Club News, June 14, 2005

WRC Club News
June 14, 2005

Items of interest: new members, birthdays,  member travels, a massive smathering of member race results, club activities, thanks to volunteers, thanks to Kyle, WRC t-shirts available, July 4th pool party,  track, distance run,  tale of the tape – Iron Mike vs. iron mike… WRC People News

New Members!
Peter Smith, 31, DC
Valeri Davies, 33,  DC
Max Lockwood, 34,  DC
Caroline Caine, 37, VA
Tatiana Ramos, 35, DC

We welcome Peter, Valeri, Max, Caroline, and Tatiana into the WRC! Thus far in 2005, we have 21 new members, 13 men, and 8 ladies.

May and June Birthdays! 

We wish a veryHappy Birthday to the following members: Sarah B, Diana J, Bryon P, Alvaro P, John R, James S, Casey S, Robert T, Chris B, George B, Laura C, Louis L, Dan S, Dane R, Amy S, Juliette W, Nicholas W, Bryan B, Alex R, Kathy R, Peter S, and Philip V! Hope you have a great day, or had one! Cheers!

If you weren’t mentioned and your birthday is in May or June, it’s because we don’t have the date in our records…but happy birthday all the same anyway!

Member Travels

Bryon Powell is out in Park City, Utah, for the summer…we hear the honor-goat is loving the trails and rugged running out there! He’s gearing up for the Western States 100 Miler in fact (see some of his race results below). Hope you return with your ankles intact Bryon!

Dan Wallace has shipped off in preparation for a stint in Iraq. We sincerely wish him all the best and Barb too, as she keeps the home fires burning, and with her PT, many injured runners on the road to recovery as well.

Will Ellison slipped off to Italy recently for a biking trek. Some will go to any end of the earth for a little old bike ride we see. His nice bike was lost on the way home, but recovered…phew!

Bruce Reynolds has moved all the way from Fairfax, VA, to Arlington, VA.We always knew he wanted to be closer to most of us.

Brian & Heidi Yourish are heading to Vancouver, British Columbia, where Heidi is entering graduate school and Brian is going to bum around and run some. Only kidding…Brian will be looking for work when they get there. He leaves Rails for Trails here in DC, and Heidi the Children’s Museum. We wish Brian and Heidi the best of luck and happiness in their adventure!

WRC Member Racing
(From 4/30 through 6/12, most recent first)
Eagleman Triathlon, Blackwater, MD, 6/12

Lisa Thomas and Steve Tappan qualify for Ironman Hawaii! Marie and Kyle perform well also! Tough hot conditions for the 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run!

16th Lisa Thomas 29  4:51:33
33d Marie Sandrock 33  5:11:31

27th Steve Tappan 37  4:27:50
139th Kyle Yost 34  4:57:35
Survivor Harbor 7 Miler, 6/12, Baltimore, MD

Mike takes third in Baltimore!

3d Mike Wardian 31  36:14

Lawyers Have Heart 10k, 6/11, DC

On a hot and steamy day for a 10k, the WRC had some fine member performances, led by Gen and Philippe! 2,137 finished the race.

2nd Genevieve Kiley 30  37:45
6th Sharon Donovan 30  39:34 (3d age)
Kelly Ferraro 24  46:31
Juli Wohlrab 36  54:55
Caroline Caine 37  55:11

4th Philippe Rolly 32  31:49 (1st age)
11th Max Lockwood 35  34:18 (3d age)
18th Pascal Brazey 36  35:22
24th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44  36:11 (2nd age)
25th Henry Grossmann 33  36:23
31st Bart Forsyth 27  37:31
Jay Wind 55  42:32 (3d age)

Gen brings it in at Lawyers!

Henry striding home!

(Photos courtesy Washington Running Report)

Park City Marathon, 6/11, UT

Bryon decides to jump into the hilly, high altitude, Park City Marathon as a last tune up for the Western States 100-Miler.

5th Bryon Powell 26  2:58:32 (2nd age)
One of the gorgeous views that Bryon experienced…

Bryon reports in: “Although this race was a road marathon, the course was not standard fair, a large section was on bike baths through nice countryside away from roads with maybe another 8 miles on dirt roads. Although an unnamed informer (Genevieve) had said that the scenery was lacking, I was inspired by sage filled plains, alpine meadows, and looming mountains that constantly surrounded the runners. The highlight of the race may have been the moose that crossed the course 30 meters in front of me!  You don’t see that in most marathons.” –Bryon

That moose sighting by Bryon is enough to make Mr. Moosey of the club go beserko…but take it easy Bart! Bart’s reply to Bryon’s luck: “I’m leaving work now to go run that course!” (the inside: Bart has never seen a moose despite being in moose territory numerous times!)

