Sunday Distance Run for 7/26

Last week, our Sunday Distance Run was one for the books. It was incredibly hot and humid here in DC – the type of weather that even the fittest of runners will suffer in. Luckily, the humidity has broke and it looks like our next run will be blessed with more suitable conditions. Fingers crossed, at least.

Anyway, our next Sunday Distance Run will take place on Sunday, July 26 at 7:00 a.m. in front of the CB2 store in Georgetown. We’ll have three pace groups – a 7:30/8:00 min/mile, an 8:00/8:30 min/mile, and a 10:00/10:30 min/mile. Distances will vary based on what folks are training for but runs will most like range from 8 to 18 miles.

Coffee and carbs to follow at Dean & Deluca. All runners welcome.