Club News, September 12, 2005

WRC Club News
September 12, 2005

Items of interest: special race event, new members, birthdays, member moves, injury report, member race results, Nats game revisited, President calls for volunteers, track update, Sunday distance run,  cool mapping site, marathoning cheers, Dilbert race planning… Special Race Event – Gulf Coast Relief Race Coming Soon!

The WRC is helping to promote the Gulf Coast Relief Race to help with hurricane Katrina relief efforts. The race is being held September 17th at 9:00 a.m. in Old Town, Alexandria. Go here for more info: Come on out and run or help! WRC People News

New Members!
Olivia Albrecht 21, DC
Amy Baskin 25, DC
Theresa Grano 26, DC
Jennifer Anthony 28, DC
Andrew Margrave, VA
Trisha Royer 34, VA

We welcome Olivia, Amy, Theresa, Jennifer, Andrew, and Trisha into the WRC! Thus far in 2005, we have 33 new members, 17 men, and 16 ladies. The club member listing has hit 150 members, highest number in recent history!

August and September Birthdays! 

We wish a veryHappy Birthday to the following members: Lance C, Sharon D, Prasad G, Henry G, Al H, Margo H, Elizabeth M, Charles M, Erica M, Samantha N, David O, Joseph P, Ryan R, Philippe R, Melissa R, Frank S, and Brian Y. We hope you have a great day, or had one! Cheers!

If you weren’t mentioned and your birthday is in August or September, it’s because we don’t have the date in our records…but happy birthday all the same anyway!

Member Moves

Diana Johnson moved to New York City to attend graduate school at NYU! We’ll miss you Diana, but we know that you’ll be visiting home often, so we hope to see you from time to time. Cheers and best of luck in your studies and new adventure in the Big Apple!

Courtney Fultongoes to Iowa for summer vacation and finds a tiny bike ride (can you spell RAGBRAI?)…
Court is second from the left…so tired from biking they can barely smile or lift their glasses…NOT!
Where in the World was Pascal Brazey?!Off to tour the USA…for instance:
In Chi-Town! With the fambly, Jaden and Yanna

In the West hiding on the range from the WRC…

Teachers have it easy, off for the summer?…ah not really, for Pascal
logged many a mile running on his trip…50-60 a week! We won’t mention
the other miles logged driving, but he reported that it was a blast!

Charles Manahan’s top secret September speed and endurance training regimen:

Off to Belgium for a spell, Charles will assuredly partake of the local training goodies…”what, am I supposed to run too?”

Mr. Keats buys an abode in New Britain! News from afar. Our one-time fearless leader, Dave Keating has moved again after purchasing a home in New Britain, CT. Best of luck on the house projects, Keats! But those are no excuse for not running!

Injury Update

We hear that Jean-Christophe Arcaz is on the mend, as is Jim Wadsworth…we hope both of these master’s dudes keep it rolling and at the races again very soon!

Charles Manahan is having calf issues, but seems to be getting it going again…Bruce Reynolds and Challice Bonifant are nursing sore ankles and we hope they are back in full force soon too!

And to all you others nursing injuries, here’s to a quick recovery for you also!

WRC Member Racing
(From 7/19 through 9/12, most recent first)
Fairlakes 8k, VA, 9/11

9th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44  28:21 (3d age)
Alex Filides 30  33:25
Jay Wind 55  34:37 (2nd age)

National Press Club 5k, DC, 9/10

Casey and Barb take 1-2, Henry captures 2nd!

1st Casey Smith 26  17:19
2nd Barb Fallon-Wallace 31 18:33

2nd Henry Grossmann 34  17:07
6th Brian Teft 24  17:59
Tom O’Reilly 28  20:56

9-11 Memorial 5k Run, Arlington, VA, 9/10

Alex Filides 30  17:36 (6th overall and 1st age)
Tom O’Reilly 28  20:54
David Oberholtzer 53  21:54
Jay Wind 55  21:35
James Scarborough 47  24:04

Elizabeth Ottoway 41  24:10
Deborah Pressley  24:10

Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA, 9/04

A slew of members ran hard at the beach!

