Club News, May 22, 2003

The WRC – Club News
May 22, 2003

New members, muggy and wet member racing, endurance experiences, other racing information (Philly Half), track workouts and Sunday distance run, injury update,  and other sports news – horses and golf

New Members

Chris Duke…tells us:
“I spent the majority of my life in NJ. I was living in Philly for the last 2 years while in grad school and just recently moved to DC. I work for Deloitte Consulting and do healthcare consulting. My ultimate running goal is to be able to run a 5-10 miler at a 6:00 pace. Its a pretty lofty goal, but I’ll give it a shot.”

Now, that’s the attitude to have! ‘We’re just glad to hear that Chris didn’t go to Duke University (we don’t think) for that would be just too much to take for obvious reasons.

We welcome Chris into the club and if he comes out to enough Sunday runs and to the track, he just may see that goal accomplished!

Race Results and Info
Sallie Mae 10k, Sunday May 11th, Washington, DC

High humidity was the order of the day at the Sallie Mae 10k…as in drippy wet humidity. WRCers ran great, but it seemed obvious that times were a bit off. While the weather certainly played a part, we’ve also come to find out that the course had to be changed a bit at the last minute and hasn’t yet been certified. The word around town is that it may have been a tad on the long side, which seems probable. Until we hear differently, that’s the story we’re sticking to.

Women’s WRC team took 2nd place! (with WRC members of Casey Smith, Lory Gray, Sharon Donovan, and Carly Vynne). Superb effort on a tough day!

Individual results, women: (chip times)
8th Casey Smith 23  36:08 (our humble V.P. again leads the way)
13th Lory Gray 23  37:08
22nd Sharon Donovan 28  38:38
25th Maria Kozloski 38  40:44
27th Morgan Eash 33  41:21
30th Kate Hudson 25  41:58
34th Beth Miller 33  42:45
38th Carly Vynne 27  43:24
44th Heidi Reester 28  43:49
54th Katie Durkin 26  45:00
62nd Sarah Joyce 21  46:23
90th Challice Bonifant 25  47:42  (potential member)

Individual men:
40th Derik Thomas 37  36:13 (Lisa’s hubby)
106th Paul Durbin 38  41:37
336th Raja Rao 34  48:54

Casey blazes toward the finish! And there’s Derik close behind.

Lory cruises on in!

Sharon off the ground in full flight!

Maria (#466) and Beth bringing it home!

Paul Durbin and Jay Wind heading in! President of the DCRRC, Susan Maher, lurks behind Jay

Westfield 5k, Chantilly, MD, May 10th

First place finishes in both men’s and women’s divisions for the WRC. Cecilia Lutz (42) was first in 19:14 for women and Todd Martin (33) was first in 16:18 for men. Way to go!

Arlington Mile, Saturday, May 10th

22nd Jay Wind 53  6:39

Capital Challenge 3 Mile, Anacostia, DC, Weds, May 7th

This is the event where politicians, government, and the press compete against one another on teams associated with their work venue on a weekday morning. A few of our manly members were part of the mix.

5th Kirk Baird 16:00
28th Eric Zack 17:56
33d Jeff Stratton 18:22
46th Paul Durbin 19:02
52nd David Keating 19:14

All the WRCers rubbing elbows in this elite power race of DC beat the first senator over the line (John Ensign 19:51). Whew! But, alas, they all didn’t beat the first rep (Bart Gordon 17:42). However, they’re forgiven for Bart is quite swift and they did all beat former olympian and miler Jim Ryun for he finished in 20:19. Now, since they bested Ryun in a face to face meeting, we think it’s only fair to say that they have one-upped Alan Webb in this competitive accord. That a way fellers! One time WRC great Jim Hage won the whole enchilada in 15:27.

Mantua Raccoon 5k, May 10th, Fairfax, VA

13th Jay Wind 53  21:58 (2nd age group)

Germantown 5-Miler, Sat, May 18th 

3d Lory Gray 23  30:29
5th Teha Kennard 25  33:44

Capitol Hill Classic 10k, Sun, May 18th

This classic race, the 24th annual, was run on a wet, damp, soggy, misty, soaked morning on Capitol Hill. You get the picture – it made for a dreary time and thus, the WRC members partaking weren’t able to comfortably hang out together prior to or after the race. But we ran anyway and had some grand success (team and age group awards). 845 runners finished the race.

WRC Mixed Team 1st! There was only a mixed division for teams and 21 teams scored. Scoring and winning for the mixed team were Patrick Dudley, David Young, and Adina Wadsworth. Yay and way to go!

