of an overhaul.

Because of these problems we need help. Hey, it’s just too messy the way it is, ya know? Please, if you know or believe you are tardy, renew your membership as soon as you can. We do want you to continue in the WRC!  Of course, if you’ve renewed, this isn’t for you. If you haven’t, we have some pages for you to review to get up to speed.

If you need to find out your current status, email Jim at jwads@yahoo.comand he’ll gladly let you know. Hey, we understand…we know people forget to renew, people move, people change emails, people get injured, that people have been planning to renew…and that other things take precedent at times. We know it…we love the excuses…but we need to fix it too. Thanks so much!

Officer Notes

YES, your club officers do meet from time to time to discuss things of utter importance and to sip coffee, and not in any particular order. Indeed, we met this past Sunday and want to make sure that members know the walk that’s being walked and the talk that’s being talked. Besides the obvious membership rolls issue described above, other things gabbed about include:

  • Finances and bank charges – the WRC is financially sound. However, seeing that the bank is now charging us fees when our balance dips, we are contemplating changing institutions. We tabled the issue while we do a little research on other financial institutions and calculate whether it’s worth doing.
  • New track workout group on Tuesdays – working well with various abilities attending…and new people are coming out and numbers are expected to pick up more through promotion and with summer upon us.
  • Website track page getting positive feedback – will continue to evolve with pertinent changes.
  • Uniform tops – black WRC racing tops. We will be ordering more as we’re out of men’s larges and women’s smalls, and low on some other sizes.
  • Lawyers Have Heart 10ku> – 9 members (at least) have volunteered to work the finish line (Heidi Reester, Steve Baker, John O’Donnell, Prasad Gerard, Henry Grossmann, Dan Wallace, James Scarborough, Jim Wadsworth, and Adina Wadsworth).
  • July 4th pool outing – several (8) have shown early interest (time probably 11am – 3:00/3:30 pm). It’s on baby!
  • Philiadelphia Distance Run – 3 WRC teams (two mixed, one men’s masters) are forming. Will cut off team members at 15, have 10 members so far. Erica Morton is captaining mixed teams and David Keating the men’s master team.
  • Potential future events – beach day or race at the beach day (maybe in August) or perhaps a tubing event, and a potential pizza supper open membership meeting (maybe in July).
  • Chicago Marathon – began discussion on men’s and women’s team potential and WRC involvement.

Carly and Todd Off to Other Pastures

We are sad to report that Carly Vynne and Todd Martin are leaving the Washington DC area this month, and thus, the WRC. Both are great people and have been tremendous assets to the WRC…we’ll miss them. But, we do sincerely wish them both all the best for everything the future brings!

Carly is off to travel some in Alaska this summer and then will make her way down to Seattle, Washington to jump feet first into graduate studies at the University of Washington.

When she wasn’t running and doing other fun things, Carly wrote and traveled as senior manager of Asia-Pacific Conservation Outcomes for Conservation International. The pic on the right shows Carly (far right) among WRC friends (l to r) Liz Parks (who now lives in Texas), Darcee Gilbert, and Kate Hudson, while in Chicago for the marathon. 

Todd, last year’s WRC men’s runner of the year, isn’t going quite so far. He’s stopping in Ohio and hopefully in time to see the arrival of “our little favorite Martin” number two as Tasha is due about the time he’ll be getting there. Charlotte’s getting a lil bro or sis and we’ll anxiously await word on which! Todd’s law firm is picking up roots and moving to Ohio, which coincidently, is also Todd’s home state.

Todd Martin taking off for the fields of Ohio and on the tennis court. Oh wait, the one on the right is that other Todd Martin, the pro tennis dude.
Oops…but hey, we do wish Todd solid serves and groundstrokes in his running and future. Keep it all inside the lines Todd. 

Pending Nuptials

The Phoenix has reported that Frank Sprtel is engaged to be married to his girlfriend, Stacey, next spring. The WRC wishes them a hearty congratulations for their engagement and the best of luck and cheer while they go through planning for the big event! David Keating has proposed that the club pitch in for a vowel, as Frank’s last name has been in need for some time now. Perhaps the couple will place their particular vowel of choice on the bridal registry? (Ya hate to buy them an “o” when they really wanted an “e”).

Musing Update

Our Member Musings page contains a new entry. This is not a musing per se, but rather a well-written short essay about running from a high school student in Virginia (Western Albemarle High School). Check it out if you get a chance.


Completing the Story – From The Muckety Muck World of Mr. Ed

Empire Maker, right, with jockey Jerry Bailey up, crosses the finish

line to win the Belmont Stakes. (AP Photo/Roberto Borea) 

Since we started this thing, we must finish it. Even though the ending wasn’t much to the liking of many of us with Empire Maker and Ten Most Wanted both beating Funning Cide. Of course, one must note that neither one of the first two ran the preceding Preakness and thus, were fresher. Wimps we say…da both of em! Da bums can go chew some musty oats!

Hey, we’re runners…we welcome excuses…all and many!

Sombrero’s for Sale!

Planning a beach holiday? Many sizes fit all. Order online at

This shameless chap shows us that appropriate sombrero placement equals a safer and more relaxing fiesta when the sun is high and bright.

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