Dave O’Hara 29  1:16:42
Dane Rauschenberg 29  1:26:53
Will Ellison 39  1:31:50
Lee Angelelli 33  1:37:08

Genevieve Kiley 31  1:20:54
Lindsay Goulet 27  1:25:38
Erica Morton 28  1:38:51
Caroline Caine 38  1:56:35
Juli Wohlrab 36  1:56:57
Lynn Huang 35  1:58:18

47th Larry Noel Greenbelt 15k, Greenbelt, MD, 9/4/05

2nd Alex Fideles 30  57:05
5th George Buckheit 48  59:15 (1st age)
Jay Wind 55  1:08:18
Bob Platt 54  1:18:18

Laura Chipken 25  1:15:45

Annapolis 10-Mile, Annapolis, MD, 8/28
On a steamy day, Mike leads the way!

Mike Wardian 31  52:13 (2nd overall)
Dan Simonds 38  1:05:32
Jay Wind 55  1:09:29
Bob Platt 54  1:29:31

Kim Robinson 41  1:12:55
Jessica Elias 31  1:17:01

WaWa 10-Miler, 8/28

3d Max Lockwood 35  57:11

Sprint, Splash, & Spin Triathlon, WV, 8/27
(330yd swim, 10m bike, 5k run) 269 finishers

28th Mike Proulx 30  59:46 (4th age)
77th Challice Bonifant 27  1:06:17 (2nd age!)

Druid Hill YMCA 8k, 8/20/05
Alex takes 2nd!

2nd Alex Fideles 29  29:57

Leesburg 20k, Leesburg, VA, 8/14 (567 finishers)
Mike leads the WRC way on a steamy day, Lindsay and Genevieve run it together finishing 4-5 with the same time!

2nd Mike Wardian 30  1:07:13
4th Max Lockwood 35  1:13:11
10th Henry Grossmann 34  1:16:32
14th Alex Filides 30  1:21:16
31st Jay Wind 55  1:26:41
49th Will Ellison 39  1:32:27
73d Tom O’Reilly 28  1:38:08

4th Lindsay Goulet 27  1:23:39
5th Gen Kiley 31  1:23:39
11th Sharon Donovan 30  1:27:57

Summer Strides 5k, Alexandria, VA, 8/14

The club along with Racepacket put on the Summer Strides 5k in Bellehaven Park, Alexandria.
More than 100 runners ran on a very muggy morn!

Adina Wadsworth (4th overall)
Sarah Buckheit (1st age)
James Scarborough

DCRRC Bluemont 5k, Arlington, VA, 8/4

34th Tom O’Reilly 28  20:12
54th Jay Wind 55  21:12
69th Bob Trost 59  22:15
87th Bob Platt 54  23:51
94th James Scarborough 47  24:20

Sunrise 5k, Herndon, VA, 8/7

25th Bruce Reynolds 55  21:05
Riley’s Rumble 1/2 Marathon, VA, 7/25

On a rolling course in da heat, a number of WRCers partook.

Women (269 finishers)
6th Sharon Donovan 30  1:28:23
7th Lisa Thomas 29  1:28:23
19th Diana Johnson 24  1:40:37
33d Jessica Elias 30  1:45:06
128th Lynn Huang 35  2:05:56

3d Max Lockwood 35  1:16:40
19th George Buckheit 48  1:25:48 (1st age)
23d Derik Thomas 39  1:26:32 (great seeing Derik running again)
30th Dan Simonds 38  1:28:46
70th Will Ellison 39  1:36:31
80th Jay Wind 55  1:37:33
95th Tom O’Reilly 28  1:39:51
Deseret News Marathon, UT, 5/25

On a unique Monday morning race with a start beginning on a mountain at 5:30 a.m., Bryon runs a PR down through the canyons and rolling terrain!

Bryon Powell 2:54:24

Rockville Twilighter 8k, Rockville, MD, 7/16, 8:45 pm

A bunch of WRCers ventured to Rockville last Saturday evening to run in a very hot, steamy, rainy race! A terrific field toed the line and the WRC was led by Iron Mike and Lisa!

Mike Wardian 31  25:35 (12th overall & 1st age)
Frank Sprtel 32  26:09 (2nd age)
George Buckheit 48  27:33 (2nd age)
David O’Hara 29  27:50
Todd Martin 35  28:12
Henry Grossman 33  28:36
Leyi Lin 25  30:59
Dan Simonds 38  31:25
Mark Drosky 44  32:20
Paul Durbin 40  35:20
Jay Wind 55  35:21
Bob Platt 53  38:59
James Scarborough 47  39:54

Lisa Thomas 29  30:22
Barb Fallon Wallace 31  30:40 (3d age)
Lindsay Goulet 27  30:51
Emily Turner 24  33:53
Courtney Fulton 27  35:34
Diana Johnson 24  37:01
Sara Kupfer 29  38:52

Peachtree Road Race 10k, Atlanta, GA, 7/4/05

Mike runs well in an elite field in the heat at Peachtree!

