Club News, July 21, 2005

WRC Club News
July 21, 2005

Items of interest: new members, birthdays,  member moves, gobs of member race results, club activities – pool party tidbits, track venue change, Sunday distance run, Summer Strides 5k Coming August 14th, WRC t-shirts and singlets for sale, other sports news – Tour de France surprise! WRC People News

New Members!
Tashma Green, 24, DC
Jessica Elias, 30, VA
Melissa Ruggiero, 28, VA
Leyi Lin, 25, DC
Lee Angelelli, 32, VA
Alex Filides, 29, VA

We welcome Tashma, Jessica, Melissa, Leyi, Lee, and Alex into the WRC! Thus far in 2005, we have 27 new members, 16 men, and 11 ladies.

July Birthdays! 

We wish a veryHappy Birthday to the following members: Norman B, Gerry I, Bruce R, Emily T, Jacque C, Diana H, Abdell K, Alex F, and Leyi L. Hope you have a great day, or had one! Cheers!

If you weren’t mentioned and your birthday is in July, it’s because we don’t have the date in our records…but happy birthday all the same anyway!

Member Moves

Sarah Kupfer – Sarah, a native of Switzerland and a big fan of Swiss tennis king Roger Federer, and also a regular at the Sunday runs, is off to wetter pastures looking for jobs in Europe, potentially England. We wish Sarah all the best in her future endeavors!

Todd Martin – who moved to Ohio, was recently back in DC on a visit. Todd raced the Rockville Twilighter and showed for the Sunday run. Todd informed us that he may be moving to Australia in the future. Guess he wants to get even further away from us. Great to see you Todd!

Courtney Fulton – Courtney recently finished up her grad school in DC and after a short search, found a full-time job here too…with some informative (job opening info) help from member Ron McGraw. See how those WRC connections can work for you?! Court is returning to Iowa for a short visit with her parents and a well deserved rest, and then will be back to start at her new exciting position. Glad you’re staying around DC and the WRC too Court!

Diana Johnson – Diana has been accepted into a masters degree program at NYU and will be leaving at the end of August to hit the school road. So, we still have her around for another month. Congrats Diana!

Kelly Ferraro – will be attending law school at Catholic University, so we get to keep her here in the city! Congrats to you Kelly!

WRC Member Racing
(From 6/13 through 7/18, most recent first)
Rockville Twilighter 8k, MD, 7/16, 8:45 pm

A slew of members ventured to Rockville last Saturday evening to run in a very hot, steamy, rainy race! In a terrific field Iron Mike and Lisa led the WRC!

Mike Wardian 31  25:35 (12th overall & 1st age)
Frank Sprtel 32  26:09 (2nd age)
George Buckheit 48  27:33 (2nd age)
David O’Hara 29  27:50
Todd Martin 35  28:12
Henry Grossman 33  28:36
Leyi Lin 25  30:59
Dan Simonds 38  31:25
Mark Drosky 44  32:20
Paul Durbin 40  35:20
Jay Wind 55  35:21
Bob Platt 53  38:59
James Scarborough 47  39:54

Lisa Thomas 29  30:22
Barb Fallon Wallace 31  30:40 (3d age)
Lindsay Goulet 27  30:51
Emily Turner 24  33:53
Courtney Fulton 27  35:34
Diana Johnson 24  37:01
Sara Kupfer 29  38:52

Peachtree Road Race 10k, GA, 7/4/05

Mike cruises to a great placing in an elite field in the heat at Peachtree!

22nd Mike Wardian 31  31:23

First miles of Peach Tree
Mike at Peach Tree, to right in 2nd pack wearing white hat (on backwards), white shirt, black shorts.

Utica Boilermaker 15k, NY, 7/10

Billy, Gen, and Juli travel north to boil one up.

Billy Fisher  55:34
Gen Kiley  57:32
Juli Wohlrab  1:23:16

Opel Ironman Germany, 7/10

Secretary Marie and hubby Steve score an ironman in Germany and are the first USA finishers!

Marie Sandrock 33  11:17:57
Steve Tappan 37  11:17:57

Jungle Jim’s 5k, Rehoboth, DE, 7/9 (150 finishers)

Mike follows up Peach Tree with two 5k’s in two days and wins both!

1st Mike Wardian 31  16:02

Lighthouse Taco Toss 5k-Dewey Beach, DE, 7/10 (400 finishers)

1st Mike Wardian 31  15:13

Cure Autism Now 5k, Potomac, MD, 7/4

Philippe takes 1st and Barb 4th!

1st Philippe Rolly 32  15:27
4th George Buckheit 26  16:31 (1st age)
7th Pascal Brazey 36  17:02 (1st age)
Dan Simmonds 36 17:02 (3d age)
Bryan Bachman 35  19:20
Dan Wallace 39  19:35
David Oberholtzer 53  20:59
Tom O’Reilly 28  21:05
James Scarborough 47  24:54

4th Barb Fallon Wallace 31  18:36 (3d age)
5th Lindsay Goulet 27  19:13 (1st age)
8th Maria Kozloski 40  20:32 (1st age)
9th Emily Turner 23  20:45 (1st age)
Challice Bonifant 26  21:27
Adina Wadsworth 37  22:20 (3d age)
Erica Morton 27  22:46
Diana Johnson 24  22:54
Jessica Elias 30  22:54

Some member shots at the finish of the Cure Autism 5k!

