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The WRC – Club News, January 2004

People news, some member racing, WRR runner rankings,
marathon relay event, year-end party and other sports news – the return

People News
Olympic Marathon Trials

Member Michael Wardian will be running the Olympic Marathon Trials in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, February 7th. You may recall that Mike qualified at the Detroit Free Press Marathon last fall, running impressively under the qualifying time of 2 hours 22 minutes. We wish Mike all the best in endurance and speed as he lines up in this memorable running-career moment. He should be proud, for we are. No pressure Mike…just remember that we’re all pulling for you! Cheers!

New Members

The WRC had lots of new members in 03, most recently, Brian Stickel, Samantha Newbold, Alvaro Prado, and Kerith McFadden. We heartily welcome them into the WRC! Here is a rundown of the new members in 2003, in no particular order, except ladies on the left, men on the right.

Ladies Men
Beth McCann Chris Duke
Lilibet Hagel Ben Gutman
Morgan Eash Bruce Reynolds
Erica Morton Derik Thomas
Kiyong Yi Glen Hines
Misun Yi Mike Proulx
Dana Dubose Ed Zechman
Beth Klee Brian Stickel
Ashley Etue Alvaro Prado
Lisa Thomas Ryan Rodenberg
Challice Bonifont Joseph Pires
Patricia Hines
Katie Durkin
Win Persina
Emily Turner
Kelly Ferraro
Diana Johnson
Samantha Newbold
Courtney Fulton
Kerith McFadden


Members Leaving

Unfortunately, the WRC is also losing a couple of great members. Chris Duke is returning to his native New Jersey and John Aston  is returning to his native England, both places of beauty and accents. At the same time, we were very pleased to learn that John is engaged to his fiancee Karie (and yep, she’s a Yank).

We wish Chris and John the best of luck in their change of life!
Member Racing Info

Gar Williams 1/2 Marathon, Alexandria, Dec 6th
Lindsay Goulet returned to the racing scene and took a 1st!

1st  Lindsay Goulet  25   1:34:08
7th  Roberto Rodriguez  48  1:36:02
8th  Jay Wind  53   1:36:23
22nd  Bob Trost  57  1:45:59
25th  James Scarborough  45  1:51:23
29th  Bob Platt  52  1:57:35

Christmas Caper 5K & 10K, Hains Pt., Dec 20th


Out at The Awakening, 8 members gathered and then raced on a cold and blustery day.

5k Women:
1st  Win Persina  43  19:42
4th  Adina Wadsworth  35  21:03
5th  Sarah Buckheit  43  21:56
7th  Diana Johnson  22  22:47

5k Men:
1st  Jim Wadsworth 46 17:14
11th  Bob Trost  57 20:51
14th  Bob Platt  52  21:59

10k Men:
13th Jay Wind 53  41:40

Red Ribbon 5k, Alexandria, VA, December 31st


Eleven WRC members among 457 total runners took part in this pre-New Year’s Eve race directed by member Bob Platt. A terrific way to start the eve and hence, the new year!

3d Lisa Thomas 28  18:14 (3d overall)
4th Sharon Donovan 29  18:34 (1st age 20-29)
13th Win Persina 43  20:16 (3d age 40-49)
22nd Adina Wadsworth 35  21:12 (10th age 30-39)
25th Sarah Buckheit 43  21:52 (4th age 40-49)

9th Jim Wadsworth 46  16:49 (1st age 40-49)
11th Derik Thomas 38  17:06 (4th age 30-39)
47th Jay Wind 53  19:51 (7th age 50-59)
56th Bob Trost 57  20:09 (9th age 50-59)
70th Bruce Reynolds 53  20:55 (11th age 50-59)
103d James Scarborough 45  22:11 (26th age 40-49)

DCRRC New Year’s Day Resolution 5k, Jan 1st, Arlington, VA

A few WRC folks among 475 others started the new year off right with a race.

2nd Casey Smith 24  18:19
19th Ryan Rodenberg 29  19:29
20th Jay Wind 53  19:38
51st Bob Platt 52  22:17

DCRRC Al Lewis 10-Miler and 20-Miler, Jan 3d, Kensington, MD

5th Emily Turner 22  71:04
17th Diana Johnson 22  81:00

9th Jay Wind 53  2:22:15
20th Bob Platt 52  2:50:17

Our Philly-connection master member Mike McGrath recently reported that he ran an indoor mile race on December 14th and finished in 5:15, a nice effort indeed. But, the important thing he noted, is that the race was run in the Haverford College Fieldhouse and he wanted to be sure that we rubbed that in to the likes of our WRC Haverford alum Dave Keating, Bryon Powell, and Anthony Belber. So, on behalf of Mike, na na na na NA na Dave, Bryon, and Anthony…oh, the memories!

Wow…terrific running members, and lots of it! Keep up the great work!

We apologize if we missed any races or results. If so, let us know and we’ll gladly make corrections.

WRR Running Rankings


The Washington Running Report recently released its most recent running rankings and seems that five WRCers made the cut in the competitive DC racing field. Kudos to them! Here’s the lineup:

Women’s Open Division
10th Casey Smith

Women’s 35-39
5th Maria Kozloski

Women’s 40-44
2nd Win Persina

Men’s Open
11th Michael Wardian

Men’s 45-49
6th Jim Wadsworth

We note that RacePacket recently released it’s Grand Prix year-end standings and unfortunately no WRC members made top billing, though a few scored in some of the various races. To be eligible for these final standings, one must race at least 5 of the 12 Grand Prix events run, a goal perhaps, to consider for 2004! See RacePacket for more info.

GW Birthday Marathon Relay (team)


If you happen to be interested in running a fun relay event, consider the GW Birthday Marathon Relay being held on February 22nd (Sunday) at 10:30 a.m. in Greenbelt, MD. Three people are needed for the relay.

The relay race is run the same time and course as the marathon. The relay exchange is at the USDA Visitor Center. Relay teams consist of three people in one of the five

COED (Three runners any age. Relay team must have at least one female runner)
Open Men (Three male runners any age)
Open Women (Three female runners any age)
Masters Men (Three male runners at least 40 years old)
Masters Women (Three female runners at least 40 years old)

James Scarborough is working at putting a WRC men’s masters team together. If anyone is interested in running on a WRC coed or open team, let us know at and we’ll see if we can arrange it.

For more race information go here.
Club Activities and Stuff
Year-End Party!

It’s time! The annual year-end WRC party/banquet is approaching. If you haven’t yet responded to the Evite sent to members, please do so. We’re up over 40 members and friends thus far! Let’s make it a night to remember. Here are the details:

Where: Rhodeside Grill, Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA (in room downstairs)
When:  Saturday, January 31, 2004, beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Who: WRC members, guests, and friends
What: $10/person to help toward food (club will subsidize rest), cash bar, WRC award/meeting agenda, much socializing, great FUN!

Send an email to to rsvp or if you need more information.

Other Sports News – The Return!

The biggest news in town since…no, not since the coming of Michael Jordan, or Jaromir Jagr, but the renewal of the WRC of course! Indeed, it’s not been since the return to active prominence of the Washington Running Club, that the Washington, DC area has been in such an excitable tizzy about sports. But now, Joe Gibbs is back as coach of the Washington Redskins! And yes, it seems to have immediately taken major pressure off the WRC having to be the biggest game in town. Welcome back Mr. Gibbs…and thanks for the relief!


That’s all for now…thanks for reading!
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