In a previous tuneup for the Western 100, Bryon ran the Squaw Peak 50 mile race outside of Provo, Utah on June 4th.  With 10,000’+ of climb, 10 miles of snow on the course, and a fun climb of 1,300’+ up a snow drift in less than a mile and a quarter, it wa one brutal course. But he perservered, running a 10:11, good for 13th place.
Race for the Cure 5k, 6/5, DC 

WRCers take a number of top spots in this worthy event!

2nd Philippe Rolly 32  15:10
6th Yancey Hall 36  16:11
9th George Buckheit 47  16:23

3d Lisa Thomas 29  17:56
4th Barb Fallon-Wallace 31  18:27
5th Lindsay Goulet 27  18:44
8th Sharon Donovan 30  18:59

Lisa rounding a corner at the Race for the Cure Philippe (in blue) takes it out with Chris Banks

(Photos courtesy Washington Running Report)

Backyard Burn 10-Mile Trail Race, 6/5, VA

Gen wins a hot and tough trail run!

1st Genevieve Kiley 30  1:19:58

4th Bart Forsyth 27  1:15:28
14th Dan Simonds 37  1:20:58
Race for Our Kids 10k, 6/5, MD
Mike wins another race!

1st Michael Wardian 31  32:18
San Diego Marathon

17,113 finish it…Dane is one of them!

204th Dane Rauschenberg 29  3:11:07
DCRRC Run after the Women 5k

Bob Platt 53  23:36
James Scarborough 47  24:04
Cascades 10k Firechase, VA, 5/28

Philippe wins by a tic with his superb kick!

1st Philippe Rolly 32  30:39
4th David O’Hara 29  34:52
PVTC All-Comers Track Meet, VA, 5/29

George Buckheit 47 4:44 (3d in 1st heat)
Jay Wind 55  6:46

1st Win Persina 45  12:00

2nd George Buckheit 47  9:42
6th Jay Wind 55  12:20
Vermont City Marathon, VT, 5/29
Iron Mike takes 2nd on a hilly course!  Mike P. jumps in on a whim…

2nd Michael Wardian 31  2:27:15
Mike Proulx 28  3:22 (unofficially for they wouldn’t let him sign up on race day)
Buffalo Marathon, NY, 5/29

90th Robert Toonkel 30  3:32:33 (10th age)
Capital Hill Classic 10k, DC, 5/22

Big WRC turnout at the Capitol Hill Classic 10k among 1,935 finishers…and team WRC wins it all! Iron Mike repeats as overall champ as well!

WRC was 1st out of 34 teams, we had a big team, but the scoring was led by Steve Money, Yancey Hall, and Gen Kiley.

1st Mike Wardian 31  31:56
2nd Stephen Money 24  33:43
4th Yancey Hall 36  33:53
12th Pascal Brazey 36  35:29
33d Bart Forsyth 27  38:21
117th Will Ellison 39  42:13
124th Jay Wind 55  42:15
147th David Oberholtzer 53  43:00
167th Bruce Reynolds 54  43:34
628th Philip Vasquez 50  52:23

4th Gen Kiley 30  38:08 (1st age)
8th Sharon Donovan 30  39:29 (3d age)
21st Courtney Fulton 27  43:47
30th Sara Kupfer 29  45:05
43d Jennifer Popovic 31  46:25
74th Erica Morton 28  48:14
75th Laura Chipkin 25  48:15
80th Diana Johnson 24  48:54
142nd Deborah Pressley  50:45
231st Lynn Huang 35  53:08

Some Capitol Hill Classic Pics

Mike cruising all by himself! Gen… Steve…
Sharon… Laura and Erica… Pascal…
Courtney… Sarah… Dave…
Bruce (white top)…
Yancey, Bart, and Gen discuss strategy. The Yance dance… WRC ladies…Court, Diana, Erica, Laura

Germantown 5-Miler, 5/21, MD

The day before his win at the Capitol Hill Classic and less than a week after winning the Delaware Marathon, Mike takes 2nd!

