Today’s Daily Double, and Next Week’s Superfecta

Presumptive 2013 WRC Grand Prix series leader, Christine Hackman, assembled a great performance today all throughout the Tidal Basin. Meanwhile, recently joining member and rising star Megan Haberle conquered newer (to her) and longer (than last week‘s) distances further along the same brackish estuary. Megan can take some notes from Suzy Coffey, who is back on the racing scene!

Veterans Day 10K
November 10, 2013 - Washington, DC

 179   1221 Christine Hackman 50F   45:16 7:17 2nd F50-54
1814 finishers

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon 
November 10, 2013 - National Harbor, MD

  40   1227 MEGAN HABERLE 33F   1:26:21 6:36 9th woman OA
 226    767 SUZY COFFEY	  57F   1:45:29 8:04 5th F50-59
1737 finishers

Says Megan about her stellar performance:

I had WRC on the brain while I enjoyed my post-race cappuccino over in National Harbor. No terribly deep insights, but obviously the weather was great and there were some inspiring visually-impaired racers who started us off. (For my part, I’m maybe happiest about my negative splits, something that’s been elusive in my workouts so far.)

El Presidente, Kirk Masterson, reminds us that only one more race remains on the 2013 WRC Grand Prix schedule: Jingle All the Way 8K. Look into it, plan to race with your clubmates, and of course let the GP coordinator, David Pittman, know about your results.

Next weekend promises something completely different, as we turn toward three four very different kinds of races strewn across the Mid-Atlantic:

Great job and good luck to everyone!