Club News, September 4, 2003

The WRC – Club News, September 4, 2003

People news, member race results, at the track, Philly Distance Run, marathoning plans, social calendar, on the oval thang, Sunday distance run, tale of the tape, and sites of DC.

People News

We bid farewell to our new friend Doug Herman, who has been running with us this summer while on an internship in DC and away from grad school at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he is pursuing a PhD in economics.

Doug showed for many a Sunday run and numerous track sessions. Doug often caught a ride to the track with Dave Young where he expounded on Dave the importance of properly analyzing running. Indeed, Doug was overheard saying in Dave’s car: “you see Dave, you must build on some basic microeconomic tools, such as supply and demand curves, from fundamental concepts. The primary goal is to apply economic reasoning in a careful, systematic way to your leg lift and pace setting.” After which, Dave was heard muttering, “I wish they never found this dang Entrepid when it was stolen that second time.”

We wish Doug all the best in continuing his quest of knowledge and economic supremacy. And, may he some day come back to DC and the WRC again!



This news is a tad late, but alas, the stork failed to report to us on time…and better late than never as that overused saying goes. BUT, we are very happy to announce the emergence into this world of Todd Martin’s new son, Killian J. Martin, who was born July 3d. Killian weighed in at a healthy 8lbs, 8oz and was 19 inches long. Todd, Tasha, and daughter Charlotte moved to Ohio in June…even though they went and did that, we still, for some reason, bid them a hearty congratulations!

Member Race Results
DCRRC Bon Air 5k, Aug 7th

17th Jay Wind 53  19:25
18th Mark Drosky 42  19:32
58th James Scarborough 45  22:54

DCRRC Women’s Festival 5k, Arlington, Aug 10th


2nd Sarah Buckheit 43  23:23

Run after the Women 5k, Arlington, Aug 10th


4th Jay Wind 53  20:16
15th Bob Platt 52  22:52
20th James Scarborough 45  23:35

Falmouth, Mass, Aug 10th


32nd Michael Wardian 29  35:57 (18th American)

Kentlands 5k, Gaithersburg 8/30

At the start (Mike Wardian in black on far right)


3d Michael Wardian 29  14:55 (3d men’s open)
43d Jay Wind 53  19:06 (2nd 50-54)
7th Mary Peate 23  19:59 (1st age 20-24)
22nd Sarah Buckheit 43  22:27 (3d age 40-44)

New Haven 20K Road Race, New Haven, CT, 9/01


28th Michael Wardian 29  1:03:41

Leadville 100 Mile Ultramarathon, Leadville, Co


48th Michael Campbell 26:58:35 (8th in age group)

We clearly see that Mike is of the same ilk as Prasad Gerard and Aaron Schwartzbard. Way to go Michael!

Racing Wrap Up


We note that Mike Wardian ventured off to run two big national races (Falmouth and New Haven) in New England…and ran very admirably as well…way to go Mike! And everyone else brave enough to hit the summer racing pavement did real well also!

We humbly and sincerely apologize if we’ve forgotten any members in races, who would have liked to have seen their names in print. If so, send an email to and we’ll update the page just for you!

In the future, if you run a race out of town and want to see your results posted, please send any info in. Interesting quotes or observations are very welcome too.
Philly Distance Run Teams Set

The WRC will have two teams competing in the Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon on Sept. 21st. Also, a couple other members may be venturing north for the event.

Open Mixed Team: Erica Morton (captain), Katie Durkin, Bryon Powell, Chris Duke, and Brian Yourish.

Men’s Master’s Team: Dave Keating (captain), Steve Baker, Prasad Gerard, Mike McGrath, and Jim Wadsworth.

“You could say we make a groin-grabbingly good team!” –Homer Simpson

Marathoning Plans


Word has it that many members are planning fall marathons. We attempt to provide some clues to the mystery (educated guesses and not likely to be 100% accurate, which we apologize for in advance…but, we’ll work at cleaning it up as we learn more).

Chicago Marathon: Casey Smith, Sharon Donovan, Maria Kozloski, Lisa Thomas, Marie Sandrock, Steve Baker, Frank Sprtel, (moved associates – Todd Martin, Carly Vynne, Susan Wunderly, NIkki Underwood)

Marine Corps Marathon: Erica Morton, Al Han, Russ Crandall

Philadelphia Marathon: Dave Keating

Richmond Marathon: Mike Proulx

We wish these folks all the best in their marathon training and the marathons themselves, and if they’re not doing ones as noted, we still wish them the best in whatever they’re doing.

Social Calendar 


Club Pool Party: Tentative date: September 28, 2003.

Fall Happy Hour: date(s) to be announced.

On that Red Ovalish Thang

We continue to get great turnouts at the Tuesday evening track workouts. For more info on WRC track workouts, the track page tells a story or two. It’ll be getting dark soon at track time, so we’ll soon be putting, er, knocking our heads together to come up with a plan for dealing with that.

Sunday Distance Run


A bunch of us runner-types meet on Sunday mornings to hopefully complete distances of 10-18 miles (if you want/need to go shorter, you can turn around and head back at any point to your liking since our runs are almost always out and back courses). We start at 8 am in Georgetown on M Street (3300 Block, across the street from the Staples Store with the red awnings).  Distance run info and directions

After running we regroup at Dean & DeLuca (3276 M Street, NW) for refreshments and fresh discussions about all things tiny and big.

John Aston vs Harry Potter – The Tale of the Tape


It has been our pleasure in the past year or so to have John Aston as a member.

John is English. Which means that he is polite, well spoken, reserved, and a connoisseur of tea. He is also apt to say “cheers” when expressing greetings, agreement, and “isn’t it time Jerry Lewis simply retire?”

Anyway, it recently occurred to us that John looks much like Harry Potter, another Brit who wears spectacles and is not apt to cast a shadow when standing sideways. So we thought it would useful to do another of Washrun’s infamous comparisons.

Will the real Wizard please stand up



Quality Harry Potter John Aston
Linquistic Skills Can understand the dialect of snakes Can understand the dialect of Scots
Sport of choice Quidditch – a 1. Distance Running (“cheers, anyone up for five miles at six minute pace? Cheers  & Cheerio!”)
Scars Bears scars from unfortunate encounter with Lord Voldemort Bears scars from unfortunate encounter with the Marine Corps Marathon
Spends ordinary life among Muggles, a boring folk who drone on about pointless & obscure issues Mathematicians, rather boring folk who drone on about pointless & obscure issues
Relations with Fairer Sex Harry Potter does not date Well, he sure as heck would not tell us about any of it
Education At Hogwarts, which exists in fantastic parallel universe to England In Canada, which exists in a fantastic parallel universe to the United States
Archenemy Lord Voldemort 1. John Ashcoft, an evil presence who terrorizes anyone with a work visa

Sites of DC – Mr. Einstein
Albert with an early issue of Track & Field News


If you yet haven’t, plan a run down Constitution Avenue and check out the cool Albert Einstein Memorial near the Lincoln Memorial. The seated bronze statue of physicist Albert Einstein was designed by Robert Berks and sits on a granite bench within a 28 foot circular map of the sky. The statue is located on the southwest corner of of the National Academy of Sciences, 2101 Constitution Ave., NW. (It’s quite clear from this pose that Al got quite exhausted by simply reading about all that fast running.)

That’s all for now folks…thanks for reading!
Disclaimer: Club News is designed to inform, enlighten, and amuse. We make no guarantee that this stuff is completely accurate, or even bears a passing resemblance to reality. We also don’t guarantee that your sense of humor will be tickled. But alas, we try.

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