2nd Mike Wardian 31  25:22
9th George Buckheit 48  27:52 (1st age)
11th Jean-Christophe Arcaz 44  28:51 (2nd age)

22nd Sarah Buckheit 45  38:29 (3d age)
Fairfax Corner 5k, 5/21, VA
Ex prez Barb wins it!
1st Barb Fallon Wallace 31  18:23
San Diego 5k Lung Run
19th Juli Wohlrab  25:09 (a pr for Juli!)
Columbia Triathlon, 5/22, Ellicot City, MD
(1.5k swim, 41k bike, 10k run)

In a very tough field, Lisa takes 8th in women’s division and Steve takes 25th overall! Lisa runs fastest women’s 10k (38:27) for the day, and 2nd fastest in event history! Steve and Marie take 3d in the couple team category!

8th Lisa Thomas 29  2:25:23
36th Marie Sandrock 33  2:37:32

25th Steve Tappan 37  2:14:22
Cleveland Marathon, 5/22, PA
Dane and Robert complete yet another marathon.

64th Dane Rauschenberg 28  3:08:17
231st Robert Toonkel 30  3:29:51 (dDespite doing his 5th marathon in 43 days, Rob notches his best time since 1999.

Robert is one of the runners featured in the latest edition of “Runner’s World” magazine in a story about marathoners running a marathon in all 50 states…check it out if you get a chance.

Here’s Dane sporting his retro
WRC singlet in Cleveland!

Delaware Marathon, 5/15
Iron Mike wins in a course record…and even ran a 5k the day before!

1st Mike Wardian 31  2:27:48
84th Robert Toonkel 30  3:37:56

Some press on Mike:

“Wardian was running his third marathon in 27 days, including a 26th-place finish in the Boston Marathon and a win in Frederick, Md. He even ran a 5K Saturday in Kennett Square, Pa.

‘I’m just trying to challenge myself, to see what I can do. I got a good run and I got to run in front of my wife’s family,’ said Wardian, who is married to 1995 Ursuline Academy graduate Jennifer Higgins. ‘They got to see me go by a lot, which you don’t have in most marathons. [The loop course] would have been really weird if I hadn’t done a 100K [62 miles] on a 10K loop before, so I had some experience with that.’ Wardian mastered this marathon in 2:27:49, the fastest ever run in Delaware. The previous best was Newark resident Bill McCartan’s 2:29:05 at the Lewes Seashore Marathon in 1979.

‘He’s a machine,” said Steve Sinko, a friend who is one of Delaware’s top runners but has fought frequent injuries. ‘The things he does aren’t normal.'” 

Yep Steve, that’s why we in the WRC call him “Iron Mike.”
Plaza America 5k, 5/15, VA

Ex-pres Barb takes 3d! 

3d Barb Fallon Wallace 31 19:05
39th Elizabeth Ottaway 41  24:45

12th George Buckheit 47  16:52 (2nd age)
64th Jay Wind 55  21:19 (3d age)
126th James Scarborough 47  24:21
Connect the Dots 5k, 5/7, DC

In a course that turned out to be loooong, some great running took place. Times have been adjusted to the proper 5k distance. Philippe led the way for the WRC!

Philippe Rolly 32  15:00 (3d overall)
David O’Hara 29  16:34 (11th overall)
George Buckheit 47  16:50 (14th overall)

Win Persina 45  21:11 (4th age)
Sarah Buckheit 44  22:29
Arlington Mother’s Day 10k, 5/8, VA

Paul Durbin 40  42:38
James Scarborough 46  50:11
Potomac River Marathon, 5/1, VA

Robert Toonkel  3:36:13
Frederick Marathon, MD, 5/1(521 finishers)

Iron Mike captures another! Sully PR’s!

1st Mike Wardian 31  2:29:13

65th Amy Sullivan 33  4:14:57
Country Music 1/2 Marathon, Nashville, TN, 5/1

Will travels afar to “sing” on to a pr!

Will Ellison 39  1:35:36
Cassidy & Pinkard Race for Hope 5k, DC, 5/1 

Philippe grabs 2nd overall! Win places 2nd in her age group.

2nd Philippe Rolly 32  15:14

9th Win Persina 45  20:33 (2nd age)
Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH, 5/1

Ohio member Ed flys the pig to a good time. 