The team prize was 12 tickets to the DC Freedom soccer match on June 8th. All on the team are welcome to go. Team members included: Erica Morton, Adina Wadsworth, Jay Wind, Steve Baker, Kyong Yi, Misun Yi, David Young, Patrick Dudley, David Keating, Raja Rao, Hank Dombrowski, and Jim Wadsworth.

Teammembers – let us know if you’re interested in going to the soccer match:

Individual Men (chip times)
4th Frank Sprtel 30  32:49  (1st 30-39 age group)
6th Patrick Dudley 24  34:12 (1st 20-29 age group)*
10th David Young 27  35:29 (3d 20-29 age group & a road PR)*
41st Christopher Loveland 28  39:20 (new member)
71st David Keating 43  41:12*
100th Dale Learn 33  42:46
138th Jay Wind 53  44:47*
145th Jim Wadsworth 46  45:10*
163d Hank Dombrowski 42  45:57* (guest member from NYC)
200th Stephen Baker 42  47:23*
215th Raja Rao 34  48:02*

11th Adina Wadsworth 35  45:01 (1st 30-39 age group)*
17th Erica Morton 26  46:07 (PR by over a minute!)*

* denotes that member was on the WRC team.

Brunchly Details – An Annual Event Since 2002
After the CHC 10K race, the Wadsworth’s held a brunch on Capitol Hill for those who ran and whomever else wanted to come (this was advertised in the weekly email update a couple times). Quiche, real NY City bagels, grits, fruit, cookies, and donuts made up the foodstuffs. Coffee, tea, juice, soda, beer, and margherita’s were the drinks of the day. Though the rainy and cool weather held guests inside rather than out on a sunny patio, a good time was had in cozy quarters. Like many a party, the kitchen area served as a popular gathering point…as evidenced by:

Erica Morton dons WRC cap and shows good cheer as Adina mixes drinks.
Hank looks on thinking “hurry up I’m dying of thirst heyah!”

Young studs Dave Young and Patrick Dudley hold up the fridge and counter, respectively. 
Dave drinks to his race and sore legs while Patrick contemplates his next words of wisdom.

Columbia Triathlon, Sun, May 18th
Swim 1.5k * Bike 41k * Run 10k

A few WRCers ventured into triathlon waters on a wet day. Reports Lisa: “Our first tri at Columbia was definitely an experience (I know that I can speak for Marie as well). I wish I could say that it was tons of fun…boy, do we have stories to tell. However, despite the unseasonable cold temps and feeling like a wet dog the whole time, I am psyched for the next one. We may be hooked!” We’ll eagerly await their stories and also hope that the triathlon bug doesn’t totally overtake the running bug.

62nd Lisa Thomas 27  2:49:45
90th Marie Sandrock 31  2:57:44

And yes, we had a man there too:
27th Kyle Yost 32  2:19:23

This is concrete evidence that Kyle is now “out of Africa” where he bike trekked all over that continent last year. Good to see your name in print Kyle. Impressive performances by all three WRCers! Speaking of impressive, read on.

Massanutten Mountain 100-Mile Trail Run
George Washington National Forest, Virginia, May 10-11


Mike Campbell and Aaron Schwartzbard recently completed the completed the MMT 100 race. I yi yi…these guys are crazy…in that good way of course. Aaron was the 7th man in 26:14:47 and Mike was the 1st Senior man in 27:22:28. Wow, how do we even try to comprehend those times for running? Ultra-running (now mostly working and law schooling) WRC member Bryon Powell reports that he did some pacing for friends at this event and that the trail was mostly rocky…not in small stones rocky, but in large stones and poor footing rocky. That makes the performances all the more incredible.

For interesting accounts of Aaron’s and Mike’s experiences see these links: Aaron’s report and Mike’s report.

A Beastly Triathlon Experience in St. Croix

Mike Rae ventured down to the U.S. Virgin Islands to compete, er, try to compete in the “beauty and the beast” half-ironman. MIke reports that it’s dubbed that due to the spectacular surroundings and because the mountanous bike course has a hill at mile 21 known as THE BEAST. It is a 600-foot climb 7 tenths of a mile long with an average 14 percent grade and a maximum 18 percent grade. Mike had some trouble with the race distance logistics and scoring as provided in his account:

“…because of all the hype of this being a difficult course and and my lack luster training this winter, I opted to do the sprint distance race instead which doesn’t include the beast. (750 meter swim, 8 mile bike, 4 mile run). Welp, here’s what happened. I was originally signed up for the half ironman and switched to the short race at registration but they still gave me a half ironman race number. I came out of the water pretty surprised at a decent swim time (for me at least) and got through a respectable bike performance until I started heading towards the transition area for the run and they saw my race # and decided to send me in the direction of the long course!! Arrr…despite every person I yelled to…”is this the sprint race?”… everybody said, yeah keep going!  Well,  it wasn’t. I went off course about 8 minutes and when I got back and started the run I completely forgot my bib number for that! So there is no record of me in the results! (No chip) I swear I did it though! 