22nd Mike Wardian 31  31:23

Mike is second from the left, with his white hat on backwards…
Utica Boilermaker 15k, Utica, NY, 7/10

Billy, Gen, and Juli travel north to boil one up.

Billy Fisher  55:34
Gen Kiley  57:32
Juli Wohlrab  1:23:16

Opel Ironman Germany, 7/10

Secretary Marie and hubby Steve score an ironman in Germany and are the first USA finishers!

Marie Sandrock 33  11:17:57
Steve Tappan 37  11:17:57

Jungle Jim’s 5k, Rehoboth, DE, 7/9 (150 finishers)

Mike follows up Peach Tree with 2 5k’s in two days and wins both!

1st Mike Wardian 31  16:02

Lighthouse Taco Toss 5k-Dewey Beach, DE, 7/10 (400 finishers)

1st Mike Wardian 31  15:13

Great running everyone! We sincerely apologize if we missed any member places or races. Let us know if so. 

Club Activities

Club Nats Night Out a Happening Affair! We had 27 members g o to the Nationals game on August 26th…and we beat the Cardinals too! A grand time was had by all! Thanks to Adina Wadsworth for setting the outing up, thanks to Charles Manahan for his pic taking disability!

Take us out to the ballgame!!!! A hodgepodge of shots from the big night out! Names are omitted to protect the guilty.

President Calls for Volunteer Race Help! Steve Baker, our esteemed president, proffers the following:

The WRC is recruiting volunteers for two upcoming events.

1. The Gulf Coast Relief 5k is 9am Sat. Sept. 17th at the Oronoco Park in Old Town.  Its a great opportunity to support the running community and help flood victims at the same time.  If you can’t run, please consider helping out in this charitable cause.

2. The Army 10 Miler is Sunday Oct. 2nd.  George Banker has asked that we put together another group of Volunteers this year.  George does a lot for the running community and has helped us with registering teams and getting race numbers so this is a good opportunity for us to return the favor in some small way.  This year we will be working the chip corral at the finish line.  If you are able to help, please follow the instructions below.

To sign up:
Go to
Select Registration at top, select volunteer, select group
Select the box for team name – click on the arrow and it’ll list all groups in alpha order and select WRC
Continue to fill out the form, an log in is not required.
Each person will have to sign up.

Thanks for all your help!

Track Workout Meltdown

We tried changing track workouts on Tuesday evenings to T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria due to a supposed renovation at Washington-Lee, but the numbers weren’t there and hey, it was hot as hell too. So, we cancelled for August and will be making a decision soon as to future workouts. Perhaps, workouts on the trail after meeting in the Washington-Lee High School track parking lot is what is needed.

Check out the track workout page for more info. Members receive updated track workout information via the weekly email update.

Sunday Distance Runs

Sunday Distance Runs are most often run along the Capital Crescent Trail, C&O Canal, or in Rock Creek Park. The Staples store has closed, so there is no longer a red awning marking our starting spot. But, we still meet at the same spot, close to the corner of 33d Street on M Street, NW, 1 &1/2 blocks from the Key Bridge.

Great turnouts lately, close to or over 30 people have been showing! Come on out!

After the sweaty run, we reconvene at Dean & Deluca’s where all kinds of drinks are the order of the morn. We also attempt to solve all wordly problems, such as, who’s on first, what’s on second?

Cool Distance Mapping Site:

This is a cool site for which to measure your runs, if you feel the need. To begin, click not in Hoboken for we’re not there, then center big map by clicking on location (e.g., Washington, DC), then zoom into the location you want using the “railroad track” bar and arrows…then begin measuring, clicking on your routes along the way. You can save routes, or simply delete them and measure anew. Enjoy.


A smathering of members are running marathons this fall, from Twin Cities, to Steamtown, to Chicago, to New York, to Marine Corps, to Richmond, Philadelphia, to to to…best of luck with your training and racing all!! 

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