305th Ed Zechmann  3:28:54
Broad Street 10-Miler, Philadelphia, PA, 5/1

Lisa in top 10 under 60 minutes, Gen and Sharon follow with solid performances. George runs well also.

10th Lisa Thomas 29  59:45 (3d age)
15th Gen Kiley 30  61:52 (3d age)
24th Sharon Donovan 30  63:07 (4th age)

74th George Buckheit 47  58:54 (6th age)
Patriots Cup Corporate Challenge 8k, VA, 5/1

Dave runs for Raytheon and places well among 342 finishers.

33d David Oberholtzer 53  34:05 (2nd age group)
Some Delaware Trail Marathon, 4/30, DE

Dane informs us that he ran another marathon in Delaware, over hills and through streams and treacherous mud. We’ll have to take his word for this one.

6th Dane Rauschenberg 28  4:06

Great running everyone! We sincerely apologize if we missed any member places or races. Let us know if so. 

Club Activities

President Baker Thanks all Who Helped Out at the Lawyers Have Heart 10k this Past Weekend!

“The Club extends its sincerest thanks to everyone who came out and supported the race on Saturday.  I spoke with the American Heart Assoc. afterwards and they were very pleased with our assistance and expressed an interest in having us more involved next year.  Thanks again!” –Steve Baker

The following members helped out:

1. Steve Baker
2. Jim Wadsworth
3. Adina Wadsworth
4. James Scarborough
5. Erica Morton
6. Ron McGraw
7. Paul Durbin
8. Ed Doheny
9. Gerry Ives
10. Steve Money
11. John O’Donnell
12. Brian Tefft
13. Christy Mahan
14. Rob Toonkel
15. Dan Simmonds

The Club also gives its sincere thanks to member Kyle Yost and Riley-dawg, who hosted a post- race (Lawyer’s Have Heart) brunch at his Georgetown abode! Kyle went beyond the call of duty and served yummy fruit salad, bagels, cookies, and refreshments! Riley went beyond the call of being the utmost friendly host finding Genevieve’s lap to be most comfy!

WRC T-Shirts For Sale! We have new tshirts as shown here...front has the logo on the chest and the back, the writing. We have sizes small through extra-extra large. Member price is $10…get one while they last! Jim Wadsworth will have a stock of them during the Sunday runs, tuesday track nights, and at some races.

POOL PARTY JULY 4TH! The annual WRC pool party and cookout will be held in Potomac, MD, on July 4th per tradition. Some run the Go Fourth 8k race in Alexandria that morning and then come, most run the Cure Autism Now 5k, right near the party in downtown Potomac, some do the predict your time race in Carderock, and yet others simply run on their own and then show. Details will be forthcoming, but put the date on your calenders!

Track Workouts 

Track workouts are on Tuesday evenings at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington. Check out the link for more info. Members receive updated track workout information via the weekly email update.

On a hot night in June, President Steve, Adina, 
and Pascal await other WRC tracksters


Sunday Distance Runs

Sunday Distance Runs are most often run along the Capital Crescent Trail, C&O Canal, or Rock Creek Park. The Staples store has closed, so there is no longer a red awning marking our starting spot. But, we still meet at the same spot, close to the corner of 33d Street on M Street, NW, 1 &1/2 blocks from the Key Bridge.

Great turnouts lately! Over 30 this past Sunday (6/12)…come on out! After the sweaty run, we reconvene at Dean & Deluca’s for coffee, refreshments, and gossippy gobblygook!

Tale of the Tape – Comparing and Contrasting the Iron Mikes


Iron Mike Wardian vs. Iron Mike Tyson
Physique Tall with lean muscles Bulky with gigantoid muscles
Iron? Carves up road race after road race, marathon after marathon,with iron-like endurance and speed Once carved up opponents with iron-like musculature and style, now finishes in an iron-like heap of metal
Career From college lacrosse to distance running and racing From the top of boxing to the top of the bankruptcy pile
Record setting Marathon treadmill world record holder Youngest heavyweight boxing champ
DC Connection Has met Gerry Ives and is seen all over town running the trails and roads Has met Gerry Ives and kissed the canvas at MCI recently
Pre-event facial expression Smiley and nice Tattooed and snarly
Duration of a competitive athletic contest 2:21:48, no stopping for water or rest six 3-minute rounds, 6 stops for water and rest

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