Cherry Blossom Preview

Four teams for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 miler this coming Sunday! Can we improve on last year? Here’s a look at this year’s rosters:

Washington Running Club: Dudes
Team Category: Running Club Men's Open 
1	 Karlsen, Paul 
2	 Killian, Andrew 
3	 Masterson, Kirk 
4	 Stutts, Benjamin 
5	 Wells, Kit 

Washington Running Club: Sages
Team Category: Running Club Men's Open 
1	 Frantz, Jesse 
2	 O'Keefe, Patrick 
3	 Savitch, Brian 
4	 Sullivan, Brendan 

Washington Running Club: Dames 
Team Category: Running Club Women's Open 
1	 Gorodetsky, Olga 
2	 Marsillo, Nancy 
3	 Tucker, Kendall 
Washington Running Club: Mixed 
Team Category: Running Club Mixed Masters 
1	 Hackman, Christine 
2	 Scarborough, James 
3	 Taylor, Julia 
4	 Wind, Jay Jacob 

And here’s a map showing where to meetup after the race on Sunday, Northwest of the Washington Monument, South of the Baggage check/ pickup. Be sure to check out the other race-day maps.
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WRC Four Teams Strong for Boston

We’ve made it through a pretty brutal winter, pushing each other through many long, hard, wet, and cold miles together. Spring is finally here which means Boston is near! 

We have expanded greatly from last year’s Men’s Open and Women’s Open team entries. This year, perhaps for the first time in the club’s long history, WRC has officially entered team entries for all four Boston Marathon team categories. We have a very strong Women’s Open team with 8 team members competing! The other three team entries are 3 member each, for a total of 17 runners! 

All can be tracked from the Boston Marathon’s AT&T Athlete Alert. Please also see The One Fund for information regarding donation & assistance for victims & their families that were most impacted by last year’s tragedy.

The current team entries are as follows:

Women's Open - Emily Buzzell, Lauren Gabler, Olga Gorodetsky, 
               Laura Jennings, Jenny Paul, Lucy Rogers, 
               Stephanie Selmer, and Katie Tomlinson

Men's Open - Drew Killian, Max Lockwood, and Brian Savitch

Women's Masters - Shinobu Kusakabe, Lydia Pelliccia, and Julia Taylor

Men's Masters - John Kendra, Jim Moore, and Jay Wind

If you are a current team member running the Boston Marathon and are not on the team entries listed below, then please let us know (if you have not already done so) by emailing! We are also organizing a social gathering (within a short walk of the finish area) for much needed post-race recovery.

Good luck to everyone!

Sunday Distance Run – 3/30

Get ready for a nice, easy, long run this Sunday! The planned route will be similar to our 2/23 Sunday Distance Run which took us out Custis Trail, through Arlington neighborhoods to Chain Bridge, up the Towpath, and back down MacArthur.

This week’s planned route will add a couple miles on for a nice round 24 miles. The primary addition will include exiting Custis Trail onto Bluemont Junction Trail, turning onto W&OD Trail, and cutting back up Custis Trail to continue the route up N. Harrison St through the Arlington neighborhoods. The other (minor) modification will be turn onto the Capitol Crescent Trail off of MacArthur, and finish along Water/K Street.

Please review the full 24-mile route map before Sunday! We will have a gatorade/water stop along the towpath between Chain Bridge and the cutover to MacArthur.

For those with no desire or plan to run 24-miles this weekend:

16 Miles – Turn back down Towpath toward Georgetown after crossing Chain Bridge

10-11 Miles – Continue on Custis Trail toward Rosslyn/Georgetown after the Bluemont/W&OD addition (don’t turn onto N. Harrison St).

See you on Sunday!

Caesar Rodney, for the Win!

Breaking news, via the magic of SMS/MMS:

Emily Buzzell: first place team coed division at Caesar Rodney! Go WRC!
Received: 11:58AM
Emily Buzzell:

Nine decorated WRCers, standing in front of the equestrian statue of Caesar Rodney at Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE. Like our runners, the horse is depicted in full gallop.

Nine decorated WRCers, standing in front of the equestrian statue of Caesar Rodney at Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE. Like our runners, the horse is depicted in full gallop.

Received: 12:19PM
Emily Buzzell: Everyone is having fun here!
Received: 12:21PM
Emily Buzzell: Rachel and Ben did AWESOME (1:26, 1:19)
Received: 12:21PM

Team captain, Emily Buzzell, also sez:

Washington Running Club brought home first place in today’s Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington, DE!

Bolstered by good competition, close to perfect running weather (low 40s, overcast, breezy), and the promise of pizza and cupcakes after the race, WRC turned out some fantastic performances this morning. Ben Stutts led the way with a 16th place showing and his first sub-1:20 in a half marathon. Drew Killian ran close to his PR for 42nd place, and Rachel Clattenburg wowed with a 4th place finish among women. Particularly impressive about Rachel’s performance were her negative splits and the way she dropped the hammer during a long, challenging uphill climb between miles 6 and 9. Emily Buzzell ran a very evenly paced race to finish as the 7th woman. The team scoring was rounded out by Laura Jennings, who ran a 5-minute PR and finished in the top 100. Race organizers only allowed for scoring of the top-5 runners, but Jesse Frantz, Kendall Tucker, Carla Freyvogel (in her bold WRC singlet), and Claire Tsoukalis all ran stellar races as well.

WRC drove away from Wilmington, DE, today with some nice hardware, and we hope to return next year and do it all over again!

Citizens Bank Caesar Rodney Half Marathon
March 23, 2014, Rodney Square, Wilmington DE
Individual Results, Team Results

16 Ben Stutts         1:19:28, 16th overall
42 Drew Killian       1:24:43, 42nd overall
50 Rachel Clattenburg 1:25:56, 4th woman
60 Emily Buzzell      1:27:16, 7th woman
98 Laura Jennings     1:31:24
256 Jesse Frantz      1:41:27
469 Kendall Tucker    1:51:19
658 Carla Freyvogel   1:59:09
764 Claire Tsoukalis  2:04:08
1195 finishers

Winning Co-ed Team, Averaged 1:25:46.

WRC budgeted $100 in travel money, to send its members to race together. Talk about a return on investment!

Sunday Distance Run – 3/23

WRC has two team entries for tomorrow’s Caesar Rodney Half Marathon race in Wilmington, DE and some WRC’ers training for Boston (or other upcoming marathons) will be running a 26.2k “simulator” on a flat loop at Hains Point.

In addition to both of these stimulating activities, our regular Sunday Distance Run will start at 33rd and M in Georgetown (in front of CB2).  The mileage for most will be 10 to 16 miles.

Sunday Distance Run – 3/16

Lots of racing during these few weeks, but we should still have a good turnout for the Sunday Distance Run tomorrow. The planned route will be similar to our recent 18 and change route which goes up Beach Drive to Wise Road for cutover through neighborhoods to the CCT. The slight variation will include an additional mile and change on Beach Drive to make this an even 20 mile run.

Please review the route map for the details.

Looking forward to green snow on Monday!