Sunday Distance Run – 3/30

Get ready for a nice, easy, long run this Sunday! The planned route will be similar to our 2/23 Sunday Distance Run which took us out Custis Trail, through Arlington neighborhoods to Chain Bridge, up the Towpath, and back down MacArthur.

This week’s planned route will add a couple miles on for a nice round 24 miles. The primary addition will include exiting Custis Trail onto Bluemont Junction Trail, turning onto W&OD Trail, and cutting back up Custis Trail to continue the route up N. Harrison St through the Arlington neighborhoods. The other (minor) modification will be turn onto the Capitol Crescent Trail off of MacArthur, and finish along Water/K Street.

Please review the full 24-mile route map before Sunday! We will have a gatorade/water stop along the towpath between Chain Bridge and the cutover to MacArthur.

For those with no desire or plan to run 24-miles this weekend:

16 Miles – Turn back down Towpath toward Georgetown after crossing Chain Bridge

10-11 Miles – Continue on Custis Trail toward Rosslyn/Georgetown after the Bluemont/W&OD addition (don’t turn onto N. Harrison St).

See you on Sunday!