WRC Four Teams Strong for Boston

We’ve made it through a pretty brutal winter, pushing each other through many long, hard, wet, and cold miles together. Spring is finally here which means Boston is near! 

We have expanded greatly from last year’s Men’s Open and Women’s Open team entries. This year, perhaps for the first time in the club’s long history, WRC has officially entered team entries for all four Boston Marathon team categories. We have a very strong Women’s Open team with 8 team members competing! The other three team entries are 3 member each, for a total of 17 runners! 

All can be tracked from the Boston Marathon’s AT&T Athlete Alert. Please also see The One Fund for information regarding donation & assistance for victims & their families that were most impacted by last year’s tragedy.

The current team entries are as follows:

Women's Open - Emily Buzzell, Lauren Gabler, Olga Gorodetsky, 
               Laura Jennings, Jenny Paul, Lucy Rogers, 
               Stephanie Selmer, and Katie Tomlinson

Men's Open - Drew Killian, Max Lockwood, and Brian Savitch

Women's Masters - Shinobu Kusakabe, Lydia Pelliccia, and Julia Taylor

Men's Masters - John Kendra, Jim Moore, and Jay Wind

If you are a current team member running the Boston Marathon and are not on the team entries listed below, then please let us know (if you have not already done so) by emailing sdr@washrun.org! We are also organizing a social gathering (within a short walk of the finish area) for much needed post-race recovery.

Good luck to everyone!