So, it was basically an extravagant workout and later that afternoon I went out on my bike to see first hand what this “beast” was all about…wholly crap! We grappled for a while but I eventually came out on top. Then I was too scared to go back down it so I decided to bike the rest of the long course instead. Hardest ride I’ve done since I only had one bottle of water but definitely the most beautiful! I will be back.”

Mike storms from the water and jumps on the bike!

Yes, we suppose those buff pics are proof enough that MIke trains hard and indeed did a tri race, hmmmm, now which race? Nah, we fully believe you Mike…and thanks for the interesting story on an unique experience!

Racing Wrap Up

We humbly and sincerely apologize if we’ve forgotten any members in races, who would have liked to see their names in print. If so, send an email to and we’ll update the page just for you!

In the future, if you run a race out of town and want to see your results posted, please send any info in. Interesting quotes or observations are welcome as well.

Other Racing Information

New Memorial Day Race May 24th – Volunteers and Runners Wanted

A new race will take place this year on Saturday, May 24th at 8 am entitiled the Unofficial Washington DC Memorial Day 5K at Hains Point (East Potomac Park).

This event benefits United Service Organizations (USO) of Metropolitan DC, assisting America’s service-men and -women locally and worldwide. The purpose of this race is to continue to build the community-wide coalition that conducted The Unofficial Washington DC Marathon on March 23d, so that the coalition can prepare a community-wide application for the 2004 Washington DC Marathon. Conducting this race successfully is the second step.

The organizers of the race have called upon the local running clubs for volunteer support. Any help is appreciated. PLEASE CONTACT ANDREW JOHNSTON (the volunteer coordinator) at the following  e-mail address: if you wish to volunteer your services (note, this is not a formal volunteer effort of the WRC).

If it fits into your running plans, you could also support the race byrunning! It’s a fast, flat course and suited for getting a good time when weather conditions are favorable.

Prez Calling Volunteers

And we’re not talking about the U. of Tennessee Volunteers, so don’t start singing Rocky Top!

Rather, its for volunteering to help the WRC aid the directors of the Lawyers Have Heart 10k being held on Saturday, June 14th. Last year we had start and finish line duties, which was quite fun! Birdseye view of the finish, I tell ya wut!

If you’re not planning on running this event and would like to help, your WRC officers will really appreciate it! Let Prez Barb know at if you can and want to help. Thanks!

September Philly Distance Run Trip for the WRC!?

We are working at putting a group together to travel to and run the 26th Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon Distance Run (Jefferson Hospital) on Sunday, September 21st at 8 a.m. We did this in 01’and had a great time…we went up on Saturday to attend the expo, had a fun group pasta dinner out the night before, and then a beautiful day and course to run! That will be the essence of the plan this year as well. There is also a 5k race for those who want to join us for the trip, but whom don’t want to run 13.1 miles.

We will be putting a team or two together also. Teams can be men, women, or mixed, and have 3-5 members, with 3 doing the scoring. If we put one or two together, we will need the people to fill out individual entries, but not send them in. We have to send them together with a team entry form by 08/11/03. Erica Morton will be coordinating and captaining the team(s) this year. If interested, email Erica at and let her know so that we can be organized and do this correctly. And they do limit entries in this race so we can’t dawdle. Thanks!

We will try to do some carpooling and will work to get a block of hotel rooms if we have enough member interest in this.

Please note that this requires commitment since team substitutions are not allowed after we sign up. Therefore, if you say you’re coming, please stick to in and plan your training and racing accordingly. You must not back out! Okay, unless of course there is an extreme emergency…and if so, that’s ok though we’ll require a legitimate note from your mommy or daddy.

Race details: 
Entry fees: Post-marked 08/11/03 – $32; after 08/11/03 – $40; at packet pickup – $45; no race day entry fee. If on a team, then the team entry is $185.00 and individual fees are not required. The WRC may partially subsidize the entry fee (to be determined).

Health and Merchandise Expo
Friday, September 19, 2003: 11:00 AM to 7 PM
Saturday, September 20, 2003: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Think about this great race and let Erica know soon if interested!
Club Activities and Other News

A note from track coordinator Adina:
“Hey Runners!  After careful deliberations, and much back-and-forth with members of the running community, it seems that Tuesday night is the preferred time for the WRC to conduct co-ed track workouts. The track at Washington & Lee High School is just a whole lot less congested on Tuesdays so we’ll have a lot more freedom to move about the circuit.