Philippe heading home in 1st! George kicking it in Pascal cooking
Dan bringing it in Dave striding along Tom cruising
Barb in kicking mode Lindsay striding Maria moving
Emily in full stride Challice on the move Adina hitting the finish
Diana and Jessica cruise on in

Western States 100-Miler, CA

21st Bryon Powell 19:30:09 (1st under 30 years)

This in from Bryon: “It’s quite the race when you can be off trail for 1.5 to 2 miles and still run a 2 hour and 19 minute PR.” Way to go Bryon, we’re very impressed! And another WS 100 belt buckle to boot.

Bryon finishing up at Western States!   One of the views of which he partook.

Damien’s Run for Recovery 5k, 6/26, MD

Philippe sets a course record during his win and picks up some extra bucks…Pascal comes in under 17!

1st Philippe Rolly 32  14:56
13th Pascal Brazey 36  16:47

Crabber’s Cove 4-Miler, 6/25, DE
While at da beach, Diana runs one…

7th Diana Johnson 24  28:39 (1st age)

Summer Sizzle 5-Miler, Utica, NY
Juli goes home and places in her age group on a hot hot hot day.

22nd Juli Wohlrab 44:34 (3d age)

MCRRC Burning Tree 5k, 6/26, MD
On a burning day, Sarah places…

21st Sarah Buckheit 45  25:26 (3d age)

Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon, 6/18, AK
Rob travels afar to hit yet another thon.

Rob Toonkel 3:49:02

Ray Lewis 5k, MD, 6/18

1st Mike Wardian 31  15:17

Tim Harmon 5k, VA, 6/18

Philippe wins and Barb, David, and Jean-Christophe run fast too.

1st Philippe Rolly 32  15:29
10th David O’Hara 29  16:38
15th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44  17:11
180th James Scarborough 47  24:29

3d Barb Fallon-Wallace 31  18:46

Run for the Roses 5k, MD, 6/18 (women only)

16th Sarah Buckheit 45  22:42 (3d age)

Fathers Day 5k, Baltimore, 6/19

Philippe and Mike go one-two!

1st Philippe Rolly 32  15:07
2nd Mike Wardian 31  15:15

Great running everyone! We sincerely apologize if we missed any member places or races. Let us know if so. 

Club Activities

POOL PARTY TIDBITS! At the annual WRC pool party on the 4th of July, the main news is it didn’t rain and the grill worked! The hefty turnout was complemented by Tris Kruger’s friend(?) Missy the Mermaid and her “ahem” readiness. Ready for what, we won’t say here!

Missy lounging poolside

Burgers, dogs, salads, chips, brews, sodies, and the lot were consumed in unorderly fashion. It was a nice day for lounging by the pool and swimming following a tough, hot run. Thanks go to Tris for his usual hospitality. About 30 members were present to partake of the pooling fun. Here are a few pics of the gathering.

Kyle, where he doesn’t want to be, framed  between 2 male butts Group dynamics at work…
Let’s all look to the right… Ron pitches one…

Challice & Adina Ham for the Cam…


Track Workouts Moved to T.C. Williams!

Track workouts are on Tuesday evenings, but now are at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria. The track there isn’t in perfect condition, but is usable and will suffice until Washington-Lee reopens in the fall. For directions to the track go here.

Check out the track workout page for more info. Members receive updated track workout information via the weekly email update.

Bring and drink lots of water or your favorite sports drink, it’s hot as haties out there!

Sunday Distance Runs

Sunday Distance Runs are most often run along the Capital Crescent Trail, C&O Canal, or in Rock Creek Park. The Staples store has closed, so there is no longer a red awning marking our starting spot. But, we still meet at the same spot, close to the corner of 33d Street on M Street, NW, 1 &1/2 blocks from the Key Bridge.

Great turnouts lately, close to or over 30 people have been showing! Come on out!

After the sweaty run, we reconvene at Dean & Deluca’s where mud is consumed by many, Gerry and Ed gobble up their weekly almond croissants, Will slams the sushi bar, Court nibbles the bagel and lox, and others tackle their favorite crumpets of the costly kind. Some members also pick up a magazine brought by dental gift horse Tris–can’t read em all so I bring them to the club–Kruger.

Bring and drink lots of water or your favorite sports drink, it’s hot and tough out there!

Summer Strides 5k Coming August 14th!

The WRC will be helping RacePacket put on the Summer Strides 5k race on Sunday, August 14th, beginning at 8 a.m. in Belle Haven Park in Alexandria. It’s a nice flat course along the Potomac. Great summertime race, both short and fast, perfect for the summertime heat.  Put it on your calendars! 

This race proceeds will benefit a great cause, the National MS Society!

WRC T-Shirts and Singlets for Sale! We have new tshirts in sizes small through extra-extra large. Member price is $10get one while they last! Jim Wadsworth will have a stock of them during the Sunday runs, Tuesday track nights, and at some races. See the clothing page for a pic.

We also have limited quantities of the new WRC running top, black with the WRC logo in white, selling for $15.

Other Sports News – Tour de France Update
Lance leads, but only by a mere wet nose…

Lance looking worried about team Vizsla

Lance Armstrong of team Discovery Channel continued strongly toward his quest of a seventh Tour de France victory, but the real surprise was the man in 2nd place a mere 10 seconds back, Kyle Yost of team Vizlsa. Kyle’s team with mascot Riley-dawg, were biking their way toward a strong runner-up finish. The main news was how they rode surprisingly well in the “Yelps,” Riley’s preferred term for Alps.

Team Vizsla mascot Riley in France thinking…
“I’d rather be at Dean and Deluca’s drinking mud with the WRC!”

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