Newsletter, at last

The April 2013 issue of the WRC Newsletter is finally out! This month’s 10-page issue features updates on the Grand Prix, plus the debut of an ongoing column by Christine Hackman.

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From Washington, with Love

WRC and Boston

WRC sends its love to Boston. (L-R) Front: Ben Stutts, Michaela Corr, Carla Freyvogel, Nelson Paz, Ayalew Taye. Middle: Dan Yi, John Kendra, Lucy Rogers, Hillary Tipton, Josh Sohn, Emily Buzzell, Max Lockwood, David Pittman. Back: Jesse Frantz, Drew Killian, Kit Wells, Jerold Paulson, and Gerry Ives. Not pictured, but also present: Tris Kruger and John O’Donnell. Many thanks to Grace Eginton for snapping this photo.

Louder Than Bombs (four helpful things)

Two clubs, two singlets, two cities, together!

Two clubs, two singlets, two cities, together!

We are lucky that no member or family member of the club was impacted by the shameful attack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15th. However, we are greatly saddened by the three four deaths and hundreds of grievous injuries suffered by our running community brethren. Our club extends its condolences and sympathy to all those directly affected. Furthermore, our full support goes to the B.A.A. and the City of Boston. Boston is greater than any bomber.

WRC wishes to voice a solidarity that is louder than bombs, by continuing to participate in the sport we love, exercised within a kind of free and open society that we require. So, as far as this upcoming weekend goes, here are four things which WRC is doing. Please join us. Continue reading

WRC Heading for Boston

The B.A.A. Weather Coordinator appears to have done well this year with getting the temperature under control. We are looking at a high in the upper 50’s. WRC is fielding teams in the both the women’s and men’s team competitions.

The WRC Women’s Team is comprised of Emily Buzzell, Rachel Clattenburg, and Raquel Morgan. The WRC Men’s Team is comprised of Drew Killian, Brian Savitch, and Mark Wright. Other Sunday Distance Run regulars running in Boston include Alan Pemberton and Max Lockwood.

As best we can tell, the club last fielded scoring teams at the Boston Marathon back in 2007 (summary). Historically, the club has finished as high as 2nd in the Men’s team competition back in 1977 (article), and won the Women’s team competition in 1983 (newsletter); all of which is notably before the obtainable records of past team champions.

The WRC singlet is packed. More to follow from Boston. Good luck to everyone!