That being said, I hope that you can make it out on Tuesday nights, at 6:30 p.m. A group of us (how big depends on YOU!) will be doing some speed work to get ready for the summer shorter distance races, building up to fall half and full marathons. If you’ve been thinking that you need to add some speed to your life, now is the time!”

This past Tuesday (May 20th), the track was again closed by a soccer match. Ugggg…dang kids. But, the group made the best of it and did fartlek on the bike path nearby. Attending for the WRC (11 people) were: Todd Martin, Michael Wardian, Derik Thomas, Frank Sprtel, David Young, David Keating, Bryon Powell, Jim Wadsworth, Adina Wadsworth, Erica Morton, and Steve Baker.

Next week we believe the track will be open…and we shall be there! Come on out for we want to show significant WRC comaraderie and force, and have fun running together as well! All abilities are welcome.

If you have questions email Adina at

A Track Workout page will be added to the website soon, complete with workout tips, track and fartlek workouts, and various tidbits of information to make you run faster.


Hearye, hearye,
We Want YOU! 

Now that the big races of the spring are done and members will be getting back to regular training again, except for a race here and there, we fully expect the Sunday distance run to build steam in terms of numbers. You know the drill: meet at 8 am in Georgetown on M Street: Directions Here

Come on out and train with your fellow members! Not only will you not believe what you can learn about all kinds of things, but by running with others you just may get a little extra oomph in your training. We regather for coffee and refreshments afterwards at Dean & DeLuca’s (or Firehook) to shoot the breeze and reflect on whatever behooves us at that moment.


As is the case with training and running, runners get injured. It happens to us all.  Some are lucky enough to recover quickly and can get right back at it or don’t even miss a day, others have injuries that seem to hover about like a black cloud, lingering on and making them edgy whether or not they are running through them or are completely off, and still others, get over one injury to simply get another. Such is the life of running. The important thing is to be positive keeping one’s chin high, never give up, enjoy the rest if you have to take days off, get therapy if need be, listen to your body, and above all, continue to dream of the days in which you’ll be back striding confidently for miles with nary a pain.

A number of our fellow members have been wrestling with injuries that fit into the categories outlined. Those we’ve heard are injured include: our prez Barb Fallon Wallace, Henry Grossmann, Darcee Gilbert, Britton Stackhouse, Dave Keating, Jim Wadsworth, Tris Kruger, Adina Wadsworth, Yancy Hall, Lindsay Goulet, and Sarah Buckheit (and for you others…you know who you are and we sincerely feel your pain as well). We wish these members all the best for speedy recoveries.


Addendum – From The Wonderful World of Mr. Ed

Sunny Cide, a full saddle and an empty “saddlebag” made for another fast trip in the Preakness [pic from]

Even though the WRC was snubbed by the gelded Funny Cide after winning the Kentucky Derby, one nonetheless couldn’t help but root him on at the Preakness because that horse sure can run, and we love running! Indeed, he certainly did fly: “With Jose Santos in the saddle, Funny Cide rolled up the second-widest margin of victory in the 128-year history of the 1 3/16-mile race, trailing only Survivor’s 10-length triumph in 1896.” [] 

So, it seems that fan urging was a major factor. And not to be arrogant or anything, but we can only conclude that with a few louder cheers he would have set that win-length record. You know how it works when you yell at the TV during sports – you just can’t miss the event should you want your favorite to win for your talking/screaming at the players through the tv certainly works wonders. Anyway, its on to the Belmont in a quest for the triple crown where the increased studly competition will likely make Funny Cide’s journey quite tough.

From The Wonderful World of Golf

Anyone following sports should be aware by now that Annika Sorenstam willl be playing at the Bank of America Colonial PGA golf tournament at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, TX this weekend and hitting from the same tees as the men. As we know from some of our own WRC ladies, women can certainly be a force to be reckoned with. How will Annika fare this weekend against the men? It’s anyone’s guess of course. We won’t wager bets (men, you should NOT wager bets, you can’t win this one), but we shall wait and see with interest. Some info to consider:

The Tale of Annika’s Tape:
Born: October 9, 1970 (an athletically prime age for golf)
Stockholm, Sweden
College: University of Arizona – she’s a Wildcat…growl!
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: None of your dang business mister! (some things remain sacred!)
Turned Pro: 1994
Is she a winner? Won more LPGA tournaments than any other Tour player in the 1990s (18)
Can she win? It’s certainly not about size…Ian Woosman won the Masters in 1991 at a mere 5′ 5″
Words of the wise to her male competitors when it comes to interviews: What breaks in a moment may take years to mend. (Swedish proverb)

Iron Annika with an uppercut and sweet golf swing that just may knock out the men
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