Checking In

UPDATED 4/16/2013 9:45 AM:
To the best of our knowledge, all from WRC have now been accounted for.

For general people-finding pertaining to Monday’s incident, please refer to Google’s Person Finder.

In light of the no-good-nasty turn of events up in Boston on Monday afternoon, we’re asking all members and allies of WRC to please check in with the club, as an ounce of precaution.

Please check in by:

all of which will reach Carla, Kirk, and me, directly and simultaneously.

Thus far:

    Drew first wrote me at 2:52 PM today
    I have heard directly from Emily
    Emily has heard from Raquel
    Jay Wind is also accounted for, via Carla
    Dan Yi has heard from Alan P
    Alan has heard from Brian
    Drew has heard from Mark
    Max wrote in to report that he is alright
    Rachel C. reported on Tuesday morning that she is fine

Thanks – Kit