Sunday Distance Run – 7/27

We will have two planned routes for tomorrow.  One for a pack of procrastinators and one for the overachievers.

First, the procrastinators… A lovely 15 mile (rounded down and definitely not USATF-certified) loop out on the Custis Trail, down the Bluemont Trail, over on the W&OD trail, Arlington neighborhood streets to Military Road, over Chain Bridge, and back down the Towpath to Georgetown.  Don’t worry about memorizing the directions.  Just stay with the pack, and you’ll make it back!  The map can also be reviewed at:

Second, the overachievers… A grueling 16 mile out-and-back on the CCT with approximately 10 miles at Marathon Pace.  Julia will be leading this group, and no map required!

Good luck to those racing at the CC Twilighter tonight!

Start at 0700 in front of CB2 in Georgetown (33rd and M Street)!

Sunday Distance Run – 7/20

Anxious to get in a 20-miler during this relatively cool mornings?  Julia will be leading a group on such an endeavor tomorrow.  The route will be the Rock Creek Park – Capital Crescent Loop, done counter-clocwise.  This route goes through Rock Creek Park to East-West Highway, over on Georgetown Branch Trail, and back down the Capital Crescent Trail.

For those with more modest plans for tomorrow morning, a simple out-and-back through Rock Creek up Beach Drive will be a better plan.  Rough estimates for total mileage at turnaround points:  Peirce Mill (9mi), Military Road (13mi), Bingham (14mi), and Wise Rd (17mi).

Starting time is 0700 at 33rd and M in Georgetown (in front of CB2).

Norman Brand (1933-2014)

Gerry Ives regretfully shares the following sad news:

Norm Brand passed away last Friday, July 11th. He would have been 81 on July 23rd. He was a long time official of USATF, and served as WRC’s agent for many years. Although he never ran a race, he was a member of WRC from the early 1970s.

Norman Brand was a charter member of the WRC in 1974, and was a member of WRC’s antecedent clubs, dating back to the 1950s. He received the H. Browning Ross Long Distance Running Merit Award in 1980, the USATF President’s Award in 1981, and the USATF National Officials Committee Chair Award in 2003. He later received the Alfred tomFelde Perpetual Trophy in 2004 for his outstanding long term support and dedication to the WRC.

Update (7/17):
A celebration of Norm’s life will be held at Sunrise Senior Living, 5111 Connecticut Ave., N.W. on Sunday, July 20 from 2 to 5 pm. His obituary is also featured on the Potomac Valley Track Club‘s website.

Sunday Distance Run – 7/13

The planned route for the SDR tomorrow will be the Ross Drive loop. This is around 13.5 miles total. The map for the section from Peirce Mill around Ross Drive can be found on the WRC maps page as well as an “almost correct” version from a prior posting. Other mileage options can include out-and-back for fewer than 13.5 miles or a few miles of add-on at the end before heading back to M street.  We should be able to keep the pack together through the first water stop at Peirce Mill.

Start at 33rd and M street in Georgetown (in front of CB2) at 0700!

Competition: Washington Running Club Runs the World!

Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate to Pacers!!!!!!

We know you all like good competition! Here is your chance to tap into both your creative spirit and your competitive nature…all without lacing up your racing flats.

WRC singlet relaxes on the porch.  Long Island Sound, Waterford, CT, USA.  Photo by Carla Freyvogel

WRC singlet relaxes on the porch. Long Island Sound, Waterford, CT, USA. Photo by Carla Freyvogel

Photograph your WRC singlet as it ventures around the world. Take it to the beach! Have it scale Mt. Rushmore! Bribe Beyoncé to bop down a Brooklyn street with it nicely pinned for the perfect fit. Being the international crowd that we are, we are expecting to see the singlet with Big Ben in the background or Scotland Yard. YOU think up the possibilities!

Competition Details:
  • Prize: $100 gift certificate to Pacers Running Stores.
  • Entries close: December 31, 2014, midnight
  • Elgible participants: WRC members in good standing
  • Prize awarded: WRC’s Annual Party in late January 2015
  • Judges: Three of the newest WRC members of 2014 & two members of the WRC Board of Directors. These individuals are not excluded from competing!

Send your photos to Carla Freyvogel at Multiple entries are permitted.

A gallery of current contest entries is available here.

A HUGE thanks to the Pacers Running Stores gang for their support and enthusiasm!

Dumbarton Doodle Dandy

It’s once again time for Washington Running Club to give back to some of the awesome places through which we run!

Club member and Outreach and Community Events Officer, Michaela Corr, is working to identify the best opportunity for WRCers to lend a hand and do some crosstraining at the Dumbarton Oaks Park in Georgetown.

If you want to help keep one of the prettier places where we go running looking its very best, start by letting Michaela know when you’re available, via her dandy DOODLE. We’ll only participate in this once, but click on all the dates you are free to help lend a hand.
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Sunday Distance Run – 7/6

Excellent weather predicted for tomorrow morning! The planned route will be a 13 mile trip around the mall, Hains Point, 14th St Bridge, and back up to Georgetown. Thanks to Julia for mapping this out:

MapMyRun route

We will meet at 0700 in front of CB2 in Georgetown.