Club Singlets: Available Now, Visible Everywhere

Will Cotton's "Cupcake Katy" (2010) went on view at the National Portrait Gallery, but not without some local finishing touches.

Will Cotton’s “Cupcake Katy” (2010) went on view at the National Portrait Gallery, but not without some local finishing touches.

Our store has finally reopened to take your pre-orders for club racing singlets! One American songbird, Katy Perry, already received hers and wore it out to the National Portrait Gallery (June 18 – July 6)! artnet News has another view of Katy’s NPG selfie.

So WRC members: place your orders, and we’ll have you suited for our own sweet sport.

Absolutely Fabulous

This morning, we began distributing pre-ordered 2013 Series singlets and they look terrific! Several club members slipped into these slices of awesome on-the-spot. So much for modesty.

The custom singlets (and their owners) got lots of attention, fetching compliments along the various training routes followed by the dozens of runners convening on this perfect morning.

Our thanks go to Rachel Clattenburg for designing and ordering everything, and also to Pactimo for all their good work.

Pending enough demonstrated interest, we can place another round of orders with relatively quick turnaround. If this interests you, please petition el Prez, Kirk Masterson, and let him know.

SDR Time Change, or Race, and Party

Sunday Distance Run Time Change to 8:00 a.m.

Sunday is going to be a perfect day, so to embrace the moment we will start our Sunday Distance Run an hour later, effective Sunday, September 8, 2013. The 8 a.m. start time will be in effect through spring of 2014, as reflected on WRC’s calendar. Watch out for triathlon-related traffic.

Good luck to Parks Half Marathon racers

Julia Taylor is captain of the squad headed up to Rockville to squiggle their way down to Bethesda. Some of the marathoners rehearsed the final two miles of this course last weekend. This race is part of WRC’s 2013 Grand Prix series. Good luck to them all!

Don’t miss the Cookout and Pool Party!

If you haven’t already done so, let Carla know you’re coming to the Cookout and Pool Party! You didn’t think we’d let the remaining good weather go to waste, did you?

Update on the New Singlets

The order has been submitted! Estimated delivery date is September 22nd, or whenever they arrive and I schlep them over to the Sunday run.

You can get a better sense of what the singlets will look like from the proofs below.  The colors will be slightly darker than how they appear below. (The outlines depict the different sizes of the singlet.)

Men's Singlet

Women's Singlet